Thursday, March 8, 2012

Color Club Blossoming Collection Swatches

Good Morning loves!!

  Today I have swatches of Color Club's Blossoming Collection for Spring 2012. This collection is made up of Six creamy shades and one "Shard- Like" glitter. I was pretty excited about this collection when I first saw promo shots but in person I was left a little underwhelmed. The colors are not ugly, they are pretty. But they are just that, pretty. There is nothing special or unique about these colors and that is kind of a bummer. Overall I was left with a feeling of overall "meh-ness". 
 To see close up swatches read on after the jump.

  I will go just go ahead and say this now. The formula on EVERY SINGLE ONE of these was just terrible. They were all either thin and streaky or thick and goopy and I will point out which ones were which as I go on with the post. I am not impressed with these at all just from that perspective because I expect more from Color Club's formula. These left much to be desired. I wore all of these as bases for glitters because I just couldn't handle how bland the color felt to me. 
(Old camera pics so kinda off) This color is much more Turquoise in person. It is a lighter and cleaner version of For Audrey. Gotta get this off my chest..... ENOUGH WITH THE TURQUOISES!! OMG!!! How many versions of this shade do we freaking need? Terrible Three coat formula. Streaky and Gluggy. Sorry for the ding on my Index finger, I wore Blue-Ming under Jordana Sequins.

**From here on it is new cam pics**

Color Club Blushing Rose
So this is super pretty and super girly and I love shades like these but I have many like this (that have much better formulas). This is a soft shade of Blue toned Pink. Very similar to O.P.I's Mod About You or Bettina Cotton Candy. This is the only color in the collection I actually enjoyed. The formula on this color is pretty bad. Streaky, thin.. Just wrong. I left it at Three coats because I was wearing under glitter. I wore Blushing Rose under Jordana Celestial.

Color Club Hydrangea Kiss
Dusty Periwinkle Blue creme.. Blah... Done... Bad streaky and think formula. Three coats... Yawn.....

Color Club Sweetpea
Dusty Mauve creme with some slight Pinkish- Purple tones? This is a weird color and not in a good way, it feels tired. Formula is ok-ish. It is pretty runny but somehow it only took Two coats.

Color Club Lavendarling
Not quite this vivid in person. Dusty Red toned, medium Purple creme. BOOOOORRIIIIIINGGG!!. That is all. Thin runny formula. Three coats....

Color Club Diamond Drops
Weird Shard-like Holographic flakes in a clear base. The wordst thing to apply in the world loool... No, I'm sure there are worse, but this is pretty bad. These flake things also do not like to lay entirely flat so they snag on things all day long. I'm not a fan of this top coat.
  So yeah.. There you go.. I'm left underwhelmed by these and I hope their Summer collection is awesome!

  I still love you Color Club...
(**Products sent for Review**)


  1. Well, darn. Why do all of the companies have to sort of copy cat each other with their collections? These spring collections are all the same!

  2. It's too bad that they're not that great. The hydrangea color looks pretty, but you say its been done before - any other brands you would recommend with a similar shade?

  3. I like all colours, they're all beautiful and springlike! :D

  4. These are some pretty cremes but it seems everyone is doing these pastel / softer shades of color.

  5. I like diamond drops, could definately spice up the other polishes with it!

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for swatching!

  7. Some of these babies are on the way to me. Can't wait!

  8. so these are color clubs version of [cg] electropop right? you're right. they are pretty but that's about it. i do like that glitter though.

  9. The polishes look pretty, loving the shades, but they sound so un-fun to use :(

  10. Gotta say, I'm pretty surprised by how much you hate the formula on these. I have the whole collection and have the exact opposite opinion on the formulas lol.

    Sorry you don't like them :(

  11. I like SweetPea - however the rest seem like colors I see all the time and colors that CC has done before. But these are all popular shades for this spring. Have to remember that there are newbies to polish all the time and thus need for repeats.

  12. REALLY sorry to hear about the formulas….. boo

  13. This collection doesn't look all that interesting, although Sweetpea may be cool. Thanks for awesome swatches, it makes it easier to decide!

  14. LOL your review was of course helpful, but it made me laugh so much. Nice to hear brutal honestly hahaha

  15. I picked up three from this collection recently and although I had read your review I decided to still buy them. I'm so annoyed!!! I personally liked the colors, but the way they apply I won't be using them. I've tried different techniques and am just irritated now. BOO color club!

    Thanks for your honesty though, next time I will follow it.

  16. I'm not into cremes that much, I prefer glitters and frosts, sparkle-puss that I am, but the Diamond Drops one is all kinds of gorgeous. Would be great for "Frankening" (combining ready made nail-polish colors to make your own custom shades).

  17. I just purchased my first color club polish in peppermint twist, and I am so disappointed! It's so thick and Goopy and it's taken several tries to not come out right. Sigh.


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