Friday, January 6, 2012

Zoya True Collection Swatches

Hello lovely readers and happy Friday!!!

  I cannot believe Friday is here already. This week really flew by for me. Today I have one of the first Spring collections to burst into the scene for 2012. I LOVE spring collections and I could not wait to see what Zoya had in store for us this year after last years amazing Intimate Collection. Well, they absolutely delivered on a beautiful collection. This collection has its pros and cons and I will get into that later in the post, but I am really happy with these beautiful polishes.

  I've decided to give the Fleck Effect Collection its very own post because I have a ton of pictures of those pretties! For now please enjoy the True Collection by Zoya.
 To see this beautiful collection just keep reading after the jump.

These are my first "nubby swatches" but honestly.. I am enjoying the shorter nails at the moment. I can see a few advantages... I can get away with bolder colors. I don't have to worry about breakage and I really like how they look in person. In pictures my longer nails look better, but when it gets cold my cuticles dry up badly and it seems I cannot keep up with moisturizing.... Anyways... Enough rambling...

Zoya Skylar
Hang on.... Just one more minute.............................. Ok... Now I'm done drooling over this picture and color. Skylar is a beautiful dusty Denim Blue packed full of the most amazing Silvery/ Blue/ Green shimmer you've ever seen. This color looks layered and textured which makes it even more interesting. This is a super flattering shade of Blue and the shimmer... OMG that shimmer!! This was two easy coats.  Skylar has a very smooth and even formula that only takes Two coats for opacity.

Zoya Tru 
 And they just keep hitting it out of the part... This epic Purple is epic.... I love this shade.. I really do. It's a very Red toned Royal Purple creme with a scattered Golden/Coppery/Pinky micro shimmer that is not all in your face but makes you want to keep staring at your nails like you've never seen a nail before. This shade is unlike anything I've seen from Zoya, now I just hope there are no O.P.I dupes when their spring collection rolls out. This has a great Two coat formula.

Zoya Bevin 
Bevin is a dusty shade of light Jade Green creme. This color has that special Zoya smokiness going on... I really like this shade but I've seen Zoya do such stronger and much more interesting shades of Green.  This color dries a little darker on the nail than it is in the bottle but I don't mind because the darker tone is actually prettier to me. The formula on this color is a little thick and it takes a steady hand to apply as it does not settle too well. 

 Zoya Lotus
Ok, this color was a pain to photograph indoors and by the time I got around to this shade there was no Sunlight left.. So anyways.. Lotus is a dusty shade of medium Purple. This tone has more Blue tones in it than Tru. This pretty has a strong Pink shimmer that is just stunning! This color has a slightly thin formula but in a good way. This one also takes Two coats for full opacity.

Zoya Cho
This one is a soft Beige with some slight Yellow tones. What I like about this shade is that I can pull it off. It's a nice true Beige with the slightest Pearly shimmer. I REALLY like this color.... BUT.... It seems to be out of place in this collection. To me, it feels like this color should have been released with the Touch Collection that was released during Summer and it was made up of neutral tones like this one with that same soft Pearly shimmer. This color has a nice opaque formula but it is a little thick and has the same settling issues a Bevin so it requires a steady hand.

Zoya Farrah
This is another great neutral shade that seems to be out of place in this collection. Again, I LOOOOVE this shade, but it just does not seem to fit in with the collection. This one is like an iced latte Beige creme. The only other True creme in the collection. It's a really nice Greyed out neutral and I am a huge sucker for shades like this.. BUT, again, kinda bummed that they released it as a part of this Spring Collection, especially on the heels of their Feel Collection which was Six neutral shades. This color also seems to have the same type of formula as Bevin and Cho. A little thick but not in a horrible way.

And now for some quickie comparisons:
 I'll let you guys draw your own conclusions :D.

  So my quick final thoughts on this collection are: I love it. I even love the neutral shades (Cho and Farrah) quite a lot. While I am disappointed, a little, in the Neutral shade overload we seem to be having lately from Zoya I do like having these colors as a part of my collection. That being said the other Four colors are just outstanding. Bevin, Skylar, Tru and Lotus are prime examples of Zoya at their best. They are colors that are different and eye- catching without being over the top or predictable. I really do wish that they would have stuck to the theme of "Rich Flora Tones" they seemed to have going on with the more vibrant colors but I can't really complain about soft neutrals that don't clash with my skin like most neutrals seem to do. Bottom line... I'm a Zoya Pixie all the way and they can do very little wrong in my eyes lool.. :D!

The Zoya True Collection will be available on on Jan 13th. Don't forget to like Zoya on Facebook for killer promos and updates and Follow them on Twitter.

Which are your faves?
♥ Cristina

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  1. Oh! I really like the colours of this collection, especially Tru! I definitely did not expect Bevin to come out looking darker than the bottle but it is still a nice colour.

    Thanks so much for the swatches!

  2. Skyler, Tru and Lotus are my favourites! ♥

  3. great post! and thanks for the comparsion! :D I love some of them, esp skylar but also Cho because its nice texture/finish!
    can't wait for your post abt the flakies!

  4. awesome swatch post! thank you :)

  5. These look all incredibly beautiful! I must get some Zoya polishes :D
    Oh, and I love your nubbins btw, I think they look as good as your long nails on pictures ;)

  6. Love Bevin, Skylar, and Lotus!! Thanks for the comparisons with Bevin and Lotus, that's helpful. I was wondering how close Lotus was to Neeka.

  7. EEEEE I want these sooo much!!! Awesome reviews and beautiful swatches (OMG Skylar is SO AMAZING!!) I think your nails look fabulous! It is a breath of fresh air starting out with shorter nails again, I find. Also you can feel things more as there isn't nail blocking parts of your fingertips, haha.

  8. First, I want to say short nails rock! ;-)
    These colors are great, and I am especially enjoying Tru. I'm going to need a lot more room for polish storage.

  9. Your short nails look great in these pics!

  10. So excited for this collection! I was worried Skylar was going to be too similar to OPI's I Have Herring Problem but I think their different enough for me to have both! I need Tru!!!

    Thanks for the swatches!

  11. I have never been a fan of the nuetrals. They are too bland to be worn on the nails IMO.

  12. Tru and Lotus are on my wish list. Thanks for these swatches!

  13. I LOVE the green, blue, and purples. And your nubs are so cute!

  14. I want Skylar, Lotus, and Tru so bad!! They're so pretty.

  15. I love the blue and the purples, awesome job, Zoya! BTW, do you have the blues from OPI collections, could you compare them with Zoya? I have this feeling they'll be close ... Thank you!

  16. NICE. Definitely getting Farah and Skylar. Love your swatch pics, as always!

  17. Great swatches! I will need to pick a few of these up...thanks for the comparisons!


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