Friday, November 18, 2011

Color Club Backstage Pass Collection Swatches


  Today I have the Backstage Pass collection from Color Club. This collection is made up of Six edgy layering glitters. I was super excited about this collection when I started seeing Cosmo Prof pictures and promo pictures. I will say that while I really like most of these some are... Questionable at best.
Wish Upon a Rockstar. This is one of those ever popular confetti style glitters. It's made up of small Red, Silver, Blue, Green and Gold glitter and larger Pink hex glitters. This was one of the easier ones to work with and the glitter spread pretty nicely. Here I have one coat of Wish upon a Rockstar over New Bohemian.

This is Platinum Record. This one is made up of Three different sized Hex Silver glitters in a clear base.  This one was pretty easy to work with but you really have to wait between coats or the large glitters will drag to the tips. Here it is layered over Blue Topia.

 Take the Stage. Small Gold hex glitter and Holographic glass-shard like flakes in a clear base. This is really cool looking and is the easiest to apply. Probably my favorite from the collection. Here it is layered over Nomadic in Nude.

Backstage Pass. Large Silver, Graphite, Purple and Lavender hex glitter with random small graphite glitters in a clear base. This is a pain to work with and the large glitters are curved so they will not lay flat on the nail. While it creates a cool 3D effect it is not fun to work with. This has to be dabbed onto the nail very carefully. I think this polish will be best for nail art. Layered over Jackie Oh!.

It's a Hit. Large Lavender hex glitters in a clear base. Once again, hard to work with and a little disappointing. While I really like this combo I just plain did not have a good time applying the hex. Once again I think this will really work well for nail art.

Fame and Fortune. This one is a Magenta jelly base packed full of glass shard like holographic flakes. I don't know how I feel about the jagged bits yet but I do like this combo. For this I layered it over Hot like Lava.

 I'm on the fence about this collection. I really like some of them but I'm really let down by some of them. I'm sure you guys can figure out which ones are which. But I can't be totally mad at glitter because I know I will find great uses for the large Hex bits that are so hard to work with. Overall, they are O.K. Def not what I was expecting but not terrible.

♥ Cristina

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  1. The huge hex glitters look too...bulky? lol but the gold one is so pretty!!

  2. While you definitely make them look better than most pictures I've seen, I just still can't fall in love with these. I feel like I've been spoiled by my Lynnderella glitters and these just don't hold a candle. I can see how many people would enjoy them, though!

  3. I actually love all of these, but especially Fame and Fortune!

  4. They are just a little too chunky for me, but I do love that Hot Like Lava!!

  5. I have Fame & Fortune--it's like the pink version of Covered in Diamonds. I like it because it's different than your average glitter/holo polish.

    The gold one surprised me with the irregular flakes included w/ the glitter.

    The rest, uh, no. the curved glitter just looks so wrong....and I think it just topped bar glitter (which reminds me of grass clippings) for polish that I really don't like. No offense to those who like it! Just so not for me.


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