Saturday, August 13, 2011

OMFG look at me!! I'm on Also Know As...!!!

Hi loves!!

  Just q quick post to let you guys know that instead of having a post on here today I will be guest posting for the awesome Kellie over at Also Known As... I freaking love her blog and have been stalking her beautiful pictures since before I got into blogging. Well when your favorite blogger asks you if you want to do a guest post for her... You say YES!!! Today I am so happy and flattered to be a part of Kellie's amazing blog. Please take 5 mins to check out my mani I did for this special occasion. I know you guys will love it!! Just click on the image below :)!!!


Happy Starurday!
♥ Cristina


  1. Fab. I will see ya over on Kelly's today! Agree - have been following her blog and very impressed.

  2. I commented over there, to, but I'll just reiterate...That is one of the best water-marbles I've ever seen! The colors came out so vibrant! I kind of want to lick it. Ok, that was gross, sorry, but it looks JUST LIKE one of those huge all-day suckers!

  3. Congrats Cristina! Your water marble manicure is really stunning, I've never tried to do a water marble mani 'cause I'm afraid it will be a disaster! :D
    I like Kellie's blog and photos and, moreover, she's a nice and kind lady. :)

  4. That is seriously the BEST water marbling EVER!!!!!

  5. This is one of the most fabulous water marbles I've seen!!! Do you have any tips on how to get them looking as great as this one, because I've just tried and FAILED miserably!!

  6. This is amazing! Do you ever make videos showing how to do water marbling? This is amazing! Yes I know I've already said but it's so good


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