Friday, November 11, 2011

Ozotic 506- Multichromatic Goodness!!

Hi hello!!!

  Can I just say how much of a transition it's turned out to be to get back to my normal posting loool! But it feels soo good to be able to show you guys all these beauties I've had stashed away :D. Today I have another beauty from Shop Llarowe. This is my first Ozotic and can i just say... Wow! I'm a little speechless!
  Ok, so I have quite a few pics of this pretty because #506 has so many colors to capture. This beauty is a Blue based multichrome. It has a shift from Blue to Purple to Slightly Coppery tones. In shade you can also see some hints of Green.... It's just stunning. In the pic above I have captured it in straight on Sunlight and you can see the main color which is a stunning Blackened Blue shimmer with stunning flashes of Emerald Green. This particular Ozotic is definitely meant to be layered. On it's own it is very very sheer and the colors do not come through. Now.. put these pretty over any color and get ready to be blown away. For my pics I chose a standard Black creme as my base for #506. For this mani I did Two coats of Ozotic 506 over Bettina Onix.

In the Two pics below it is shown in the shade where the color shift was easier to capture.

 And this picture is in my OLDDDD style of pics because I just loved how the color shift looked here.
How amazing is this? I mean really.. I've never seen a polish like this one... Ozotic is where it's at!! I am beyond happy with this polish and I seriously want to layer it over EVERYTHING I own lol.... Just spectacular. Epic WIN!!

Do you own any Ozotics? Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina

(**Ozotic 506 provided for Review**)


  1. I don't have any Ozotics, but you have definitely convinced me that I need it in my life, lol. I will be getting this ASAP!!!
    Thanks for sharing ;0)

  2. What a gorgeous colour! Definitely want to try out Ozotics sometime soon! It looks like the type of colour to be very distracting in day to day life!

  3. This colors are really amazing!

  4. Stunning, I would love to own one of those polishes but they are so hard to come by x

  5. I am drooling over this color... just gorgeous!

  6. Wow, the effect is stunning! ♥

  7. I had to comment, because I'm wearing Ozotic 504 right now! It is absolutely my fave. The way it flashes from purple to blue to red to gold just floors me every time. I've never seen multi-chromes quite like these anywhere else. They are truly outstanding.

  8. yeaaah, it's an amazing polish!! I'm wearing now 505 and it's so multichrome...incredible!
    You took great pictures!!

  9. I have, um, several ozotics. I'm a llarowe addict! LOL They are just AHMAZING!

  10. Ozotics are among my faves too. Just got 504 and 505 from Leah Ann and can't wait to try. Great photos!

  11. I just love Ozotic polishes. You should try the new mish mash polishes. They do the colour shift as well as a holo in one!

  12. I love my Ozotics! I've got like 15 or something. It's definitely my favorite brand


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