Monday, October 31, 2011

Del Sol Trick or Treat: Happy Halloween!!

Hi loves!!

 Quick Second post for today! I'm easily amused and this polish had my attention before I even knew that it had the coolest color shift ever! Yes, this is the exact same polish! Soo freaking cool!

Trick or Treat... You so cool!!! This polish is made up of Micro Holographic Glitter, Orange Glitter and Silver glitter in a clear base that changes to an inky jelly Black when in Sunlight. This is so freaking cool looking! For the pics here I used Three coats of Trick or Treat and it was fully opaque. This applies really nicely and dries quickly too. I want to layer this over everything!!

Here is a close up of what it looks like in the Sun.

And the blurry shot to show the cool sparkle!
I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!!
♥ Cristina

31 Day Challenge! Day 22- Inspired by a Song

Happy Halloween!!

  I hope every had a safe and fun Halloween weekend... How lame is it that it's on a Monday... Anywho, today the list calls for nails inspired by a song. Funny story as to how I came about my choice in song. I couldn't even begin to figure out which song I wanted to base this mani off of.... This past Saturday I went to this Marching Band thing because my brother plays for his High School band... This song of part of their very awesome program...
Get it? Get it?!! Hahaha It's "What's This?" from Nightmare Before Christmas!! This mani was beyond frustrating to work on.... IDK why but it took me forever and I had to re-do several nails... Several times. The hardest was Jack Skellington because I can't really freehand. I won't list all the stuff I used because this is pretty much left open for interpretation lol.

Just for shiggles!
I wonder what Sam and Rie picked! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Song nails!

Now go get some candeh!!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 21- Nails Inspired by a Color

Hi and happy Sunday!!

  Today's task was quite the vague one... Inspired by a color? What does that even mean lol? I guess anything I want it to mean, right? Instead of being inspired by a color, I was inspired by a color scheme. When I think of Pink, I usually also put White and Black together with it. IDK why but I LOVE Black, Pink and White together. I could probably work in that color scheme for the rest of my blogging days and I would be happy. So for today's challenge I went with my favorite color scheme Black, White and Pink in a fun Mod design.
 So I kept it pretty simple with the whole "circle within circle" thing. I really love simple yet eye- catching designs like this one. I started with a base of Jordana's Pink Bunny. Then with my largest Born Pretty Store dotting tool I added some Black dots using Bettina Onix. Using the smallest dotting tool in the set I then went back and dotted the center of the Black dots with China Glaze White on White. I also decided to spice it up a little bit my mattifying the look with two coats of Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love.

I'm loving this look matte! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Color inspired nails!

Thanks for stopping by!!
♥ Cristina

Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 20- Watermarbled Nails

Hi loves!!

  Holy smokes! Day 20!!! I'm so not ready for Inspiration Week.. o.O.. But I was super eager to get working on my water marble for today's task. I went with a Halloween theme since LTHP has been lacking in the Holiday Spirit lol... I'm really happy with how these turned out for banging them out in 15 min.... Behold! lol
  I started with a base of Bettina Clouds and then marbled with the colors pictured below. I topped it all off with a coat of SV followed by my mandatory coat of INM Northern Lights. I just can't get enough of the hint of sparkle it adds.

Jacked up my index finger a little but I can live with it lol!
So that was fun! Now.. to go pick a color to be "inspired by..... lol" Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Watermarbled nails!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 19- Galaxy Nails

Hi darlings!!

  I was so ready and excited to work on today's nails! Galaxy nails is something I've been wanting to try for a very long time but just never got around to it.... Well lucky me! Today's challenge task was Galaxy nails and after watching a few tutorials and looking at tons of pictures I ended up with these :D!
This was SO much fun to work on. You really can't do any wrong... I started with a base of BYS Down the Rabbit Hole. Then I sponged in layers starting with White on White then Electric Pineapple then Carnation Creation then Splash of Geranium. Then I went back and sponged the edges of my "nebulas" very lightly with some Blue Moon. Don't worry, I have a pic of all my colors below :D! Then I topped it all off with a coat of INM Northern Lights and Seche Vite. 

I definitely will be doing more Galaxy manis in the future. The color combinations are endless and they are just fun to work on!

Here is a pic of all the colors I used for this mani.
I can't wait to see what Sam and Rie did for their nails! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Galaxy nails!

Water-marble tomorrow!!! So excited for that as well!
♥ Cristina

Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 18- Half Moon Nails

Hello lovely peeps!!!

  Welcome to day 18 of the challenge! Can I just say how proud I am of Sam, Rie and myself for actually making it this far :D! Today's task is Half Moon nails. I am madly in love with today's look. It's so simple and yet so eye catching. 
 So for this look I started with Two coats of Bettina's Celebrate which is a really pretty Gold Foil. Close to China Glaze's Midnight Kiss but just a bit lighter. Once that was dry I went over the top with A England's Galahad. Let me tell you guys about Galahad... It's the most stunning shade of Fall-perfect Teal. The formula... Holy Jeebs the formula on this... It's amazing! I've never used a creme with a formula quite like this one. It is so opaque but not thick.... Ughhh just perfect. Also a major perk is that I am completely dupeless for Galahad, so yay for that! I had already started loosing Sun here so I had to use this weird angle. The contrast between the foil and the creme really make this special for me.

I hope you guys like these as much as I do :D! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their  Half Moon nails!

Tomorrow's challenge should be fun! Galaxy nails!!
♥ Cristina

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

O.P.I Nicki Minaj and Holland Collection Previews!!

Hi guys!!

  This landed in my inbox and I had to share!!! So excited about this colab! I can hear that Boom Boom baby!!

Pink Everyday!

OPI Partners with Platinum Recording Artist Nicki Minaj to Launch Limited Edition Lacquers

                OPI announces the launch of six new limited edition shades inspired by hip hop sensation Nicki Minaj, including a purple Shatter!  Inspired by Minaj’s unique style, love of bright colors, and her debut album Pink Friday, the Nicki Minaj by OPI promotion will feature an array of bold hues, from neon lime green to pink.
 “OPI is so excited to work with Nicki in releasing these six new nail lacquers,” said Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “Nicki has taken the hip hop world by storm, but her music is only part of the equation. She’s also become a fashion inspiration, noted for her daring costumes and hair color both on and off the stage.”
Nicki’s eclectic look made including a new hue in OPI’s bestselling Shatter coat a must for this collaboration. The purple Super Bass Shatter (a record-setting purple that “shatters” before your eyes) is inspired by graffiti art and works when painted over any dry OPI hue. Adding top coat takes Super Bass Shatter from matte to glossy in seconds.
The line features five nail lacquers in addition to Super Bass Shatter, ranging from fantastic pink, rainbow confetti glitter and charcoal sparkle hues to two green shades in lime and teal:
Pink Friday
Kick off the weekend with this pop! of bubblegum pink.

Metallic 4 Life
This charcoal sparkle flies with the stars in the skies.

Save Me
I drove for miles just to find this silver-rainbow glitter.

I came to win, to fight…and to wear this aqua.

Did It On ‘Em
A lusty little lacquer that loves the “lime”-light.

Super Bass Shatter

Nicki Minaj by OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application. This limited edition promotion will be available beginning January 2012 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $8.50 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each nail lacquer.
For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

O.P.I Also Posted this preview of ther Spring 2012 Collection inspired by Holland! May I say that from promo pics these look like a vast improvement over 2011 Texas Fiasco lol...

As the world leader in the professional nail care industry, OPI is committed to providing high-quality products and services to both salons and their customers, along with a focus on industry safety and innovation. Known for its exceptional formula, fashionable colors and iconic names, OPI’s heavily-pigmented lacquers are super rich, long-lasting and chip-resistant – offering an affordable luxury to consumers. OPI nail lacquer is available in over 200 shades and contains no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. Each lacquer features OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application. Currently, OPI is available in over 100 countries and retails a full line of professional items, including nail treatments, finishing products, lotions, manicure/pedicure products, files, tools, gels and acrylics.

 So... I'm pretty stoked on O.P.I at the moment! Are you guys?
♥ Cristina

Julep Maven Boho Glam October Box

Hi loves!

 Quick second post for today! I found these swatches just hiding in my draft folder and they are no good to you guys in there so here we go!
Say hello to Gayle. This is a pretty Plummy creme. It has just a hint of dustiness to it. It is a very pretty color and great for Fall. Is it the most unique? No, but it is really pretty. Where this polish really shines (no pun intended) is in it's formula. It is such a smooth and pigmented formula. Two coater. These pics were taken with no top coat.

 Great Fall color!

 And this is the soft Malin. Now this color doesn't really do much for my skin tone but it is a soft seashell Pink pearly shimmer. The formula on this is sheer and it needs Three coats for full coverage but it dries fairly fast. This applied very smoothly as well. It's a pretty color but not really my thing. 

The October box also included the Glow On hand cream which is absolutely amazing. It's not greasy and it soaks up uber fast. I'm looking forward to the November box.

Thanks for stopping by (again lol)
♥ Cristina

31 Day Challenge! Day 17- Glitter (Swatchy-Spam)

Hi loves!!

  Today the challenge task is Glitter! I was going to do a "look" for this day but I decided instead to do some swatchy spam because these colors had been sitting on my table for some time and I REALLY wanted to swatch them. I had intended for this post to be huge and full of glitter swatches but the skin on my hands was flaking and I had to stop at Four colors :(:(.
This is the amazing Blue Mosaic by Revlon. This pretty is made up of small light Blue glitter and larger hex glitters in Blue, Green and Silver. The glitter is suspended in a clear base. For the pictures I did Three coats and it was pretty close to full coverage but this would do really well layered as well.

 I'm interested in seeing how this compares to O.P.I's Gone Gonzo.

Starry Pink. A soft, milky light Pink base packed full of small round Silver glitter and larger Silver hex glitters. This is really beautiful and delicate, girly.. Just dreamy. This is also a Three coater but it dries fast. This really applied great.

I need this on my toes soon!

Facets of Fuchsia. Yaaaaay for dupes of expensive polishes!! This one is a Black jelly base packed full of small and larger Hex Purple glitters. This one is also a Three coater and applies really well. I had issues getting it to wrap around the tips of my nails so I think I will be layering this over a Black creme next time I rock it...

Deborah Lippmann, eat your heart out!

And finally is Glamrock from Nina Ultra Pro. This is my one and only Nina and I'm really happy with it. This one is a dark Grey jelly base uber packed of small Silver glitter and larger round Silver glitters. It was pretty opaque and even at Two coats but I added a Third thin coat just to give it a little extra sparkle. Once it's built up it looks Black with Silver bits and it's totally amazing. I can't complain at all. It's a super dense glitter and pretty unique. 

And there you have my glittery spamalamadingdong! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Glitter nails!

Have a sparkly day!!
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming Bettina Collections!!

Hi guys!!

  So I saw these promo pics on Bettina's Facebook and I had to share with you guys!! I don't have really any info on release dates and such but I'm so excited about all of these!!!
Above is the Disco Collection!! OMG OMG OMG!! I die.... I realy can't wait to see these in person because Bettina's Metallic shimmers are AMAZING!!!! Also these are Limited Edition. "Our Disco Collection brings back the fun of the '70's when sparkle flash were all the rage. It's a unique collection made up of intense and bright colors. The fun is made up of color shifting glassflecks in these amazing colors that change depending on the angle you look at your nails."

I don't know a whole lot of this collection but I'm excited from looking at this promo pic. I love that they are doing different finishes.

These will be out early next year I believe. They are an extension to their classic colors and so freaking pretty.

  So like I said I don't really have any specifics on these collections but I am so excited non the less.And Just a reminder for Bettina purchases!!! Lovelies wanting information on pricing, shipping and purchasing Bettina polishes please shoot an email to (Rosama Distributors-authorized distributors Bettina cosmetics)

I'm so excited to see these beauties in person!!
♥ Cristina

31 Day Challenge! Day 16- Tribal Print Nails

Hi loves!

  Ok so I was dreading today's challenge. I just don't care for the Tribal trend... not in nails, not in clothes and not in accessories. I find the trend dated, busy and garish.. It's just not my thing loool... Can you guys tell? That being said, I threw my temper tantrum about it and then went on to settle on stamping since I can't freehand for sh*t. The results are not as bad as I had envisioned and I could see me wearing a design like this again, perhaps in a different color scheme.
 So this is MY take on tribal. The simpler the better IMHO. For this I started with Two coats of Bettina's #193. Then using Bundle Monster plate BM204 and Konad Black Special Polish I stamped on the Black design on my nails. I finished it off with some Golden dots in Bettina's Celebrate. For the White dots I used China Glaze White on White. All in all.. I'm pretty happy with the end result...

Thanks for putting up with my whining today... Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Tribal nails!

Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 15- Delicate Print Nails

Hi Guys!!!

  Ugh... Monday.... That could explain why I just wasn't feeling this challenge task at all... Shall we get on with it?
 I wanted to play with bold and delicate.. Well, that, and Phoebe stained the crap out of my nails so I had to go for a very pigmented and full coverage color that wouldn't need more than Two coats because I was finding my patience running thin with this particular task. "Delicate Nails" are just not my thing. For this look I started with Two coats of SpaRitual Running with Wolves and using Bundle Monster plate BM201 and Zoya's Austine I stamped this swirly and pretty design on. All topped off with a coat of SV.

And there you have it! It's a Monday and I am just not feeling it today.... lol... Hopefully Sam and Rie are having a better Monday than me :)... Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Delicate nails!

Ok, see you guys maybe later... but definitely tomorrow (which I am also dreading!!)
♥ Cristina

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 14- Flower Nails

Hi loves and happy Sunday!

  So I did Three different manis before I settled on this fun and funky look. I'm keeping it short and sweet today because it's Saturday nite, I'm hungry and I've been working on nail related crap for most of the nite lol.. I need a break!! Haha... But that's not happening 'till at least after my bestie's wedding! Anywho, onto the funkeh!
  For this looks I started with Three coats of Zoya Phoebe. I then stamped my nails using Bundle Monster plate BM12 and Konad White special polish. I filled in the flowers using Zoya's Mitzi and Lolly and added some gems from a Bundle Monster set. The whole thing was topped off with some Seche Vite.

I ended up liking these quite a lot! I love how well the Mod Mattes play together! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Flower nails!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 13- Animal Print Nails

Happy caturday!!!!

  I am so stoked on today's challenge! The task today is animal print nails. I've literally had this mani in my head for like a year. This was inspired by my ratty, old pair of flip flops lol and aided by [THIS] tutorial. Today I am also attending the Srasota Pride festival so what better way to represent than with some fierce, colorful nails?!
  So for this look I started with Three coats each of How I Met Your Magenta(Pinkie and Index), Art Deco Yellow(Ring and Thumb) and Kung Fu Blue(Middle). I've included a pic of all my colors at the bottom of the post. For the "middle sponging" I used Papaya Punch, Tree Hugger and Funky Dunkey. For the very tips of the nails I just went back with the same base colors. Then I added a coat of INM Northern Lights and let it dry. I then stamped using Konad plate M78(I literally bought this plate just so I could do this mani wahy back when...) with Konad Black Special polish and topped it all off with Two coats of SV. I am UBER happy with how this turned out and I cannot stop staring at my nails. I think it's the best sponging I've ever done.

Here are all my colors.

Here is a pic of the inspiration flip flops lol. I live in FL... So it's a requirement that I own like 27 pairs of flip flops, right?... Well I kind of do... And yet for some reason... I always find myself wearing this crappy, old $2.00 pair I got from Target, lol.

 Here is a picture of my base colors by themselves. They are all Three coats of color and here they have already been topped off with Seche Vite.
I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and don't  forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Animal Print nails!

SRQ Pride fest here I come!
♥ Cristina