Friday, January 27, 2012

Ulta 3 Pacific Fever- Win of Wins!

Good morning and happy Friday!!

  Today I have a lovely Aussie polish from the brand Ulta3. This brand releases some AMAZING colors and I really wish that we got them here in the U.S. I got this pretty thanks to the lovely Carina. I've only worn this once.... WHYYY?!!! As I was applying this color yesterday I kept wondering why this had not been on my nails more than once. I wore these nails last night to a work party along with a pretty Turquoise stones necklace and it looked soo pretty! So, should I stop blabbing now and let you take a peek at this amazing polish?
For more details about this lovely polish and layering just keep on reading.

 I did a simple accent on my ring finger nails by layering this simple Silver/ Holo glitter from my duo polish I found at Charlotte Russe. The only thing I hate about the little duo polishes is that there is no good way to store them. One of the ends will always get really goopy fast and that's a bit of a bummer but I can live with it... Nothing some thinner cannot fix. 
I really like the simplicity of this look. Pacific Fever is just so stunning it really does not need anything else to compliment it.

And here is a swatch of Pacific Fever. *swoon*... That is all.
  This is Three thin coats of Pacific Fever. I love how the shimmer in this color gives the polish a layered look. IRL this is a tad Greener but the photo is not TOO far off from what the color actually looks like. Isn't the shimmer in the photos sooo stunning!?
Now, let's all beg our Aussie friends to send these beauties our way!!!



  1. This is my kinda blue I love this shade, it really suites you too :)

  2. Wow this colour is gorgeous! I'm from New Zealand and even we don't get Aussie polishes!! Might have to hunt this brand down. Thanks :)

  3. Such a gorgeous shade, I love turquoise colors and I love that this has some shimmer to it! :)

  4. Lol! We always want what we can't have huh? I'll gladly give you ulta3 polish if you give me cheap OPI, China Glaze, Orly etc. I may pick this one up though (your swatches are amazing), despite the really crappy brushes with this brand.

  5. That turquoise is a TOTALLY beautiful colour! Where can I get them from in the UK?

  6. I want to go swimming in the Pacific now! That is a stunning shade.

  7. I want that polish... must

    It reminds me a little of China Glaze Martini Pedicure and BB Couture Manbug... maybe if they had a baby?

  8. Amazing colour-too bad I can't find it here.

  9. Thanks for the review, I just picked up this colour on a whim and I'm glad you love it so much!

    The only way to get these, I think, is to make friends with an Aussie (wink, wink) and get them to send them over. The reason? Ulta3 is a cheapie chemist brand! You know the chemists with the big bargain bins in front, that sell the mixed-up bottles of completely random colours of polish? Yeah those. They retail for about $1-2 a bottle. I think they also have them in supermarket bargain bins.

    Thought you might like to know :)


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