Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rich Shades for Spring 2012 from Milani

Good Morning loves!!

  Today I will be showing you Three shades from Milani's new Spring 2012 Line-up. I actually have a mini- Milani series coming your way. These shades are staple colors. They are really pretty but for me, a bit safe. Of course in every new line-up of colors you have to have your standard colors. I am vowing as of now to give my Milani's more love. Every time I wear a Milani polish I remember how awesome their polishes are....
 To see swatches of these Milani shades just keep reading after the jump.

These have AMAZING formulas. They all practically applied themselves. They were all Two coats each and done without base or top coat. The brushes on Milani polishes are just perfection. I ♥ Milani.

Milani Teddy Brown
 Teddy Brown is a nice Smokey Taupe creme. This is a very neutral and safe color. You really can't go wrong with shades like this one. It wears nicely and it flatters very much. This dries a lot Greyer on the nail that what it looks like on the bottle due to the swirl of Smokey color.

Milani Deep Thoughts
 Mmmmmm This deep Plum shimmer is just AWESOME and done lol.... I love this because it looks like what I thought O.P.I's Russian Navy would look like on the nail. It is a deep Eggplant shimmer with a flash of Magenta shimmer. This color has a super saturated formula and it applies like butter. As far as Spring "vamps" go.... This one is much better than Vampsterdam by O.P.I.

Milani Dark Coffee
 I don't like Brown. That said Dark Coffee is a great shade of Brown for those who love Brown to have. It is a nice clean shade of Milk Chocolate Brown. It looks really nice on, but Brown is just not my thing.
That is today's Milani pretties. Tomorrow I have some BEAUTIFUL shades coming your way. Not that these are not pretty, because they are.. They are just too grown up for my mood today. I am crushing hard on Milani right now!!

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Product provided by Milani PR for review**)


  1. Yep, I'm gonna need Milani Deep Thoughts in my life. LOooooooooooooove it!

  2. I love Teddy Brown!! That would be a great neutral to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing ;0).

  3. I LOVE Deep Thoughts! I wish they would sell this in Australia :( I see so many of their polishes i want, and cant get them :(

  4. Deep Thoughts ist pretty beautiful! :)

  5. These are all great colors, but Deep Thoughts is OMG gotta have it!

  6. I'm totally in love with "Deep Thoughts" I usually buy Milani metallic colors (gold, bronze, copper, etc) but definitely need to seek out some of their other colors for sure!

  7. That plum shimmer is so deep and un spring like! I love it!

  8. Deep Thought is an intriguing one...even if the cremes are looking good too, especially dark coffee!

  9. wow, I really really like Deep Thoughts!!! Will definitely get it!!

  10. I love Milani!!! Keep the swatches coming. These were beautiful!

  11. I like Deep Thoughts, but none of these colors really speak "spring" to me. They are kind of "winter-y".


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