Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nail Polish Jewelry by Cara from Workshop 760

Hi loves!!

  Today I have something a little different. Some Nail Polish jewelry!! I love seeing all the talented ladies in the community take this trend and really make it their own. Some are amazing, some not so much... Since I have a strict "no crap" policy on my blog (As Kellie Gonzo says lol) you can guess where this is going... I am in LOOVE with my new pieces!!!! Not long ago I heard from a lovely woman named Cara who runs Workshop 760 on Etsy. She makes lovely nail polish jewelry. Take a peek and then I'll blab some more :).
Full Sun.

  I didn't want to pick a specific style so Cara asked a few questions and I left the piece up to her. I say piece because I was expecting one necklace. To my (very happy) surprise, Two lovely pieces came in the mail. I love surprises and these really made my day. They are very beautifully made.
 Ok, so below is this amazing piece made up of Jesse's Girl Fireflies. I love the hand beaded necklace part on these. So right up my alley. These are so Boho Chic and that's my thing. Laid back but flashy at the same time. I love the duochrome in this baby! I spent a good while staring at it after I took pictures and wore it the same day :).

   The piece Below is a swirl of LA Girl Rockstar-Groupie, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum + HD Laser. This is a SPECTACULAR piece. I couldn't get this on my neck fast enough. It changed colors with every shift and the sparkle is just stunning. The size of this piece is amazing on me. I really love to draw attention to my collarbone area and this is the perfect piece for that.
I love how they look like polished stones. I told Cara I really liked big statement pieces and she really delivered. These are stand- out beautiful. 

 Check out this piece by Cara featuring Zoya's Charla. OMG WANNNT!
Anyways, I am so happy with my Pieces. I love seeing all the different styles of nail polish jewelry and I am so thankful to Cara for sharing her lovely work with me. I know I will be rocking my Nail polish jewelry a lot :).

 ANNDDD look what came in the mai from Bundle Monster... This will be fun...
Thanks for stopping by and happy Sunday!
♥ Cristina

(**Jewelry sent for my consideration**)


  1. Gorgeous pieces! Love them, especially Jesse's Girls Fireflies one, the green is so pretty!

  2. Amazing necklaces!!
    And I have the same bundle monster pieces!!

  3. Those necklaces are so pretty!

  4. These are so beautiful!! I especially like the Jessie's Girl one.

  5. Gorgeous! I wish I had some nail polish jewelry!

  6. What a unique style. Can say never thought of anyone doing stuff like this. I really like the shapes done in Charla and Charla so suits jewelry.

  7. I love photos of nail polish jewelry. It makes it look even better.


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