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Nicole by O.P.I Spring 2012 Launches and Walmart Exclusives

Good morning loves!

  Today I have quite a few Nicole by O.P.I Swatches. I've decided to group these releases into one post and I will let you know what color belong to which collection as I go on through the post. Like I said the other day, I am really loving Nicole by O.P.I as of late. While the bottle and I are barely on speaking terms the colors they keep coming out with are just so much fun.
 To see swatches of these colors just keep reading after the jump :D!

These first four colors are an extension to the Full Nicole by O.P.I line-up. Meaning, you should be able to find these anywhere NOPI is sold. 

Nicole by O.P.I A Million Sparkles
A Million Sparkles is mae up of a "base" of micro Blue bar glitters and small round glitter. In that base there is a sprinkling of Light Gold, small Hex glitters as well and chunky and short Pinky-Red bar glitter. All these different glitters are suspended in a clear base so this will be great for layering. For this swatch I layered it over NOPI A Lit-Teal bit of Love. I don't think this glitter could reach opacity on its own but it looks amazing layered. I did Two coats of A Million Sparkles over my Blue shimmery base.

Nicole by O.P.I A Lit-Teal Bit of Love
The name on this one doesn't make much sense to me because there is nothing Teal about this Royal Blue shimmering metallic. It is similar to O.P.I Swimsuit...Nailed It but this is just a little lighter and brighter. Great Two coat formula and double up on the base coat!

Nicole by O.P.I Shoot for the Maroon
This pretty Maroon shimmer is a spectacular shade. It has a lot of micro shimmer in Golden-Green tones that add a lot of depth to the Maroon-y shimmery base. I really enjoy shades like this one. Two effortless coats.

Nicole by O.P.I Vio-let's Talk about Red
Hello beautiful jewel toned Magenta! This shimmery baby is just amazing and that is all there is to it. This color has a great formula and I love the flashes of Purple in the deep and saturated Magenta base. Two effortless coats.

WalMart Exclusives

Nicole by O.P.I Best Pink Ever
This shade is a little weird and I don't know if it was my bottle. All of the Gold metallic pigment kept settling out in the bottom VERY quickly. When shaken this appears to be a Pink metallic with strong Gold undertones. I gave up with the shaking because it would just not stay blended. This color went on very sheer and I did Three coats to reach a shade I liked. I still wasn't too crazy about it though because it looks like something is off in this color.

Nicole by O.P.I The Gold Shoulder
Again we have some weirdness goin on with this shade. All my Gold pigment kept sinking to the bottom so I ended up with a very Silvery shade of Gold. This is not like your typical dense foils, this is more of a Shimmer really. I did Three coats of The Gold Shoulder. 

Nicole by O.P.I Fabulous is my Middle Name
This pretty is a micro Silver glitter base with a thorough sprinkling of Blue and Red mini bar glitters. really interesting mix of shapes and colors mixed in a clear base. It looks very textured and amazing when layered. I didn't even try to wear this one on it's own because it is not dense enough to be opaque alone. I did one coat of Glitter over Vio-let's Talk about Red.
I really like these. The issue I have with this collection is the a lot of the colors are a little reminiscent of O.P.I's Miss Universe Collection, or colors that NOPI had released not long ago.... I am beyond loving the Two glitters because they are so much fun and they each have a little something special going on. 


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  1. A Lit-Teal bit of love is the nicest for me personally! Nice swatches :)
    P.s enter my first giveaway!

  2. Shoot for the Maroon and Fabulous is my Middle Name are cool, the rest is nice but not really my thing. And what happened with the gold glitter is just plain out strange!

  3. The glitters are my favourite as they seem to be the most unique of the collection. I still haven't seen any of these locally but I really want to get the two glitter polishes.

    Thank you for the lovely swatches. :)

  4. My Best Pink Ever did the same thing, all the gold settled to the bottom and WOULD NOT shake up. I ended up returning it because it took about 5 coats to get to any sort of pink opacity. Oh well.

  5. The combo with a million sparkles is gorgeous!!

  6. Adore Vio-let's Talk about Red. Might even like it enough to put up with the bottle shape everyone loves to hate! At first I thought it looked a bit like the fuchsia from the Katy Perry collection of last yr OPI - but this looks more duochrome with flashed of blue. I like the million sparkles one you put over this and the blue sparkle one - but I am really saturated with glitters at this point

  7. How weird about Best Pink Ever! I have only managed to swatch mine on a nail wheel so far, but the gold was there. I did have to some serious shaking before swatching it though, since the polish seemed to almost completely seperate in the bottle almost overnight. I'm going to have to actually swatch it on my nails now just to see if it does the same thing.

  8. My bottle of BPE did the same! I hate it! It makes the colour look frosty and old lady-ish. The Gold Shoulder looked to be the same so I passed on it. But the glitters are FABULOUS.

  9. I have EXACTLY the same issue with my bottle of Best Pink Ever. It's gorgeous and goes on like a dream if you set it upside down overnight and then open it, poke down the sparkley goo that accumulates at the top, then shake it vigorously for about five minutes... but that's such a pain. I'll probably swap it at some point. I had such high hopes! :(

  10. I LOVE Nicole by Opi's bottle shape. It's so unique and pretty. It seems really girlish and princessy to me. I want to get Vio-let's talk about red but maybe at a later time


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