Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nicole by O.P.I Kardashian Collection Swatches: Part 2

Happy Caturday!!

  Yesterday I showed you guys the creme portion of the Kardashian Kolors Collection. Today I have the glitters. The oh-so-awesome glitters... This is where this collection comes to life!
Disco Dolls. This is so freaking festive!!! This pretty is made up warm Gold micro glitter and larger glitter bits in Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Silver. It's a really fun and funky glitter. Very unique and easy to work with. For these pics I used Three coats.

Kendall on the Katwalk.... ♥! ♥! ♥! ♥! ♥!  Yeah.... That's about it.. This baby is small Blue, Purple, Green and micro Silver Glitter suspended in a barely-there Blue jelly base.... Now the formula on this was a bit thick but not terrible. This one is really AMAZING! The mix of colors is so perfect. Three coats.

Follow me on Glitter. This is Disco Dolls Graphite toned sister. It's the same concept just in a different shade. Pretty amazeballs as well. This one is super edgy and the colored bits really make this really cool.

Wear something Spar-Kylie. This one is a sweet Rosey jelly base packed full of small Pink, and Silver glitters. This is not the most unique color but it is very pretty, sparkly and werable. Great Holiday color and I am biiiig into glitters like this one. Three coats.

Listen to your Momager. Fierce Blue metallic shimmer. This is another one of those classic shades. This color is very eye catching and surprisingly bright. I am dupeless for this color even though some similar shades had come out not too long ago (Swimsuit... Nailed it). Great formula but triple up on the base coat. Two coats.

Rainbow in the S-Kylie. A pretty awesome mix of Large and smaller hexes in Rainbow colors. Not a dupe of DL Happy Birthday but it will please those of you not anting to spend the money. I really love this one because it is easy to apply and work with. Supa fun!!

  So you guys know how much I love this collection right? I mean it has something for everyone! Funky glitters, classic cremes and even a boring Taupe loool (j/k). All colors have a great and easy to work with formula. I think Nicole by O.P.I has been hitting it out of the park lately... They have seriously done some of the strongest collections I've seen all season long. I cant wait to wear these again!!

Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina

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  1. They're all so pretty. What a shame they have the Kardashian name attached to them...

  2. Follow Me On Glitter is soooooo great! I love it! ♥♥♥

  3. Follow me on Glitter, Disco Dolls and Kendall on the Katwalk are my favourites! Have a nice weekend :)

  4. I passed on a few of these shades and am regretting it now. Disco Dolls is definitely one of my favorites, though :-)

  5. Follow Me On Glitter is very pretty, but not sure about the others,but I agree with olgiepolgie, the fact that those Kardashians have their name to it really puts me off!!

  6. Kendall on the Katwalk looks amazing!

  7. Well this made my mind up, I'm going to get Disco Dolls and Wear Something Spar-Kylie for my Christmas mani's! They are all really gorgeous.

  8. Love! I have all of these!! Great swatches! :)

  9. What a stunning collection! I wish Nicole by OPI polishes were available in Italy. Mmm, considering the behaviour of the OPI italian distributor, I think that I won't buy them anyway. :D

  10. This blue is awesome and something I would wear, the others are just too much for me but I would like to see them layered over some others non glittering polishes


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