Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Four New Texture Coats from Nicole by O.P.I

Good Morning....

   I feel like I'm kicking old school today showing you these swatches of crackle polishes even though these are Four brand new releases. I'm sure I speak for most of the nail- obessed world when I say that crakle is pretty much done out. The four Tecture coats I will be showing you today are actually really pretty an totally different from any crackle out there. Yes they are still crackles, but they do have a little something interesting going on. 
To see close up swatches just keep on reading.
Nicole by O.P.I Amethyst Texture
Amethyst Texture is a nice micro Purple glitter crackle polish. The glitter itself is not very dense so the effect is not extremely noticeable but just enough to make you double take. For this swatch I layered Amethyst Texture over Care to Danse?.

Nicole by O.P.I Opal Texture 
Opal Texture layered over O.P.I Barre my Soul. Opal Texture is a pretty iridescent shatter top coat. It is pretty sheer and I think it would actually pop more over a darker color. I do like this effect it created over the sheer, nude jelly.

Nicole by O.P.I Quartz Texture
Quartz Texture is a Pewter-y Metalic crakle. Not very dense and does best when applied in a somwhat thicker coat. For this look I layered Quartz Texture over O.P.I My Pointe Exactly and finished it off with some Hard Candy Matte top coat to give it a stone- like look.

Nicole by O.P.I Aqua Texture
Aqua Texture is the same concept as Amethyst Texture but in a lovely shade of Blue. For this one I chose Nicole by O.P.I Lights, Kim-era Action as my base and I really liked how it looked because of the awesome duochrome in the base color.

But then I got adventurous and wanted to see what happened if I layered the Two glitter crackles over one each other and I got this awesome look.
So this is Amethyst Texture over Aqua Texture  over Lights Kim-era Action all topped off with some SV.
And there you have the four new Texture coat releases from Nicole by O.P.I. I actually wanna play around with these because they are like no other crackles I've seen or played with before. I'm so easily amused... :D


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  1. I'm not a fan of crackles, but I really love the look of these ones! I love opal and amethyst!!! They are way more delicate and less overpowering than the original solid colour crackles!!!

  2. i don't have any crackles, but these ones are really pretty. the Opal and the combination of the glitters look great over the soft shades!

  3. wow! I love the mani you did with Quartz Texture!!!!!

  4. On their own there not much to look at but when you layered then ontop of each other...WOW!

  5. I've never been a big fan of crackle but I LOVE the way these look. I don't usually buy Nicole by O.P.I., the bottle shape bothers me that much, but I need to try these.

  6. I love Opal and Quartz! Amethyst too... hmm maybe I will get all 4? LOL
    I'm so over crackle, but these are so delicate looking and different.

  7. I like that it is a softer more fine crackle, it doesn't hide the underlying polish as much. It is more of an accent to the polish below..

  8. Great swatches! I was playing with these this weekend and couldn't get them to crack well :(

  9. Wow! Very creative. I'm not a fan of crackles, but you're right---these really are different. I may have to get over my intense dislike of all things by the "K's" and try one of these. Haha.

  10. These are really pretty and definitely not like other crackle polishes. I love the look of the two layered on top of each other; very cool. I may have to look for these.

  11. OOOO I prefer these over the opaque colors!

  12. I love the glittery crackle! I agree, crackle is kind of over (even though I have some I haven't even tried yet - woops!) but these are great!

  13. i'm not particularly fond of these to be honest! I much prefer the old black shatter with a bright colour underneath :-)

  14. Thanks a lot for these swatches - I am into toppers except for crackles...I like from this group Opal.

  15. I actually love them and the fact that you layer them over similar base makes them so special and lovely


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