Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oldie Spam Sunday- Holiday Edition

Hi guys!

  So once in a while I like to go back and look at my old posts and pics and all that stuff. I think it is fun to see how my pictures have changed and how my nail art has evolved. I decided to make this a little spam post because I don't have anything ready to post yet *shame*. So I went waaay back into the archives and looked up all of my Holiday manicures from last year. I had just started blogging and and I had also just discovered Chloe's Nails and taping as nail art. My lighting was all weird and my cuticles looked like a**. Thank goodness I started using cuticle remover and taking better care of my hands since ;D. Anywho.. Here are some of my manicures from last year's Holidays. I won't go into full detail about each mani but you can see all of these under the "Holiday Themed" Tab.
  Second Ruffian attempt. Not too shabby, right?

Love this glitter by Sephora by O.P.I. Only Gold for Me.

The day I found out about glitter jelly sandwiches. No, I am no claiming to have started the trend. Just saying this was the day that I found out about it before I read about them somewhere else.

 Scotch taping and glitter layering with the best X-mas polish ever! Party Hearty by China Glaze.

Flakie layering with Barielle Elle's Spell

 Some basic taping over China Glaze Frosty.

My first mani where I mixed " a lot" of techniques.

Frosty glitter sammich.

Glitter stripes all in O.P.I.

Basic Funky French.

I still love this manicure.

My first Glitter gradient before I tried sponging.

  I plan on doing some more Holiday manis closer to X-mas. I've just kinda had a lot happen in a short period of time that has really put me behind. But I am feeling much better and I hope to catch up this week. There will even be a Muffin Monday tomorrow! 

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina


  1. I really love some of these mani's and it is always fun to see older pictures compared to how you are doing now <3.

  2. these are all so adorable! i wish i could recreate each one! unfortunately my varnish collection is not quite as epic!

  3. this post made my nail day.... and has given me alot of ideas to do for my xmas manicure!

  4. I started folowing about this time last year! I remember all these holiday mani's. My favorite is the Elle's Spell one!

  5. These are so nice!! I'm glad you posted these because now I get to see them! ^-^ Lovely!

  6. The frosty sandwich and the ruffian are awesome! But my favorite is the mixed-techniques one! Holy crap I love it! Which is so weird because I typically like things very basic and symmetrical and all that. Well done!

  7. omggg! how good look all the mani:D loooovee them:X

  8. Aww que lindas :) yo lo unico navideño que me hago es pintarmelas de vinito con la de la sortija en oro :P mañana me pinto unas rojas y otras verdes jaja xoxo

  9. I love your manis.
    Thanks for a lot of inspiration! :-)

  10. The ruffian and the frosty glitter sandwich are my faves!!

    Glad you're feeling better ;0)

  11. I love looking at your older posts and seeing that you made the same mistakes i make now. It gives me hope :) xxx


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