Monday, September 12, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Sinful Colors See you Soon

Hiiii!!! Eeeeeeeee

   I am back! I'm sorry for the being kinda absent this past week but things were a little too hectic and I just needed a minute to catch up and take care of some things "in my real life". Many of you guys know my health has not been great and that's mainly been the cause of my erratic posting lately and the lack of inspiration. I am soo happy to be back though and I hope to continue feeling better. Over the weekend I filmed a tutorial I promised you guys last week on one of my sponging techniques and I will be sharing that with you guys later this week. I'm getting excited about filming more tutorials for you guys and I even found a kickass cam that will work with my Mac, so Yay for that!!

  Shall me go onto Muffin's pick for the week?
So for this simple look I started with Two coats of Sinful Colors See you Soon. I then I wanted to add a subtle design and I was inspired by a mani I saw on the lovely Polish Vixen Marissa's blog. She basically used one of the Bundle Monster French tip designs but flipped it on it's side. I really liked the look it created and it gave me a way to use these stamps because I absolutely suck at using the French tip stamps correctly. For this particular design I used Petites Twilight as my stamping color and BM plate 218.

Here is a swatch of See you Soon. This is an amazing Blackened Denim Blue shimmer. The formula on this color is a little tricky and draggy but with a patient hand and a light touch it becomes fully opaque in two coats. This is also a dupe of Nicole by O.PI's Too Rich for You from the Gossip Girl Collection.

And of course!! Here is a vid of Muffin making her pick!

 And once again I am really loving how the sparkle shows up in this pic. This color really comes to life in Sunlight too. It's soo pretty and sophisticated.
I am so happy to be back!!!! I will be coming back a little later to post the Giveaway winners!!! I'm very excited about that as well!!! Good luck to everyone who entered!!!!
♥ Cristina


  1. So So pretty!
    I've just seen that brand in Douglas, here in Portugal and i've been thinkin about trying it out!

    What do you think? is it really good, or just another?

    Kisses from Pt^^

  2. Isn't her blog awesome? Anyway, I love this blue- so pretty and is love the subtle design! I need to try this.

  3. muffin has great taste! awesome polish, and she's so cute

  4. Oo, Muffin picked a great color! My cats look at me like I'm high when I ask them to pick my colors.

  5. Wow! See You Soon=AMAZING!

    Going on my wishlist!

  6. This color is very pretty, muffin is adorable, and the stamping looks great too. Overall I'd say that is a good day. :D

  7. That nail polish is gorgeous! I want it.

  8. SO. VERY. GORGEOUS. seriously. Sinful doesn't describe the lust I have for that brand now ;)

  9. Very pretty color! I am loving the shimmer. Also loving the subtle design! :)

  10. Beautiful! I wonder if that color is still available.

  11. This polish is going on my wish list!

  12. How come the Sinfuls I see at the Walgreens 60 miles from here and the Rite Aide in town are always icky boring shades? I never see anything great like this one! Nice pick Muffin!

  13. Any blog that shows a cat choosing nail polish color is an INSTANT WIN in my book! Love it!

  14. What a wonderful night blue !


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