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LTHP's Favorite Nail Polishes of 2011- Top 10(+1) "Big Brand" Picks

Happy Friday everyone!!!

  Today's post is my top 10 favorite nail polishes of 2011 that were released by "big brands". This list was really tough to come up with because at first I had like 75 polishes on my short list but I figured that would have been a little excessive lol... So I sat down on the floor surrounded by my picks and really analyzed each color and how I "felt" when I first saw it and wore and and based on that I narrowed it down to my Top 10 polishes of 2011. You might be wondering about the "+1"... I asked Mr. LTHP if he would like top have a pick of the year and he was all about it so at the end of my "countdown" I will be showing you guys Mr. LTHP's favorite color of 2011. In no particular order I give you my Top 10 Mainstream nail polish picks of 2011.

Orly Fowl Play: Birds of a Feather Collection/ Fall 2011
Um... Does this one really need much of an explanation? There is just so much going on with this polish. There are flakes, there is glitter, all in a gorgeous deep Eggplant Purple jelly base. While the rest of this collection fell quite flat for me, this color gave me hope for what Orly can do. Whenever I wear this I always find myself staring at my hands incessantly.

O.P.I DS Temptation: Fall into Glitter/ 2011 Fall DS Release 
While a lot of people were upset about the DS line deviating away from the holographic finish it was so known for, I could not help but falling for this glitter. The mix of colors is really just stunning and I love the sheer Purple tint to the jelly base. 

O.P.I Crown me Already!: Miss Universe Collection/ 2011 Release
Holy disco ball nails! While Silver glitters may not be that unique this one is definitely a standout in my book. I love the gigantic mirror-like hex pieces that are mixed in so perfectly with all different sizes of bright, clean Silver glitter. This looks like crushed Swarovsky Crystals on your nails. I just <3 this!!!

O.P.I I Lilly Love You: Nice Stems/ Summer 2011 Collection
Yes, another O.P.I lol. I think it's petty obvious why I love this so much. It's not quite a flakie, not quite a glitter. I love all the irregular shaped pieces mixed in with all the little square bits. I love the amazing shade of Pink it is in and I love the amazing textured look that it gives anything you layer it over. 

Nicole by O.P.I Kendall on the Katwalk: Kardashian Kolors/ Holiday 2011
  Nicole by O.P.I really did some beautiful colors and AMAZING glitters this year but to me the BIG standout was this baby by a longshot. It's another interesting mix of glitters that give the polish an awesome "layered" look. It's edgy and complex and for those reasons I love it!

Zoya Yara: Mirrors Collection/ Fall 2011
Yara, Yara, Yara...... Military green with the most perfect Golden/Green micro glassfleck shimmer... I am always a little speechless when it comes to this beauty because all I want to do is stare at the picture and wish it was on my nails at that very moment. This is one of the most spectacular releases of 2011.

Nicole by O.P.I Kim-plenty in Love: Kardashian Kolors/ Holiday 2011
The reason for this color being on my top 10 of the year is very simple. It is a soft pink that doesn't bore me to tears. I love the soft squishy texture and the AMAZING micro duochrome shimmer that peaks through the soft Pink base so perfectly. I also love that while it is a soft, milky Pink it actually looks really nice on my skin tone.

Zoya Gemma: Intimate Collection/ Spring 2011
Yet another Zoya epic Green. This soft Olive Green comes to life with that soft Blue/ Pink flash that comes out so effortlessly. This color is easy on the eyes and just flawless. This is another color that made a lot of noise when it was released. I, for one, could not wait to get my mitts on it when I first saw pictures. 

China Glaze Midtown Magic: Metro Collection/ Fall 2011
This looks like embers burning... It's just amazing. I don't ever go for Brown tones but the spectacular Golden/Green shimmer in this color really just drew me in and made a fool out of me for ever doubting Brown lol. I love that it's not an "in- your- face" shimmer keeping the color sultry but super interesting.

Revlon Starry Pink/ Fall 2011 Release
Another soft Pink that has something interesting going on. I love that the base has just a touch of Blue making this one of those "lavender pinks" that I love so much. I love the different sized glitters and how they look suspended in the base. I really liked that Revlon did some really interesting glitters this year and that they continue to dupe expensive brands so perfectly.

flakies? Magnetics? What do you guys think?

And now for Mr. LTHP's top pick of 2011.

China Glaze White Cap: Anchors Away/ Spring 2011 Collection
I totally agree with this pick. He really likes duochromes and I remember him commenting on this color waay back when I got it. I happen to love this color because it's delicate but so interesting and unique. He loves it because he thinks it would make a cool car color lool!!!!

Well, that is it for my top choices of 2011. Which ones do you guys agree with? Not? 
♥ Cristina


  1. Em, I knew I shouldn't have read this post as I immediately put three on my "to buy" list! Must resist for a month at least as I just got 5 A England's in the post and have another 4 CGs arriving soon!

  2. Very pretty choices!!! Go Mr. LTHP, he has a good eye, lol

  3. I love all your picks but especially Mr. LTHP's pick. Its GORGEOUS!

  4. What a fantastic list!! You made awesome choices. I have to agree about White Cap too; it is definately one of my all-time favourite polishes! :D

  5. Ugh I found the Orly Fowl Play to be a nightmare. Mine dried all rough and dull, and I had to put some base coat on it to smooth it out. Then it shrank at the bottom and looked horrible. The color is really gorgeous and unique but it's in a horrible formula. :(

  6. I wasn't really into Midtown Magic until I saw your swatches. Preeeetty. :)

  7. Haha I often see car colors and think that they would make a nice nail color!

    Great picks! Have a Happy New Year!!!

  8. I am totally with you about I Lily Love you- I *do* really love it, it's one of my favorites! I'm actually wearing it over a hot pink now and love the texture & shine it gives! I also just got Starry Pink because every time I see it, it's just so interesting, although I'm typically not a pink girl.

  9. Oh, and I own and adore Fowl Play as well. That one is the reason I started a polish wishlist on my computer!

  10. Nice picks! I own some of them, while most of the others are on my wishlist.

  11. Excellent picks! I see many of my own favorites on here as well-and some polishes I really NEED to get around to buying... How cute that your husband had a top pick too! :)

  12. Gemma and I Lilly Love You oh and White Cap also make my list of top favs released this year (that I have in my stash). I was so happy to see CG put the entire Anchors Away collection into their classics now and selling at Sally's. If you all recall the collection never released at Sally's - it was only to be found at a few other places...made me sad as I depend on Sally's for my CG polishes. I can complete my Anchors collection now that it's at Sally's on the big CG wall. I also made sure I had a 2nd bottle of White Cap before I knew it was going to go into the classic collection. I think they need to put Snowball in the classics as well. It was nice to have it this winter as a re-release - but I have yr round use for that one.

  13. Ohhhh that Revlon pink is gorgeous <3 I wish the pharmacy's around me had all these beautiful colors I see everybody swatch. Mine has the most boring ones ever :(

    I'm surprised that no Essie made your cut though. Any particular reason why?

  14. @nailspark I really like Essie but the only Two 2011 Essies I have are from the Luxeffects collection and while they are very pretty I really loved others much much more.

  15. I LOVE White Cap and Midtown Magic! Kind of wish they were on China Glaze's collection instead of just seasonal ...

  16. Completely agree with Starry Pink and Fowl Play!
    But to be honest, you make any of those colours look amazing!

  17. Totally agree with your list! I also have Orly Fowl Play, Zoya Yara and Revlon Starry Pink - there are a few you listed which I'm still lemming for (I Lily Love You) and that I have close-enough dupes of (Midtown Magic). Perfect top 10 list, I think!

  18. They're all very pretty and unique. I would love to have each one.

  19. They're all very pretty and unique. I would love to have each one.


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