Friday, March 30, 2012

Nicole by O.P.I Kardashian Kolors Spring 2012

Happy Friday, Fryday!!!!

  Today I will be showing you yet another set of Kardashian Kolors by Nicole by O.P.I. This particular set is the most "conceited" of the Three they have released, all centering around Kim Kardashian. I feel like I have to disclose the fact that I cannot stand the Kardashians every time  I post one of their collections lol... Yes, I cannot stand them but I'll set that aside if if means pretty polishes like the ones they have released. It kills me to admit that I have pretty much LOVED every Kardashian Kolor. These Six are no exception.
 To see these swatches just keep on readin' :D.

Nicole by O.P.I Up and Kim-ing Pink
 This particular shade of Pink is actually a dead on dupe of O.P.I Pink Friday. It is your standard soft Bubblegum Pink creme. Very pretty and decent formula. Three thin coats.

Nicole by O.P.I Lights, Kim-era Action!
 Lights, Kim-era Action! is an awesome shade of super shimmery white with a strong Green duochrome that my camera refused to pick up in this lighting. It is almost like a White foil... I may have to re-swatch this one soon in Sunlight. For these pics I only needed Two coats for full opacity which was a nice surprise because I was expecting this to bee too sheer to be worn alone. I really like this one.

Nicole by O.P.I Kim Konfidential
 Kim Konfidential is a soft Beige creme with some slight Yellow undertones. IDK that this is doing any favors for my skin tone but I cannot help but actually like this soft Sandy shade. Two effortless coats is all you need with this one.

Nicole by O.P.I Others pale by Kim-parison
 Ahhh OMG I flippin love this!!! Others pale by Kim-Parison is a really nice Off White creme with some slight squishiness to it. It is not a bright white and it appears to have just a touch of Pink that makes this shade uber wearable. This color has a great Three coat formula. It is not streaky or stcky at all. Love this shade of White.

Nicole by O.P.I Here Kim's the Sun
 This is the one and only glitter in this group. This is definitelly a layering glitter. For these pictures I layered Here Kim's the Sun over Others pale by Kim-Parison. The glitters in this polish are small squares in a light Golden iridescent finish. I love this look. Very snowy.

Nicole by O.P.I Nothing Kim-pares to Blue 
 Last but definitely not least is this beautiful shade of Periwinkle Blue shimmer. This is another of those Spring shimmers that remind me of different colored versions of the coveted China Glaze No Way Jose. Think of this as a soft Blue version of that color. This pretty has a fantastic formula and it does best in Three thin coats.
So there you have what, I hope, will be the final Kardashian collection expansion lol. I mean if this becomes a thing, then I guess I can live with it.. Only as long as they keep making pretty colors like these. Not all of them are super unique but more often than not I found myself "Oooohhing and Aahhhhhing" over how much I loved these shades on my nails.

What are your thoughts on these?

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  1. I think it's okay to not like Ms Kardashian but still like the nail polishes in her name :)

  2. i NEED kim konfidential and other pale in kim-parison. they are AMAZING!

  3. Honestly, they lost me at Kardashian... lol. The colors are lovely, though, you're right-- I'm kind of loving the blue in this one.

  4. Yeah, I don't know why, but I fall in love with every Kardashian color that I see.

  5. Love love LOVE Others Pale in Kim-Parison and Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue. I don't really like them either but I love these colors :]

  6. These are so pretty...why do they have to be associated with the Kardashians?! Lol.

  7. I really like these colors but I don't need them. I have plenty of like shades and finishes. But if I did not have a more than 29 yr old collection, I would be gaga over these guys....despite I hate the bottle shade sooooo much!

  8. Very pretty, thanks for the awesome swatches! I like the last three the best!

  9. I only like the blue and the pink...I have Pink Friday, so I'll pass there...but I may get the blue.

  10. Kardashians aside, I do kinda love all of these colors. I may have to break down and add a few of these to my collection....

  11. I also don't like this egoistic family and I have seen similar colors before so I came to an conclusion that I really don't need them

  12. I desperately want these but can't find them anywhere!!! Can anyone please help me :)


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