Friday, December 16, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Jolly and Joy Collection Swatches

Happy Friday loves!!!

  I'm bringing the weekend in with some swacthes of the Dr's Remedy Jolly and Joy Collection. This collection is made up of Three pearly shimmers and Two micro fine glitters. I've had these in my hands for a while and I just kept getting sidetracked by my not- so- awesome health... But.. Better late than never right?
This is Passion Purple. This is a light Plummy shimmer with quite a bit of Red in it. It's a rather safe but pretty color. The formula on this color is really smooth and easy to work with. This color is opaque in Two easy coats.

This is Revive Ruby Red. Another safe but pretty color. It is a lovely jewel toned Red shimmer with a nice glow-y quality. This color also has a great Two coat formula.

Essential Emerald Green. This one is an awesome Emerald Green shimmer. The shimmer in this one is kinda Silvery so it gives the color a pearly finish. I really like this one. Two easy coats.

Serene Silver Glitter. This one is a mix of micro fine glitter in Silver, Light Blue and Magenta all mixed together. The glitter is so fine that at Two coats it is totally opaque and it has an almost foil- like finish. This dries a bit gritty and dull. A good top coat is a must with these glitters.

Resolution Red Glitter is actually more Pinky than Red. This color is the same concept at Serene but the mix of colors in this one is what appears to be Red, Silver and Pink maybe? It is an interesting glitter.

  Overall, it is a rather safe collection made up of pretty colors with good, consistent formulas. They are all two coaters. I don't hate any of these colors but they don't really get me super excited. They are all flattering shades and really do have an "air of Holiday" about them. So yeah, pretty collection with great formulas but the colors are a bit safe for my liking. 

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♥ Cristina

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  1. These are quite lovely. Great swatches! :D

  2. Serene Silver Glitter and Passion Purple look beautiful! :)

  3. Pretty nails, I loved the color.
    Pass my blog to say hi.

  4. Passion Purple and Revive Ruby Red are gorgeous!!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Wow I really love all of these colors


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