Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Julep Amy - I want to love you Julep....

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have a simple swatch. Ok... so get this... I was feeling blah last week and having all kinds of issues with my stomach and such... This week I started to feel better and back into the swing of things... Well last nite I started feeling kinda crappy again.. I caught my hubby's cold!! So I am back now to square one and having to resort to my emergency swatches!! I am so on the fence with the Julep brand. I've been reading nothing but negative things about them lately but... You know what? I bothered to do the swatches so I'll show them anyways.... Needless to say I'm no thrilled with the way they have been handling themselves. They have been gracious to me but it almost seems unfair... There is nothing wrong with the product (well except for the prices $$$$) but I'm not to happy about the CS horror stories I've been reading. I have a few more colors and I will be showing them randomly because they are still pretty.
So, Amy is a pretty Turquoise creme. It's a lovely unique shade and the formula on this baby is a dream. I only needed two effortless coats for full opacity. This is such a saturated color and so very vibrant. This particular shade dried to a somewhat Satin-like finish. In the pics here I have no top coat on because I was kinda digging the slightly muted shine on my nails.

And for some reason I'm really enjoying this angle of pic and how it shows the color so it may become a regular thing for me :).
And there you have Julep's Amy. I hope to get over this cold quickly so I can get back on top of my game. Seems like I can't catch a break with my health lately :(. 

Thanks for stopping by today!! 
♥ Cristina


  1. You only hear the horror stories because those are the people who speak the loudest.

    I *love* my Julep Maven program. I tried Birchbox but the samples were all lame -- often one-use packaged in disposable foil packets. Plus at least half were something I wasn't interested in.

    Now I get all 100% nail polish stuff, that I will definitely be interested in.

    I had several problems and had to call Julep twice. They were amazingly nice and helped me right away. The second problem I had to call four times before someone answered, but it wasn't a tragedy in my life. I could have left a message, but am old-school and still think of voice mail as the spawn of Satan.

    So my experience with Julep has been 100% positive despite a couple of issues. I'm eagerly awaiting my next box and bought a gift subscription for my Mom.

  2. I am one of those customers you speak about. After getting my first box for half off and not really liking the product, I canceled my subscription. I got a cancellation email and thought I was done with it. But when the 25th rolled around, my bank account was charged. I was upset. I double checked the email to make sure I didn't miss an additional step in the cancellation process.

    I first called their customer service number. I got the voicemail. I left a message. Then I replied to my cancellation email and explained my situation. Nothing. Then I posted on Julep's facebook wall and got a response. Basically they told me it was an error on their part and that they were sorry. I contacted my bank and they assured me that if Julep reversed the charge like they said they had, I would see the money back in my account within a week. I got my money back 5 days later.

    I personally wouldn't do business with this company again. I didn't care for the polishes I got. I feel like there may be customers out there who don't carefully check their bank statements and were charged for another month of a service they thought they cancelled. Yes, they may have handled this situation well after the fact, but the point is that it never should have happened.

  3. I too had some issues with Julep, but I've felt that they have handle the problems really well and have taken care of me. I am willing to give them another chance because I do like the polish :) XOXO

  4. I don't like paying a lot for polishes if they're not truly amazing )=
    But I really love this color which is wonderful!!

  5. Love Amy! Such a pretty color on you. I too (hmm, I think it's everyone really) have had several 'issues' pop up with Julep and have always been met with quick responses and customer service that has gone above and beyond. I think they were in NO way ready to handle all of the of the customers they acquired fairly quickly. I'm happy to give them a 'second chance' since I believe in my heart that they trying to get on the right track. Plus, I truly LOVE the consistency of their polishes....so smooth and easy to apply. I am looking forward to seeing their fall colors!

  6. This color is awesome! I totally agree about the price on the polishes though.. yikes!

  7. My hubby gave me his cold too! : /
    The color looks great on you!

  8. I love the Julep Maven program! With the "issues" I had, I e-mailed and received responses the next day at the latest. First I had a question about shipments, and they responded a few hours later. Then, I e-mailed them to let them know that the colors I received were not the ones that were printed up on the card I got--nothing tragic, I just wanted to let them know because I wasn't sure if it was an error or if they had run out of the colors I was supposed to receive. Either way, I got an e-mail the next day with an apology, and about 5 days later I received the two colors that I was supposed to get. I haven't had any frustrating experiences with the program so hopefully it stays that way!

  9. I like the idea of the Maven program but I find these kinda pricey when you consider how much product is actually in the bottle, and those customer service stories don't help either... The swatches are pretty though.

  10. Gorgeous color. It's too bad all the horror stories are putting you off the brand, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, especially when something likes this happens. I became a member of their Maven program and so far my experience has been good. I had one issue where it looked like they were going to double bill me, but I emailed them and got a response the same day and the additional invoice was removed from my account, no problem.

  11. I specifically bought this polish because of the name. =)

  12. I joined JM right after all the problems happened but right before I read about the stories. So....I was on the fence, but I swatched my 2 polishes last night and ADORE one of them so much, Sienna. I like Emilie but it's a bit greener than it looks in the bottle. The handscrub is divine (I'm a sucker for anything that smells like oranges).

    So, I'll see how it goes. My husband got that and Birchbox for me for our anniversary (well, I told him and subscribed LOL). Loving Birchbox so far!

    Pretty, pretty pretty on you!

  13. This is a lovely shade and the satin finish suit this one

  14. Hi there. I was wondering what you think of Julep and their CS now? I had a bit of an issue once with them, but they handled it SO well (I got free products PLUS a gift card, and my complaint wasn't even THAT big of a deal!) and other than that no problem. I joined the Maven program as well, and I'm pretty happy with it. Sure, the colours are not always what I want (and if I switch to another one I still have not found one where I love 100% of what is in it) but it has also turned me on to colours I never would have even given a second look to. For the price, I think it is a good deal. Cheers! ~Tara


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