Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 22- Inspired by a Song

Happy Halloween!!

  I hope every had a safe and fun Halloween weekend... How lame is it that it's on a Monday... Anywho, today the list calls for nails inspired by a song. Funny story as to how I came about my choice in song. I couldn't even begin to figure out which song I wanted to base this mani off of.... This past Saturday I went to this Marching Band thing because my brother plays for his High School band... This song of part of their very awesome program...
Get it? Get it?!! Hahaha It's "What's This?" from Nightmare Before Christmas!! This mani was beyond frustrating to work on.... IDK why but it took me forever and I had to re-do several nails... Several times. The hardest was Jack Skellington because I can't really freehand. I won't list all the stuff I used because this is pretty much left open for interpretation lol.

Just for shiggles!
I wonder what Sam and Rie picked! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Song nails!

Now go get some candeh!!
♥ Cristina


  1. Happy Halloween! Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies! Nice choice. :-)

  2. So cute! Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. I watch it every year around this time. ^_^

  3. OMG, love your song choice and LOVE the mani! <3

  4. I am totally loving the snowflake nail! It looks like you used several different stamps?? Am so going to try this!!

  5. This mani is completely awesome!!! You did an awesome job!! And perfect timing since I plan to be watching this movie tonight!

  6. OMG I love this!!!

    I sooo wanted to watch that movie this halloween.

    I am so sad the power outage is still happening and can't watch it :(

    Would have been quite fitting this particular halloween since we have all this darn snow!!!

  7. Nice choice, I loved Nightmare before Christmas!

  8. I love this! I am IN LOVE with this! Your nail challenge manis are amazing :D

  9. Is it wrong that I have NEVER seen this movie before? LOL I can't believe I have not seen it lol

  10. Love love love! This brings back good memories. I went as Jack (dressed in Santa's clothes) when I was seven or eight for Halloween. People who didn't get it were so disturbed - "OMG, are you supposed to be Dead Santa?"

  11. You NAILED this! It's so freaking aaawesome! Can you believe I've never seen Nightmare Before Christmas though?! *hangs head in shame*


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