Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Collection Swatches

Hello lovely people!!

  Moar Glitter!!!!! Today's post is Color Clubs pretty Holiday Collection. This group consists of Six awesome glitter polishes that bring on the bling. It took me a while to get these swatches out because as I was trying them on I kept wanting to wear them as full manis. You will see why :D!
Holiday Splendor. This is an amazing polish. This baby is made up of small Green, Holo and Holo-y Green glitters along with some micro glitter all suspended in a Green jelly base. I love that this particular shade has a colored base. It actually made me wish all the glitters in this collection had a colored base. This is like a much Greener China Glaze Atlantis. Very beautiful! Two effortless coats.

Jingle Jangle. This pretty is made up of Icy Blue and Icy Purple glitter suspended in a clear base. I absolutely loved this one as well. I really like the mix of colors in this one. This is the only glitter that does not have holographic sparkles but it is still lovely. Three coats of glitter.

Sugarplum Fairy. This pretty is Lavender Glitter and Holographic glitter all suspended in a clear base. This one is super dense and only takes Two coats for opacity. I really really LOVED this one because the Holo sparkle is very noticeable.

Beyond the Mistletoe. This one is Sky Blue glitter and Holo glitter all suspended in a Clear base. This reminds me of O.P.I Simmer and Shimmer  but with a thorough sprinkling of Holographic glitter for good measure. Three coats. 

Candy Cane. Pretty Pink, Soft Pink adnd Holo sparkle suspended in a clear base. Awesome Holiday glitter. Three coats.

Gingerbread. This one is so awesome. From what I can gather with my naked eye it is a mix of Gold, Copper, Gold Holo and Silver Holo glitters all mixed in a clear base. This one is soo freaking AWESOME! I love that there is a mix of different Gold toned glitters that give this color such awesome dimension.

  I love all of these because I am a sucker for glitter. Removal of these was not terrible at all which is always nice. These all dry a bit dull and gritty so a good top coat is a must. These are seriously awesome and I love that while they are blingy and glittery they are not your traditional Holiday shades. I could not pick faves because I heart them all!!! 

Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina

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  1. I refuse to pick faves because I want them all. Lol..

    So gorgeous all of them!!! So So Gorgeous!!

  2. So gorgeous!!
    The colors are so sparkling !!

  3. Oh I see what you mean about wanting to wear them as full maniicures, they're all lovely!

  4. glitter glitter glitter! Lots of sparkle :)

  5. I like Sugarplum Fairy most! However all of them looks amazingly!

  6. This collection is so nice! I really want that green!! XD Lovely swatches, and thank you for sharing! :)

  7. Wow that green base is gorgeous! It really adds a lot of depth. You're making me crave some more glitttahh... I guess it's just the season for it!

  8. I am in love with holiday splendor, super pretty. I want it so bad, where do they sell color club? OR where could I buy it online?

  9. I just last week got Holiday Splendor and Beyond the Mistletoe (from...victoriasnailsupply.com, I think? or maybe nailsupplies.us). H.S. is gorrrrgeous in person, but mine was weirdly super thick, and two coats + one coat of Seche started coming off in big chunks less than 24 hours later. Amazing looking polish, but not great on the wear time! Next time I'll try just one coat over a matching base...I have the same problem with glitter-heavy China Glaze polishes too, where they're so thick with so little lacquer binding that they want to flake off in big sheets.

  10. I always enjoy seeing swatches of Color Club polishes, yet I own none and never think to buy them :) hahaha


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