Wednesday, February 1, 2012

O.P.I Holland Collection- The Shimmers

Good Morning lovelies!!

  Today I have the Second Half of O.P.I's Holland themed Spring Collection. This half is made up of Six absolutely stunning shimmers. There is not one color in this shimmery portion of the collection that I do not love. Honestly, they could have just released these Six colors and this collection would still have been my favorite Spring Collection Released so far. I really love these because they are nice creamy shimmers.

  While I love the flash, glitter and brightness of Holiday Collections I always look forward to the soothing Spring shades. O.P.I really hit it out of the park with shimmers that make a statement without losing that airy quality that a good Spring color should have. Bravo O.P.I!
To see close up swatches of these beauties just keep on reading.

O.P.I Wooden-Shoe like to Know?
Stunning Hot Cocoa creamy shimmer. Normally I would even take a second look at a Brown shade but this pretty is just too stunning to not like. The micro- fine shimmer reminds me of the shimmer in eyeshadows. It actually looks like they took my favorite blush ever, Benefit's Coralista, and mixed it into this colors base. The shimmer seems to flash from Golden to Green to Pink and it is just stunning. Two easy coats.

O.P.I Dutch'ya Just Love O.P.I
A beautiful Red toned Purple creamy shimmer. The shimmer in this is the same shimmer that is flashing through Wooden Shoe Like to Know? I really love how coherent they kept this collection. This is a beautiful shade of Purple and it has an amazing formula. Two coats.

O.P.I Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
I had THE hardest time trying to figure out how to describe this color. It is a dark Peach with some Brown tones? I'm really still not sure. It is kind of an odd shade but I can't help but love it against my skin tone. The shimmer in this pretty is the same type of shimmer flashing through WSLTK? and DJLO. Two easy coats.

O.P.I I Have a Herring Problem
Beautiful Dusty Denim Blue base with some Slight Silvery shimmer as well as the beautiful Golden shimmer mixed in. These next Three colors seem to have an even mix of that beautiful Golden Shimmer and some Silver shimmer as well. I also spotted what appears to be some little dark specks that give the base color a really special touch. Two easy coats.

O.P.I Pedal Faster Suzi
Say hello to my immediate favorite from this ENTIRE collection. I know... How "boring" .... The Pink is my favorite lool.. But seriously this is an amazing shade of Pink. This is the only color that does not seem to have the Golden shimmer that the other shades have but it is packed full of beautiful Silvery shimmer that shifts to Blue and Purple. This Pink also has just the slightest hint of Blue making it an angelic and wearable Pink. This one does best with Three thin coats.

O.P.I I Don't Give a Rotterdam
This one is a similar concept to I Have a Herring Problem. This shade is a lovely Cornflower Blue base with that same stunning mix of Golden and Silver micro shimmer that IHAHP has. This shade also has the same little dark specks in the base that give the color so much depth. This is a stunning shade of Spring Blue. This color also does well with Three thin coats.
Once again... I freaking LOVE the names in this collection. Like... A WHOLE LOT. It must be so fun to be able to sit down and just name colors.... Can you say "dream job"? What can I say that I have not already hinted at in this post? I just love this collection. I love these shimmers because they are right up my alley. Colors like these always get me going... I don't know what it is about them that just draws me in... Maybe it is that nice soft quality they have but they still manage to be interesting thanks to the perfect shimmer. Some people like brights, some like nudes, some like reds.. And I love these!! I have no complaints on the formula on this half of the collection. They are all very consistent and easy to work with. Win!!!!!!

While I am absolutely smitten with Pedal Faster Suzi... I don't think I could pick an absolute fave because these are all just STUNNING! Thoughts?

(**Products provided for review**)


  1. I love the shimmer in the purple. Really nice. Fantastic pictures as usual! :)

  2. I love "Pedal faster Suzi" and "Dutch`ya just love OPI"!!!

  3. Love them all thx for your great swatches!

  4. I LOVE LOVE this collection and your photos are beautiful!

  5. I think I have a herring problem is my favorite. Very pretty!

  6. Love the collection! All the colors are amazingly beautiful! I esp. love the shimmer purple <3

  7. Awww, they are all amazing... ♥

  8. I love them all! Awesome swatches :)

  9. Really pretty! I think Pedal Faster Suzi is my favorite.

  10. They're all so pretty. For me, it's hard to choose a favorite.

  11. By far my favorite is I Don't Give a Rotterdam! Great swatches!

  12. Peddle, and the 2 blues are my picks. I really dislike Vampsterdam and don't think it fits at all in this collection. I might end up with Wooden shoes and add more micro gold into it. I still can barely see the shimmer in Dutch'ay Just Love OPI? But like you - Peddle Faster makes this entire collection worth it for me! Stunner!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Every single one too! I love Gouda Gouda... I think it's quite different to anything I have. Thanks!

  14. I'm getting the whole collection! LOVE!!!!

  15. yikes! I'm in love with them all! o_O I can't resist the shimmery goodness that OPI does. my wallet is crying somewhere off in the distance.


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