Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Jordana Pixie Pink over Sinful Colors Cinderella

Happy Pink Wednesday and Leap Day!

  Today I have a super pretty layering with some really cute colors. Sinful Colors Cinderella made its way to me thanks to the lovely Liz N. I had been on the hunt for some time and was not able to find it anywhere and Liz came to my rescue. I could not help but want to layer this pretty Pink Jordana glitter over Cinderella for this sparkly edition of Pink Wednesday.
 I.Love.This. I love how the Pink sparkle in Cinderella plays along so well with Pixie Pink. Pink glitters like Pixie Pink don't always translate as pink when on the nail but over Cinderella it looks like the pretty Pink glitter it is. Pixie Pink is small Round glitter with larger Pink Hexes in a clear base.
These were some pretty cotton candy nails and they looked so yummy in person. These are "old camera" pics BTW. I still have quite a few of those to "get out of the way" but I am LOVING my new Nikon baby!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Barielle Swatches

HI loves!!

  Sorry for the late post. Today I have swatches of Two Barielle shades I just received recently. Now, these pics were taken with my old cam and capturing Falling Star was actually quite difficult so I will be re doing that swatch soon. I'm kinda bummed... See when I requested these I did not look up swatches. I didn't because I knew I'd love Falling Star and Blackened Bleu as for the Third color I requested.. Well... You'll see....
Barielle Falling Star
 This is a really popular and well known shade so I won't go into huge detail. But basically this pretty is a creamy denim Blue base with a sprinkling of Copper glitter. I absolutely love the contrast of the colors and the unique look it creates. Falling Star has a great Two coat formula.

And now for "the bummer"...
Barielle Snap Dragon
 This color taught me a valuable lesson.... Look for swatches next time!!!! While I love the shade of Green I am so not thrilled at the fact that it is a frosty finish... Just not cute at all. It is dated and it reminds of of colors that you might see grannies wear... Two streaky coats.
And there you have it. Falling Star is awesome and Snap Dragon not so much... Haha!

Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Orly Fresh- New Camera Pics!!

Hi loves and happy Monday!

  OMG you guys... This Muffin Monday was a feat to achieve... Muffin was refusing to pick anything and it took Mr. LTHP and I like an hour just to get one good photo of her making her "pick". Working with animals can be the most fun and the most frustrating thing at the same time. But, we finally managed it and she picked me this awesome Orly shade.
  Also, these pictures were taken with my new camera! I am so happy with how they turned out. I can honestly see such a huge difference!
 To see Muffin's Pick in action just keep reading after the jump!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini Milani Sunday Spammy!

Hi loves and happy Sunday (Friday to me)!!

  Today I have some mini-spam for you guys. These Three pretties are a part of Milani's new shades for Spring 2012.
 To see swatches of these Milani pretties just keep reading after the jump.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milani Signature Gold and Jordana Magenta Magic

Good Morning loves and happy Caturday!

  Today's post is a continuation of my glitter-ific mini series. As you may or may not know Jordana recently released a Specialty Glitter collection consisting of about 25 different glitters. I've been featuring them One by One because I really want to enjoy each glitter and come up with awesome and high contrasting combos. Such as....
Jordana Magenta Magic over Milani's Signature Gold. How awesome is this combo? There is a funky 70's thing going on with these Two shades together and I am kinda loving it. I love how the glitters pop against the smooth metallic Honey Golden surface. Just in case you were wondering, Yes Magenta Magic is a dupe of the recently released Milani Fuchsia Jewel FX. This is Two coats of Signature Gold and one "blob" of Magenta Magic
  What I mean by blob is that I first dab on the brush on my nail to put the glitter on and then I spread it around the surface of the nail to prevent the issue where all the larger bits of glitter want to slide off to the tips of the nail.
How fun is this mani? I really enjoyed this combination and I am contemplating putting it on my toes!


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Friday, February 24, 2012

My Picks from A England's The Legend Collection

Happy Friday lovelies!

  Today I finally get to show you the Three AMAZEBALL pretties the sweet Adina was kind enough to share with me. I had been sitting on these polishes for ever before I was able to swatch them. The Sun was not cooperating with me these past few weeks, but we finally had a really nice day and the only thing on my mind was swatching these holographic beauties. All I could think of as I swatched each color was "OMG" because each shade seemed to be more stunning than the next. I'm thinking I'm going to have to order some more colors from this collection... Starting with Ascalon...
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep reading after the jump.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Wet 'n' Wild Dreamy Poppy goes Tween

Good Morning loves and happy Pink Wednesday!

  Been a while huh?! I had been really wanting to do a Pink Wednesday for some time and now that I am finally adjusted to my work schedule, got myself organized and my shiz together I was able to come up with a Tweeny design using stamping plate DRK-A and a cute Wet 'n' Wild shade. I love cute and playful manis like this one. While the look is very "young"... I could care less. Someday I let my inner 13- year old shine through my nails.
 For this look I started with Two effortless coats of Dreamy Poppy. I stamped using several designs from Brazilian plate DRK-A in Konad SP. This did not turn out as clean and neat as I envisioned because I am still working out the kinks on stamping with my Brazilian plate. All the images stamp a little differently and I am finding out as I go how they all work, I LOVE the star stamp so much! The girly Skully design actually stamped a lot better on my right hand when I applied less pressure. I still like this fun and edgy look.
 To see swatches of Dreamy Poppy keep reading after the jump.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Design-Seeds Inspired Nail Art Series: Hummingbird Hues Watermarble

HI loves!

  Sooo!! Today I will be starting a little series that will go on pretty much indefinitely. Thanks to the amazing Steph from Imperfectly Painted I have become completely obsessed with Design Seeds. I have literally spent hours just going through all the amazing color palettes and getting so many ideas and so much inspiration. I could not help but want to make a series out of all the manicures I want to do based on these color boards.

  For this first manicure I was inspired by the awesome contrast in the Hummingbird Hues palette. I love the unexpected mix of colors but how perfectly they all go with each other.
 For this marble I started with a One coat base of Milani White on the Spot. For the marble I used all Bettina Colors. They are: #187(Magenta), #197(Grey), Stiletto(Nude), Green, Indigo, Sand Blast(Light , almost White Grey). I ended up wearing this mani for a very long time. This was also only the Second time I have watermarbled all 10 nails! I felt so accomplished and could not stop staring at my pretty marbled nails. I topped it all off with some Seche Vite and INM Northern Lights.

Just for fun here is the palette that inspired this color combination.
If you have never checked out Design Seeds you totally should! This site is such a great source of ideas!

Thoughts on the Design Seeds series?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Barielle Blackened Bleu

Good Morning and happy Muffin Monday!

  It's been so long since Muffin has made an appearance around here, I figured it was time for her to come back. She picked me an AMAZING shade by Barielle. I just got this pretty not too long ago along with Two other shades by Barielle that I will be showing you soon.
 To see Muffin's pick in action keep reading after the jump.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Milani Key West

Happy Sunday Everyone!

  Sorry I don't have a spam post for you guys today. I did not have time during this week to do much plus I had been wearing the same mani since Tuesday because I could not bring myself to take it off. I will be showing you guys this mani very soon, I promise. For today I just have a quick swatch post of a color I used recently as a base for a Jordana glitter. This Milani beauty is part of their Spring 2012 lineup.
 So I LOVVVEDDD this in the bottle..... And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE it on my nails even more. I thought this was going to be a Glassflecky type of finish but when I saw that it was a True Teal foil I just about dropped flat on the ground. This color is bright, happy, clean and Summer in a bottle. The formula is flawless and it is opaque in Two coats. This particular foil has a lot of depth to it and it seems to glow. Milani is really hitting it out of the park this Spring!
What do you guys think? Aren't these some awesome mermaid nails? Uggh! Just love Key West. I love the color and I love the island that inspired the color. Milani has quickly become one of my favorite drugstore brands.

Thoughts on Key West?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Color Club Blossoming Spring 2012 Preview

Introducing The New Blossoming Collection from Color Club
Rich Color Has Bloomed & Everything is Coming up Couture

October 2011 - New York, New York - Color Club, the New York based nail color company announced today the debut of Blossoming a new nail polish collection for Spring. With the beautiful budding flowers of the season as an inspiration, rich color has bloomed! Add Diamond Drops topcoat for a “morning rain-kissed” effect. Blossoming features six nail polishes -- from Hydrangea Kiss, Sweetpea and Blue-ming to Blushing Rose and Lavendarling. This new vegan, formaldehyde, toluene and DBP-free collection is sure to signal spring is in the air... or blossoming.

The Blooming Collection includes:
Hydrangea Kiss: Dusty blue-purple crème
Sweetpea: Rosy Pink crème
Blue-ming: Bright blue-green crème
Blushing Rose: Baby pink crème
Lavendarling: Dusty purple crème
Diamond Drops: Silver ice flake polish

Color Club’s Blossoming Collection will be available in February 2012. All Color Club products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. Products are available at

About Color Club
A favorite of celebrity manicurists and nail color fans worldwide, Color Club is renowned for its high performance rich shades and exceptionally safe products. From the brightest neons, to glitter and French, all nail colors are vegan, formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP -free – and made in New York, NY with the best raw materials. Products are available at

These look so pretty and Spring-perfect!

Revlon Royal= Redemption

Hello and happy Friday!!

   Today I have a re-swatch of Revlon's Royal. Remember [THIS] post? Turns out the bottle I had initially gotten was a bad bottle. It seemed like all the pigmentation had somehow settled and dried on the bottom of the bottle and no amount of shaking the bottle would make the pigment blend in. Well, I refused to give up on Royal so while I was at Ulta recently I decided to check out their Revlon selection to see if they had Royal available. They did, and lucky me I had naked nails so I did a quick swatch on my pinkie and the color was divine! Basically opaque in one coat... Thus proving to me that my first bottle was just not good....
 So, I take back everything I said.... This color is amazing and the formula is really great. What you see here is Two easy coats of Royal. I'm so happy I decided to give this shade another go because I would have been missing out on a serious beauty.
I'm keeping it short and sweet today. I've been dragging out what little swatches I have left to post because I watermarbled my nails the other day and I cannot bear (bare?) to part with my awesome mani! Isn't this just electric!?


Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Momma's Magnetix Nails

Hi loves!!

  Today I have a quick post featuring my lovely mommas nails. She thought the magnetic polish was the coolest thing ever so I gave her a quick mani with my Blue Magnetic polish from Icing. She loved it a lot and her co- workers were amazed by the polish as well. So here are my momma's nails!
Doesn't it look so pretty with her ring? I wish she had been wearing her hope star ring instead that looks just like this polish Her nails looked soo cool!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milani Key West and Jordana My Superstar

Happy humpday (although it is actually my Monday :-s)!!

  Today I have some amazing mermaid inspired nails. Yes, again trolllolololo! Problem? I hope not because I am just obsessed with mermaids and anything that reminds me of them. But you guys already knew that... This look features a new foil finish color by Milani and a new glitter by Jordana (which I am totally obsessed with right now!).
 This look got so many compliments, that always makes me feel awesome. A lot of girls forget that nails are the ultimate fashion accessory! Me? Personally, I suck at accessorizing. I usually just slap on a necklace, some stud earrings and sometimes a bracelet. I tend to keep things really clean and simple because I am always scared of over- doing it.... But I never have to worry about that dilemma with my nails. I go crazy! I will try any color in any finish and I will rock the shiz out of it... Well these nails were causing quite a stir and it reminded that I had not been having nearly enough fun with my nails recently.... It is as simple as this guys!
 These looked like a mermaids tail with gems all over it. The base color is Milani Key West which is a beyond stunning Teal Foil. It is not a dupe of any color I own. I will have a post on Key West later in the week, along with some more Milani swatches. I've really been wanting to play with glitter lately. But I want to steer clear of the obvious combinations. What would have been the clear choice to layer over Key West? Blues, Purples, Greens? Right? I went the complete opposite direction and used My Superstar by Jordana. This glitter is part of their new specialty glitter collection. My Superstar is a mix of Yellow-Gold hexes and small bits that make up "the base" in there you also have Red Hexes and Light Blue Hexes. This is an amazing glitter. I did 1 1/2 coats of glitter over Key West. It looked like an underwater party and I was loving every second of it!
The Yellow- Gold glitters were just bouncing off my nails and the Red really drew the eyes to my shiny tips. These were soo much fun to wear!


(**Products provided for review**)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jordana Copper Blaze makes Fantasy Fire even Better- Hunger Games Inspired Mani

Happy V-day everyone!

  So I pretty much forgot about Valentine's Day.... I'm not very good at the whole Holiday themed mani thing unless it is Christmas. The funny thing is, I always tell myself that I will try to do at least one Holiday themed mani for whatever Holiday is coming up and I always forget until it's too late. SOOOOO, instead of a Valentines mani I decided to show you guys and updated look I did with Fantasy Fire and Jordana Glitter in Copper Blaze.

  I'm currently balls- deep in "The Hunger Games" series. I really want to have them read before the movie comes out in March. This would be the first time I've read the book before seeing the movie and my inner geek is excited to sit there and play spot- the - difference haha. So for this look I was inspired by the flaming costumes Katniss and Peeta wear during the Tribute intro ceremony.
 The girl with Nails on fire! I had been wearing Fantasy Fire for a few days at this point and I had just the teensiest bit of tip wear but I was not ready to part with such a beauty so I went over to my table. My table currently has about 30 bottles of Glitters! Glitters I plan on doing a little series with, starting with this mani lol.. So anyways, I kept gravitating to the obvious choices of Blue, Purples glitters to mix with the base of Fantasy Fire.... And then there it was like a shining beacon lol. Jordana's Copper Blaze and I was all like OMFGYES! So I grabbed my sponge and did a gradient on my tips for a play on the Copper flashes in Fantasy Fire. The final effect is amazing fiery nails with a twist. The combination of the copper glitter against the deep Navy- Violet- Copper blaze is just so unique and stunning. I got quite a few comments on this look.
So I was pretty much mortified to take this off. I wanted to take it off and put it right back on again. Copper Blaze is such a fun and unique glitter that I cannot wait to use it more. It really screams Fall to me and I can see so many cute manis with this amazing glitter. I hope you guys like this "Hunger Games" inspired mani as much as I do!

Happy V-day and all that jazz!

(**Jordana Glitter provided for review**)

Monday, February 13, 2012

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire

Hi loves!!

  So today's post is some epic epicness. The second I saw a swatch of this beauty I knew I just had to have it. The only issue? It is only availbale in the UK. Enter the lovely Joanne from Northern Nails. We did a swapity swap and my polish life was completed. I know I'll never shell out the money for Clarins 230, but now that I have Fantasy Fire I don't feel like I am missing out on something really special.
 So for this layering I started with Two coats of Revlon Royal. I could not bring myself to do Two coats of  Fantasy Fire because it is a very small bottle and I don't want to run out of this pretty! So I ended up doing only one coat of FF over Royal but the effect was really strong and noticeable so I was happy with it. I think this is one of the most amazing polishes I've ever seen. The combination of Royal anf FF is just perfection.
 To see some more pics of this combo just keep reading after the jump.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Spam!! Milani High Speed- Fast Dry Colors

Happy Sunday loves!!

  This Sunday Spam will be a Milani edition. These are their Spring 2012 High Speed nail colors. These are all super saturated cremes that apply like a dream. While the bottle says that they are One coat formulas, I did Two coats for full opacity and smoothness of the surface. The brushes on these polishes is AMAZING. It reminds me of a less dense O.P.I brush. These were all amazing to work with and I think they will also be great to use for stamping. Onto the Spam!!
To see swatches of these pretties just keep reading after the Jump.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Pastels done Right by Milani

Good Morning my loves!

  Today I continue my Milani Mini series with Four more of their new Spring 2012 releases. These Four Spring pastels have a little something special going on. There is nothing plain or boring about these shades. They are fresh, girly and just super pretty! Shall I get on with it?
 To see swatches of these beaties just keep reading after the jump.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rich Shades for Spring 2012 from Milani

Good Morning loves!!

  Today I will be showing you Three shades from Milani's new Spring 2012 Line-up. I actually have a mini- Milani series coming your way. These shades are staple colors. They are really pretty but for me, a bit safe. Of course in every new line-up of colors you have to have your standard colors. I am vowing as of now to give my Milani's more love. Every time I wear a Milani polish I remember how awesome their polishes are....
 To see swatches of these Milani shades just keep reading after the jump.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New launches from Nicole by O.P.I

Hi loves,

  Please enjoy the following Press Releases from Nicole by O.P.I.
To see details on these pretties just read on after the jump.

China Glaze Electropop Collection- The Lights- ish

Morning ya'll!

   So I kinda messed up the Brights and the Lights portions of this collection. Today I will be showing you "The Lights" half of Electropop. Basically, the other Six colors that I did not show you yesterday. I flippin love these colors. I love this entire collection. All of the colors compliment each other and they just beg to be played with. I think I will be reaching for these quite a bit this Spring/ Summer season.
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep on reading ♥!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

China Glaze Electropop Collection- The Brights

Good morning loves!!

  You may have noticed that lately my posting has become a bit "erratic". This is mainly because I'm working like crazy and I don't get home until pretty late in the night. I also have my awesome Mr. LTHP to spend time with and that is VERY important!! So I will still be posting daily, it just probably will not be at the same time every day. I'm sorry to all my lovelies who are used to reading at a certain time. I will try as often as possible to post in the morning but I cannot promise anything.

  So for today I have the First half of China Glaze's Electropop Spring 2012 Collection. I decided to start of with The Brights portion of the collection.
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep on reading.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lynnderella Love Potion No. 99

*Swoon* Thank you to the very lovely Bethany S. for sharing this amazing beauty with me. Purple, glitter perfection. This Lynn was another RAOK from one of my amazing and lovely readers. That is all there is to this unique and outstanding Lynn creation. I can't even ramble much today because I am still in awe of this beauty.
To see more pics of this beauty just keep reading :D!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lynnderella Mercurial

Hi loves and happy Sunday!

  Today's post is my very first Lynderella ever and a total random act of kindness. See.. Sometime ago I had posted on LTHP's Facebook about how someday I would have a Lynn polish and my life would be complete then. Well to my surprise TWO lovely, amazing readers responded to my post offering to send me extra Lynn's they had and I was so touched. I mean... I knew polish people were nice and awesome but this took the polished cake... Girls were willing to make my month by sending me an amazing and hard to find polish just because they like my blog.. That is crazy to me.. And SOOO sweet and just awesome! Like seriously... Marnie and Bethany: You guys are the bomb and I hope you are reading :D. I am sooo grateful for this RAOK!

  Today I will be showing you Lynn's Mercurial. This pretty made it's way to me thanks to the very lovely Marnie S. I cannot wait to wear this again.
To see more pics of Mercurial just keep on reading :D.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

O.P.I Super Bass Shatter- Nicki minaj Collection

Hi my loves!!

  This will be another one of my quickie posts. I wanted to show you Super Bass on it's own post because I did some different looks for each color. So... By this point I think we all pretty much shattered/ craked out, right? At least I know I am... But Super Bass is really something else, especially when paired with the colors from Nicki's Collection.

To see these pairings just keep reading :D!

Friday, February 3, 2012

O.P.I Nicki Minaj Collection Swatches

Good morning loves and happy Friday!

  Today's post will be REALLY quick because guess what?? It is really late, I am really tired and I am pretty much ready to be done for the night lol. So here we go.. Nicki Minaj for O.P.I. 
 To see swatches of this collection continure reading.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

butter LONDON Slapper and Trout Pout- Spring 2012

Good morning loves!!

  Today's post is a quickie. I just got these Two BL's in the mamamail and I had to try them like.. STAT. I had been really looking forward to these BL cremes. I've always read wonderful things about butter LONDON cremes and had yet to try one. I have to say that these have some of the best formulas I've ever encountered. I also love how bright and saturated these colors are.

butter LONDON Slapper
Slapper..... How I wish this color would photograph accurately... It is quite a bit Greener and not quite this Blue. It is, however, this BRIGHT. This color borders on being a Turqoise neon, but it is not a neon. The formula for Slapper is just stunning. This color practically applies itself. Uuummm... Go ahead and double up on the baecoat before putting on this pretty. I love these bright Spring Teals that seem to be hitting the scene for Spring. This color is opaque in Two effortless coats.

butter LONDON Trout Pout
AHHHHHHH OMFGGGGG!!! I.Love.This. Trout Pout is a bright Salmon Pink. This color also borders on neon- like brightness which makes it AWESOME. I don't even know how to put into words how much I love this creme. Even though this color is insanely bright I also found it VERY flattering on my skintone. Great Spring shade. This color is opaque in Two effortless coats.

  I flippin' love the names of the colors in this collection. I love how they border on being offensive because that is just my kind of humor. I'm neither a Slapper nor a Trout Pout but I can promise you that I will be rocking the SHIZ out of these colors!


(**Products sent for review**)