Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bettina Bliss Collection Swatches

Happy Humpday!!

  Today I have one last Holiday Collection to show you guys. This group comes from the lovelies at Bettina and it consists of Three cremes and Three metallic shimmers. I am so stoked to see Bettina doing different finishes. While I love cremes, especially Bettina cremes, I really love to see companies step outside of their comfort zone and play with different finishes and colors than what they would normally do. So with that in mind... I finally get to show you guys the Bliss Collection.

  On a small side note. I'm sorry about my cuticles in these pictures, especially my middle nail. I had a slip up when I was manicuring and kinda stabbed myself. So I am sorry for the angry- looking middle finger but at least the colors are still pretty awesome!
Myth.... Wow! This color is absolutely amazing, unique and beautiful. This pretty is a dusty metallic Purple with a Golden "frost" tied in. The interesting thing about this color is that as it goes on it looks very frosty and brushstrokey but as it dries the marks disappear and you are left with a smooth metallic finish that appears to almost be multichromatic thanks to the Golden flashes. The formula on this color is very smooth and easy to work with. This is opaque at Two easy coats.

Bordeaux is a sexy Burgundy creme with some slight Berry tones. It's an awesome vampy shade with an amazing formula. This color is a dupe of Zoya's Stacy but Bordeaux has a far better formula. This shade does better when applied in Three thin coats for a sultry opaque look.

Festive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say hello to my unexpected favorite from the collection. This color is a light metallic Olive green with flashes of Coppery Gold. This color screams Holidays and it is insanely flattering. Formula wise it is just like Myth

Cheers. A deep Forrest Green creme with some slight smokey tones. I will have new pics of this one soon. It is not quite this bright or Yellow toned. It is a really amazing Green. Quite similar to Zoya's Shawn. This is slightly darker and smokier. This polish has a very smooth and pigmented formula. This is fully opaque at Two coats.

Champagne. This is a light Chocolaty metallic tone with Golden flashes. This is basically Myth and Festive's Golden toned sister. Formula wise it is just like its Two siblings. This was not my favorite shade because it does absolutely nothing for my skin tone. I have a feeling this will be great for stamping.

Lastly we have Truffle. A rich, chocolate Brown creme with random bits of sparkle. I say random because you can barely see them in the bottle and even less on the nail. The formula on this color is also great and as much as I don't care for Brown this tone is actually getting to me (in a good way) because it has some slight Red undertones to it. 

  So I am pretty happy with this collection. Out of Six colors I am in love with Four which is not bad :D. I have to say my faves are Festive, Myth, Cheers and Bordeaux. Like always the formulas on these colors are great, smooth and easy to work with. These all have a really good dry time. Like I said before, I am super happy to see Bettina doing different finishes. The Three metallics in this collection really make me want to see what else Bettina can do. I really would love to see them do some more colors like the Disco Collection and I'd even love to see them venture into the world of Multichromes.. We will see :D...

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina


  1. I'm loving that green! Too bad the metallics are streaky! Yikes..but yea, they look like they'd be good for stamping!

  2. Champagne is really pretty!! Sorry about your finger. Hope it gets better soon.

  3. Wearing my Bettina PepperMint right now...<3 it so much!!

  4. Nice collection, and I'm really in love with Myth! :)

  5. Great swatches!! :D

  6. I like all the shimmers, except for Cheers :( It looked great in the bottle tho, but on my nails it would look like a nightmare ebcause I have horrible ridges. I'm not a creme person so not excited about the cremes.

  7. Bettina is a brand that is not available to me and I can only see it on your blog and I think I love it as much as you do. This year I discovered that I love metallic and in purple shade as Myth is fantastic, then the next shade is Bordeaux which is the standard 'me' color ;)
    If I could I would get Festive as well because of the golden reflective which is kind of unusual for polish. Also Truffle makes me hustle and now all I can think of is a hot chocolate ;)

  8. I saw them at the "cheap" store but never caught my attention.
    But thanks for the swathes now I'm going to look at them again.


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