Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bettina #9

Hello lovelies!

  Today's post is yet another one of my new Bettina's. This one also comes from their core collection. It is a rather safe color but very pretty and wearable.
 So #9 is a muted Berry tone with some slight Pink undertones. This is a really pretty color. Nothing super special but it has an amazing formula and great pigmentation. It dried to a super shiny finish and wore really well.

And Just a reminder for Bettina purchases!!! Lovelies wanting information on pricing, shipping and purchasing Bettina polishes please shoot an email to (Rosama Distributors-authorized distributors Bettina cosmetics)

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

(**Product provided by Bettina**)


  1. *sigh* Love this color! Such a great berry shade. Super pretty!

  2. Whoa!!! you seem to really love betinas.. and its only your fault that I'm starting to love every single one of them... lol

  3. I love Bettina's polishes. This one looks very pretty.

  4. Do you work for this company or something?

  5. you wear Bettinas so well Cris :)

  6. @Anonymous

    No she doesn't, as stated before in previous blogposts :).

    I looooove the shiny finish on this one!

  7. Safe or not - I love it! Many of the Bettina colors are 'core' colors - but I am so excited to get through this upcoming surgery and know my share of cost so I can get in touch with them and put in a nice order. I am enamored with the saturation of color in their creams.

  8. your nails are soooooooooooo pretty

  9. Beautiful color and I love it because it is so shiny


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