Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Bettina and Zoya X-mas Eve!

Hi loves and happy Caturday/ X-mas eve to those celebrating.

  Today I just have some super awesome layering. These Zoya Glitter Glazes are seriously just so much fun to wear. I was wearing a nice "plain" Bettina mani and in a matter of one coat of glitter glaze it was totally transformed into a festive, blingy and totally amazing manicure. I am still very much undecided on what I am wearing on my nails tomorrow. For some reason I keep going to red glitter... We shall see... In the mean time here is some Zoya and Bettina awesomesauce.
  Let me just get this off my chest.... I love bar glitter!!!!!!!!!. Ok.. much better. For this I started with a base of Bettina's Bordeaux and Festive both colors from their Bliss collection. I really liked how they looked by themselves but I really felt like it was missing something which why I decided to glitterize with the awesome glitter glazes Kissy and Rina. It is a total transformation of colors with the glitters layered on top and I love how much the different colors in the glazes come through.

 Ok, so here are Bordeaux(Burgundy) and Festive(Green). Bordeaux is pretty much a dead on dupe of Zoya's Stacy but in terms on formula, in this case, Bettina far surpasses Zoya. Bordeaux is a nice deep Plummy shade that is perfect for Fall and the Holidays. Festive pretty much took my breath away. It is a nice Mossy green with a shimmery finish. As you apply it there are brushstrokes but as the color dries the strokes disappear and you are left with awesome metallic, mossy Green nails. This color also has an outstanding Two coat formula.
 Aren't these beautiful together? I really can't wait for you guys to see the Bliss collection by Bettina. It has some amazing and sultry colors. I am sooo ready for tomorrow! I can't wait to see what Mr. LTHP got me and for him to see what I got him :D.

Thanks for stopping by today loves!
♥ Cristina

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  1. I love your christmas manicures! merry christmas!

  2. I definitely am loving the Zoya one! I am such a glitter freak :)

  3. Such a gorgeous layering combo!! Very festive! Merry Christmas Eve ;0)

  4. I LOVE Kissy! I put that on over a simple red polish for the heck of it because I was dying to use it and it was awesome. Zoya is amazing. I hope you have a Merry Christmas Eve!

  5. Festive is fantastic! How does it compare to Chanel Peridot?


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