Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink Wenesay!! Glitter Gal Frappe

Hi loves and happy Pink Wednesday!

 It's been a while huh? Today I have another awesome Glitter Gal holo for you guys. I did some really cute stamping too. This color brought out the cutesy side of me :D.
  So for this cute and playful design I started with Two effortless coats of Glitter Gal's Frappe. Yummeh, yummeh soft Pink holo! Anywho back to the cuteness. For the stamping I used some designs from Konad plate M59 and Konad Black and White  Special polish. I really love the playful and edgy look of the layered bow stamps. 

  Here is Frappe on it's own. Lovely, lovely flush of Pink color with a strong linear holographic finish. This has an amazing formula and is fully opaque at Two easy coats. This is like Fairy magic on my nails!

  The prettiest holo eva!

And in crappy light! So cute!
  Well that is it for today's post. It's been a while since I had done a Pink Wednesday! I can finally sit at the cool table again.... Head to Llarowe for Glitter Gal pretties!

Happy Pink Wednesday!
♥ Cristina

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  1. I like this a lot!
    I ♥ how the design came out!

  2. that pink is absolutely gorgeous - i need!

  3. Frappe looks amazing, wow! :)
    And the stampings are cute.

  4. I love this polish!! I also love the stamping. Especially the hearts on the pinky ;0)

  5. Gorgeous, this is one of my biggest lemmings right now! I love the stamping you did with it as well =)

  6. This is awesome!!
    I really love your mani!

  7. Holy cuteness! Love the stamp on the pinkie nail especially.

  8. This polish is beautiful, and your manicure is awesome!!

  9. I love your stamping! Plus am jealous of your pictures. I just did a post on marine blue glitter gal that was your last post and my pics fail horribly compared to yours. Wish I knew your trick!

  10. This turned out great! I love how you layered the black & white polishes together!

  11. Glitter Gal is awesomesauce. Enough said!

  12. So cute!!!! This is my FAVORITE stamping plate. Awesome job!!!!!

  13. Gorgeous swatches! I have this color and love it! :)

  14. Another stunning polish... *_*
    I love the ribbon design, too! :)

  15. Christine this is so beautiful!
    love your nail :D. and i like the double stamp!


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