Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nicole by O.P.I Kardashian Kolors Spring 2012 Collection Swatches

Good morning loves!

  Today I have swatches of Nicole by O.P.I's Kardashian Kolors Spring release. This collection is actually quite fun. I've been really loving what Nicole by O.P.I has been coming out with lately. These colors are perfect for the season. There was one interesting thing about this collection, the brushes. Normally, NOPI brushes are round, these were flat and very similar to the O.P.I brush. Maybe not quite as "refined" as the O.P.I brush. But anyways back to the colors. I really, really LOVE them. There is a wide range of shades and finishes in a small group of just Seven colors.
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Nicole by O.P.I Paparazzi don't Preach
 Say hello to my undisputed favorite from this collection. Absolutely unexpectedly and very much immediately I fell in love with this color. It is just the perfect shade of Rosy Peach. I really love how it looks against my skin tone. This is a very clean and refreshing shade. The formula on this color is excellent and it does great in Three thin and effortless coats. Amazing for Spring. Been wearing it on my toes for who knows how long now :D!

Nicole by O.P.I Ladies in the Limelight
This one is a nice Chartreuse-y Yellow creme. I really started loving shades like this one after the release of China Glaze's Electric Pineapple. This is a more Yellow version of EP. The formula on this shade is amazing as well and I also did Three thin coats. I wore this under a Jordana glitter and it looked soo AMAZING! I cannot wait to show you guys. I have a HUGE spam post coming soon... It shall be epic!

Nicole by O.P.I One Big Happy Fame-ily
This is an amazing take on the Spring shimmers trend. This pretty color is the girliest shade of Lavender packed full of Silver and Lilac micro shimmer. This color does best in Three thin coats. I love this shade because it has a layered look to it and it is just dreamy and soo flattering.

Nicole by O.P.I Back to Reality T.V
This is a really unique shade. Thin of a more Violet Zoya Caitlin... Right? Then add a flash of Magenta shimmer... Then make it dusty.. And you've got epicness! This is right up my alley for the season. It is unexpected and soft but it manages to be very interesting thanks to that amazing Magenta flash. Great Two coat formula.

Nicole by O.P.I Strike a Pose
This one is a hot Coral/ Pink creme that is on the verge of being neon. It is actually far more Pink in person but my camera insisted on making it look more Coral. It is a great and vibrant shade. This would make an amazing pedi color for Summer. Great Two coat formula.

Nicole by O.P.I Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright
With this shade we have a more traditional take on Spring cremes. This is a Blue leaning Fuchsia creme. The formula on this color is very pigmented and great to work with. I wore this pretty under Pam's Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle. 

Nicole by O.P.I Smile for the Glam-era
This is one of those shades that follows the trend of Spring Vamps and gives it a nice shimmery twist. I really like this deep Plummy base with it;s subtle Golden- Green scattered shimmer. This color has a great Two coat formula. This color will also do great in Fall ad Winter months. Suuuuper flattering!
Again I remind you guys... I could care less about the Kardashian Family but I do love these polishes and  I appreciate how creative and fun these colors are. There is a little bit of everything for everyone in this group and I can see myself wearing these quite a bit in the near future. They all have amazing formulas and a great brush. Like I said above I am really enjoying all these recent Nicole by O.P.I releases. They seem to have a bit more fun with their colors and that makes Cristina a happy Cristina. I have a few more Nicole by O.P.I stuff to show you guys these coming days and then glittergate shall take place!

What are your thoughts on this collection?
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  1. I really really like "Paparazzi don't preach", and yes, it looks amazing against your skin tone!

  2. OMG, love the One Big Happy Fame-ily! Sparkly ♥

  3. This is a really pretty collection, but not all are unique. One Big Happy Fame-ily, Back to Reality...TV, and Smile for the Glamera are the only ones that I really want.

  4. What is your MAC skin tone? I was shocked the peachy neutral is your fave - I wouldn't have considered it otherwise! :)

    You have gorgeous nails and beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!

  5. I love all these colors! Your swatches always make me want to go out and buy EVERYTHING! I think the chartreuse and peach might be my favourites!

  6. Oh I love this collection! It is different than a lot of the collections that have been coming out. I really like the last one Smile for the Glam-era. :)

  7. Loving ladies in the limelight and strike a pose! I wonder if Ladies in the limelight is a dupe for the Nicki Minaj 'Did it on em'?

  8. This is a beautiful collection. I do have Back to Reality TV...Will have to pick up a few of the others :)

  9. I looooove both Back to Reality T.V and Smile for the Glam-era! Especially that last one really suits your nails I think :).

  10. Beautiful collection! Do you know when it will be released?

  11. My favorites are Paparazzi don't Preach and Back to Reality T.V.!

  12. Love. All. So much more impressed than I thought I would be! Great swatches!!

  13. The orange one looks like it might be a close dupe for OPIs Roll In The Hague from Holland collection. I like the nude and the lavender - cannot do that yellow/citron shade - would look ill.

  14. your nails are legitimately FLAWLESS. even the ones i didn't think i wanted, now i'm like, "yep, i need to buy that." you make me want to chop my nails off to perfect nubs like yours! well done lady!


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