Monday, November 7, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 29- Inspired by the Supernatural


  I'm keeping this even shorter today because today is my Two year wedding anniversary!! Today's task is to be inspired by the supernatural... My inspiration juices are running low and I could not be bothered to come up with something cool for this task :( lol. A lesson in impatience was learned here....
  Sorry lool!!! I know this is soo lazy and sloppy but I'm seriously tired today lol. Mr. LTHP and I have been celebrating our anniversary all weekend long :D. For this I started with two coats of Bettina Allure. I stamped using Konad Black special polish and Bundle Monster plate BM223. 

Ok.. I need a nap now.. lol! Don't forget to check out Sam and Rie's blogs to see their Supernatural nails!

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina


  1. WOW i really like it :D
    you're so talented :D <3
    Take a look at my new Video :D <3 hope you'll like It?!

  2. Very cool-it's the same as Nailasaurus but with different colors! Happy anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! The nails are cute even if they were rushed!!

  4. This actually reminds me of some alien creatures :D

  5. Cool!

    Happy Anniversary :) Ours is over labor day weekend, so I understand the "party all weekend" thing ;) (Just wait til you've been married 19 yrs lol)

    I'm going to miss the challenges! You've been so inspiring!

  6. Happy Anniversary! You might think they look sloppy, but your nails always look great:-)


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