Friday, December 9, 2011

Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection Layering Spam!

Happy Friday Loves!

  Today I have a spam post of cute layering combos all using Essie's Luxeffects in Pure Pearlfection. I am obsessed with this nail polish. It really transforms colors and textures and I love how it looks a little different over every color it is layered over. Let's get to it!
One coat of Essie Pure Pearlfection over Chick Nail Polish in Raven's Egg. Awesome combo!

Pure Pearlfection over A England Elaine. UH-mazing!

Pure Pearlfection over Chick Nail Polish in All A Twitter. So Dreamy and Wintery.

Pure Pearlfection over Bettina Velvet. Adds amazing texture.

Same combo as above with a coat of Hard Candy Matte Top Coat. Even better!

Pure Pearlfection over Chick Nail Polish Moss. Very Holiday :D.

Pure Pearlfection over A England Avalon. I love the shimmer over shimmer effect. Gives the look a lot of depth.

Pure Pearlfection over Chick Nail Polish Gr8 Grey Owl. Very Wintery. Reminds me of a rainy day. Which may not sound like a good thing but I enjoy a nice, cool rainy day. Love this as well.

  So as you can see I've been putting this over EVERYTHING loool! I just cannot get enough. I also picked up Shine of the Times which is a Nubar 2010 dupe. I own 2010 but I wanted a back up. I will be playng with that as well soon.  For now I am totally obsessed with Pure Pearlfection.... Mmmm

♥ Cristina


  1. I'm in love with this polish also. It looks great on everything, lol.

  2. oh my gosh! I was eagerly anticipating the luxe effects - but then when I saw some other swatches I was kinda disappointed BUT then I saw your post just now and I am in love with pure pearlfection - it looks amaaaaaaazing layered! I am going to order it RIGHT NOW!! thank you for the beautiful swatches :) xxxx

  3. Beautiful combinations, they all look great! :)

  4. OMG these combos are so pretty! Must put this on my Christmas list.

  5. I love it over the green and the grey! I was hoping to pass on this... and now you've created a lemming! ;)

  6. Do you know how this compares to Orly Twilight? I also have a Colorama that's similar in Rock It. I love to use it over any polish to give it a little something extra!

  7. Oh so pretty. I am OBSESSED with the Luxe Effects "Shine of the Times." I keep adding it to every polish I wear...multiple coats. It is one of the prettiest polishes I own, hands down!

  8. this is a great post! I didn't know it was that great! :D Amazing~

  9. SO pretty! Surprisingly, the last one is my fave! I'm not normally a "gray" girl but that combo is just gorgeous! And I love rainy days too ;)


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