Thursday, December 1, 2011

O.P.I The Muppets Collection Swatches

Hi loves and happy Thursday!!

  Sorry today's post is a little late. I was in the hospital again on Tuesday night and yesterday was a day of sleeping and recovery. It's nothing super serious. Just ongoing stomach issues. I've been resting a lot and taking it easy since and just hoping my belly settles soon. So for this late post I have The Muppets Collection by O.P.I. Let's get started shall we?
Fresh From of Bel-Air. Small green Glitter with larger Silver Hex glitters suspended in a clear base.  Here I have Two coats of Fresh Frog of Bel Air over Jade is the New Black.

Esxuses-Moi! A dark Pink jelly packed full of small Rosey glitter and larger Rainbow hex bits. This is like NIcole by O.P.I's Red toned sister to Disco Dolls and Follow me on Glitter. It's really cool looking and easy to apply. Two coats.

Warm and Fozzie. <3<3<3<3<3!! OMG this is just beautiful. This is a coppery Brown glassfleck with some hints of Pink and Green. Excellent Two coat formula. This color is unique and beautiful. One of my favorites in the collection.

Meep Meep Meep. A pretty Reddish/Pink jelly with glassflecks in Pink and Copper. This is really pretty but rather safe. It's a classic O.P.I color. Two coats.

Divine Swine. Magenta glitter with large Hex Silver glitters suspended in a clear base. Here I have it layered over Dim Sum Plum. <3 This combo.

Gettin' Miss Piggy with It. Small red glitter with larger Hex glitters in Red and Silver suspended in a clear base. Here I have it layered over Red my fortune Cookie. Another amazing combo.

Gone Gonzo Small blue glitter with larger Silver hexes suspended in a clear base. Here I have it layered over No Room for the Blues.

Rainbow Connection= Rainbow in the S-Kylie. Same exact concept of the Rainbow glitter. Made up of larger particles and smaller particles in a Rainbow color scheme suspended in a clear base. Here I have it layered over Mermaid's Tears.

Pepe's Purple Passion. A dark Plummy creamy base full of Coppery glassflecks. The glassfleck in this is very subtle and the base if very pigmented. It dries a bit gritty as you can see so a good top coat is necessary.

Animal- Istic. Another pretty Red....This one has slight Pink flashes throughout. Another rather safe color. Great formula, two coats.

Designer de Better. A warm Silvery/ Golden foil with darker Coppery bits sprinkled in there. Very dense formula, could be a one coater. Not my favorite color but great for the Holidays.

Wocka Wocka! Yet another Reddish tone. This one is a Burgundy toned Red with a slight shimmer. SUPER pigmented formula. Two effortless coats.

  Now to ramble a little bit. A lot of girls had issues with the fact that the glitters are so sheer an can't really be worn on their own. This doesn't really bother me because I am a big fan of layering glitters and these are pretty. I've seen them all over Black and they look AMAZE! Here I just chose a similar base color and I really do like the look.  My problem with this collection is all the Reddish tones. And I get that is what O.P.I does best and a lot of people swear by them for that reason but you can only do so many shades of Red. When compared to last years Burlesque Collection this one falls a bit flat for me but I'm still enjoying all the flash and sparkle. The formula on all colors is amazing. I believe they were all two coaters and applied great.

 Which are your faves from this collection?
♥ Cristina

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  1. I love the combinations you did for all the glitters! I didn't get any of them because I wasn't sure I absolutely needed them. Excuse-Moi! is only one I have and I love it from how it looks in bottle and on my nail wheel, so I'm excited to wear it. I passed up Warm and Fozzie a few weeks ago but I think I'm going to go back and pick up a bottle. It looks beautiful. Great swatches!

  2. Seriously, that has got to be one of the prettiest collection ever. Think I like them all. :)

  3. Designer de Better, Gone Gonzo and Divine Swine are my favourites! ;)

  4. I have everything from this line except for the reds. I was a little stumped by that part of the line too. I'm not against red, but I wouldn't buy 3 at once when they look so similar. I love your swatches, they're always gorgeous!

  5. Warm and Fozzie is my fav!
    as you said, compared to last year BURLESQUE, this collection doesn't impress me that much. But I must admit I spent a lot of time on your pictures because you can really see the details of the polishes and I love that! I'm loving this collection better now :D

  6. I sure hope you feel better soon!

    I agree with you on how beautiful Warm and Fozzie is. I have the small "trial" size and I think I may have to go back for the big bottle.

  7. I think Warm and Fozzy is my favorite, now I just need to find it! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Your swatches are so beautiful and make me so happy... and make me so sad that mine are so inferior, lol. Gorgeous swatches!

  9. Lovely swatches. Gone Gonzo is my favourite. ^_^

  10. Cristina-
    Thanks for all the great reviews on polish- I love the glitters too! I usually don't post or comment on the blogs, I just enjoying reading them. But your comment about your stomach issues made me want to comment- I won't post a link, ifyou want it, I can give it to you...but my sis was diagnosed with diverticulitis two years ago, and she had to totally change her diet- according to the this, no that, stop eating this, stop that.....but she found this eating plan, that ISN"T a diet, but just a differnt way to combine what you eat, and it has worked miracles for her!!!!!!!! She has onlyhad one flare up in the last two years, and that was caused by her going into labor with her twin girls! Anyway, It's pretty amazing! Just message me if you're interested in the name of the plan. :-)

  11. Mama Z - I am interested in that eating plan if you don't mind. My husband has Crohn's Disease. He was diagnosed 2 years ago and still hasn't gone into remission. Hopefully you will see this! My e-mail is


    I love this post (and your blog)! I've been a little disappointed with this collection but your layering makes it looks so amazing! I'll try it with a similar base color underneath instead of on their own. Thank you!

  12. I have Rainbow Connection and love it! My friends all admired it when we swatched it over various colors, it seems to work well with light and dark colors.

  13. I used Suzi Says Feng Shui as the base for Gone Gonzo was it was gorgeous! Our minds think alike because I put Rainbow Connection over Catrice I Sea You - which looks somewhat like Mermaid's Tears :)

    Great swatches Cris :)

  14. what a fun collection! so colorful and happy, like the muppets themselves.


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