Monday, January 23, 2012

Muffin Monday!! ICING Magnetix Gold- Green

Good Morning my loves!

  Today is a new day! I have something sooo cool to show you today. This is really Muffin's pick. What happened to the picture you ask? Well my butt forgot I had the picture in my camera still and I accidentally deleted ALL the pictures.... Her choices were Lynderella's Love Potion No. 99, Mercurial and ICING's Blue/Purple, Green/ Gold Magnetix. I was very excited for her to pick ANY of those because they are all incredible polishes in their own rights.

  So instead of a pic of Muffin making her pick, I have a picture of Muffin and Truffle's new spot. They literally take turns in it! :D It is too cute for words... So here is this...
To see some AWESOME AWESOMENESS just keep reading!

  So this collection just hit ICING stores. I'm not lucky enough to have an ICING store near me so whenever I take the drive to a mall that has one I make a point of it to stop by. I must admit I was no feeling very optimistic about finding these when I went in because it never seems I have much luck. But.... THERE they were! They only had One of each color and they were right by the cash registers. I only picked up two( I STRONGLY regret not getting all Four). See... These pretties are only $9 and on top of that they were buy One get One Half off. So it was a pretty sweet deal and I realized much too late that I could have gotten Four GREAT magnetic polishes for $27... Which would've been the price of about Two Nails Inc. Magnetic polish at Sephora. I felt kinda dumb... I should have gotten all Four... :(
These are not named :(. This looks like a Tiger's Eye gemstone doesn't it? So I'm going to call it Tiger's Eye. It's an Olive- Gold magnetic where the magnetic particles are the Golden part. To apply these I put down one base coat of this color without placing the magnet on top. I did the magnet portion on the Second coat. I LOVE this. I have not been this amused by a polish in a very long time. The formula is pretty good on these, I have no complaints. The brush was a bit weird but I managed to work around it. This is just beautiful! When first applied it looks a bit weird in color but when the magnet portion is done the true beauty if this polish can be appreciated.
The best part about these to me is that the effect is like a little surprise every time you wear them. They are just so much fun. Now, set aside some time to apply these because you have to do one nail at a time and it's not a suuuper quick process. It is, however, VERY fun! These come with Two different types of magnet toppers. Some create a straight line effect like seen here and some a wavy line. The best way to find out what is what is by holding the magnet up to the bottle and seeing how the lines come out. Check out Jen's post to learn more about the different magnets.

These are Awesome. End of story! :D!!


  1. $27.. not $18. 9+4.50=13.50*2=27....

  2. Love it! The effect is so cool :)

  3. These are lovely I haven't seen any like these before, we have had the magnetic polishes awhile but these look sparkley, are they glitters or just the iron filings that are shinning like glitter?
    Either way they look great on your nails.

  4. This is the best magnetic polish I've seen!

  5. So fun! Good job Muffin! :-)
    I think Tiger's Eye is a good name too.

  6. Gorgeous! I have no Icing's near me so my wonderful friend Lori picked me up this one and the raspberry one! I can't wait to get them!

  7. Love the gold micro glitter Icing added to their twist on the magnetic trend.

  8. That is friggin awesome! Btw Bettina Marshmallow kicks ass, I bought cause of u :-D

  9. I'm meh on the polish, but I have a question to ask. Where's this place that the kitties are sleeping? At first glance I thought it was the sink, but closer examination of the picture convinces me that's not the case. Just wondering.

  10. I think they are sleeping in her light box, actually a lot of cats like to sleep in there but I don't know what is the case :)
    I'm also not that impressed about that color (I don't like green nails on me) but I absolutely love magnetics polshes. Flakes and crackles are a pass for me but this is amazing


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