Thursday, November 3, 2011

A England The Mythicals Mini Spam

Hi loves!!

  For this post I have some swatches of my picks from the A England The Mythicals Collection. I am so in love with this brand and it's creator( and her cute kitty). There are some really stunning polishes in this collection and I am so happy to be able to show you guys some of these beauties. I'm just gonna get on with it because I'll probably blab a lot on each color haha!
Say hello to the stunning Perceval. I never had a lemming for a Red shade until I started seeing swatches of this online. See, It's not just a Red shimmer. It has some cranberry tones in it and it seems to glows from beneath. This literally looks like you have spotlights on your hands making the polish look "lit". The formula... OMG the formula on this color is amazing. very saturated and super smooth. This is two effortless coats of color. This will probbaly be gracing my toes all of the Holiday season!

This is the stunning Tristam. This lovely came to me from my challenge partner, Rie. This one is the most amazing shade of Navy Blue with subtle holographic accents.  This color has a depth and uniqueness to it like nothing I've ever seen. Again, the formula on this is just amazing. This is pure sophistication.

Ahhh Lady of the Lake... What can I say that hasn't already been said about this beauty? It's a deep Purple with the same holographic sprinkles in it as Tristam. The formula on this amazing as well. I did not want to take this off at all. This was pictured with out a top coat and can you see the shine on this baby!?

Merlin. Holy sparkles!!!! Now is this the most unique? No.. BUT! I don't own many Silver glitters and definitely none like this one. It's made up of irregular shaped micro Silver sparkles packed in a clear base. I think this could be layered but it is VERY dense. For this I used Three thin coats of Merlin. I could not believe the amount of sparkle in this. It's really just... Cool! I really enjoyed staring at this!

And last and absolutely not least is Galahad. The most stunning shade of Teal in my collection.. Yes, I went there! Sorry about the pics and the cloud reflection on here but I had lost the sun and my lightbox pics were not accurate at all. This color also has a stunning formula and it is so beyond flattering!!

I am over the moon with these polishes. I love the bottle, I LOVE the brush and I LOOOOOOVE the formula. Every single polish I tried had one of the best formulas I've ever encountered. A England was started up by a lovely lady named Adina and she is a total sweetheart and just look at what she made!! You can head over to the A England website to see the rest of The Mythicals collection. I am eagerly awaiting her next collection! I HIGHLY recommend this line, trust me you will not be disappointed! A England is also available from Shop Llarowe :D for us U.S gals!

Which ones are you loving?
♥ Cristina

(**All but Tristam were sent for Review**)


  1. Yay Cris! Welcome to the A England Club! ;)

    I'm glad you love Tristam as much as I do, I have nothing else like it in my collection. AND it shares its name with the most adorable kitten in the UK. ^_^

    How great is Perceval! I think I'll have to bust it out for holiday pedis too this year. ^_^

  2. they are all gorgeous!!
    merlin is soooooo sparkly! love your pictures!!
    I can't wait to get my A England polishes!!

  3. Yey, I <3 a-england and your pictures look amazing xx

  4. 5 Stars for posting Percival (red)...I adore reds and just not enough bloggers show reds - reds have a bad rap with a lot of bloggers...I wish more would remember red is a total classic that always works!

  5. wow, all these colors are so stunning!!!!

  6. They are all stunning. I love the red the most. I think it would look great on my dark skin :)

  7. This collection is amazing! Thanks for sharing! LOVE Perceval. It is the prettiest red I have ever seen.

  8. Stunning! WoW I love them! All of them are so so so so gorgeous!!!

  9. Hi! I just discovered your blog via a-england on Twitter. I love your swatch pics and you have beautiful nails too. :) I got 5 shades from a-england, supergorgeous colours, but now I want Perceval, Merlin and Galahad too... :))

  10. I was lucky to win Merlin in a giveaway and I absolutely love it - it's like wearing jewellery on my nails with all that mad sparkliness!

  11. How I wish to happily remove Tristam off my wishlist! <3

  12. Your swatches are amazing! You have captured the true mastery that is Adina!

  13. percival and merlin - WANT! they are gorge.

  14. They all look so yummy on you - I love a england so much! I've got the 4 you swatched minus Merlin, but it is definitely one I'd like to add to my stash. Great swatches!

  15. *swoons* Perceval has to be the most beautiful red ever made. All of these are absolutely gorgeous. <3


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