Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! O.P.I Pink Flamenco

Hello hello and happy Pink Wednesday!

  Man Oh man have I been out of it lately... I just really have not been in an artsy mood... I find that I am really just wanting to wear my colors and just leave them plain :(. I'm really hoping to get out of this funk soon and start showing you guys some more exciting stuff. I also was not happy with my new camera I had gotten for tutorials so I returned it and now I'm waiting for my new one to come to see how it works out... For now please enjoy this swatch of one of my favorite O.P.I Pinks. This pretty was a gift from my pops :).
I freaking LOVE this color so much. It's a bright Magenta Pink creme. This color has one of the most perfect fomulas ever. It just applies so smoothly and effortlessly. For this mani I did two coats of color. I think this is a shade of Pink that would look good on any skin tone. This is a serious "Look at me color" and even though it came out for Fall ('09?), I think it works perfect for any season.

My nails are getting long but I'm kinda liking them... Hmmmm....
Have a lovely Wednesday!!
♥ Cristina


  1. I like this colour! I think that is not boring without anything, but soo special itself ;)

  2. I'm not a pink lover but this one looks freaking gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful pink!! I really like it :D

  4. I love this pink!!! And I love your long nails, too. Everytime mine start to get long I end up cutting them down... having super short nails for so long as really taken a toll, haha. Thanks for posting and have a great Wednesday!

  5. I do love this pink! I wish this was the only kind of pink polish that was sold, lol.

  6. I love this color. I'm not a pink nail polish person normally, but this is so bright and cheery and perfect for Spring/Summer. I may have to add this to my OPI wish list.


  7. Gorgeous color! It looks great on it's own and doesn't really need anything else to make it more interesting, although I could picture it with a coat of I Lily Love you over top.
    The color is hard to tell by the pictures as it has some non photogenic purple in it, but does it look like a mix of Shorts story, Dim Sum PLum and Ate Berries in the Canaries?

  8. Awesome kick-ass color! Pretty enough without any additions. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. really pretty :)
    I also always used to have short nails, and right now they're longer and I really like them!

  10. Going for yet another PINK kind of surgery in a few hours. Cannot sleep so am looking up old blogs with pink polish and pink Wednesdays. Will be back hopefully with ya all by next Tues or Wed when I am feeling like I can focus and super hopeful all went well and I am back to my nice penthouse suite I was treated to for my 4 week out patient stay in the area of the surgeon/hospital. This shade is a great pink - but I am so bias as I adore fuchsia polishes...only maybe out done in my collection with reds of all sorts of finishes and color slants.


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