Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nicole by O.P.I Target Exclusives for Spring 2012

Good AM and happy Caturday!!

  Today I will be showing you Four new releases by Nicole by O.P.I for Target. I always love NOPI's Target exclusives. I think I have a wrong polish here but I'm just showing you guys what the lovelies are N.O.P.I sent me. Either ways.. These are really pretty and totally up my alley. This is another set of Four and they are all shimmery. These are great shades for the season.
To see swatches just keep on reading :D.
Nicole by O.P.I Purple Yourself Together
Let's just get this out of the way. NO, it is not a dupe of O.P.I Dutch-ya just Love OPI? or Zoya Tru. Purple yourself Together is a lighter shade of Purple and has WAAAY more shimmer in the base. Also, the Purple base in this particular color is less dense letting that gorgeous shimmer shine through effortlessly. This is much more "glowy" than it's other Purple with Golden shimmer counterparts. I actually love this so much more than Tru and DYLOPI?. The shimmer did me in HARD. Just too stunning! Three easy coats.

Nicole by O.P.I I have a Plumb Thumb
I'm not really sure if this color belongs in this collection because in other posts I've been seeing a color called Look at me, Look at me as a part of this collection and no mention of I have a Plumb Thumb anywhere. I may have gotten sent the wrong shade but I could care less because I LOVE this soo much more than Look at me, Look at me. This color reminds me of one of my very first shades by O.P.I which was Plugged in Plum. I no longer have that shade so when I saw this amazing shade of Violet-Magenta shimmer I was immediately in love. Two effortless coats.

Nicole by O.P.I Great Minds Pink Alike
This one is like a creamier version of O.P.I Wing It!. It's one of those soft Coraly Pinks with a ton of light Violet micro shimmer that shifts to Pink suspended in the base. I really like this color even though it did not photograph very well. The formula is good but a little sheer. I did Three thin coats for these pictures.

Nicole by O.P.I That's totally Red-dical!
This picture is sooo not accurate lol. This is a very Pinky Red with tons of very, very, very fine shimmer in the base. Like, barely there shimmer. I need to show you guys this again soon and hopefully in Sunlight it will photograph better. This is what I would call a neon Red if there was such a thing. I really like this color for Summer. Two easy coats.
And there you have the new releases for Target by Nicole by O.P.I. I'm really enjoying these colors. But I am a sucker for Spring shades. They are always so happy and vibrant....


(**Product provided for review**)


  1. My favorites are Purple yourself together and Great Minds Pink Alike.

  2. Purple Yourself Together is what I'd hoped Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? would be. I love it, I'm definitely going to pick that one up :] great swatches! :]

  3. Ohhh I love Great Minds Pink Alike... I am trying not to buy anymore NOPI's because of the freaking bottle that I hate so much but I looovveee that color... dammit! :-p

  4. I'm glad I decided to read this now, I'm headed to Target! Hopefuly I'll find Purple yourself together, and great minds pink alike! Nicole is really putting out tons of colors lately, its hard to keep up!

  5. Are these in Target now? I must have all of them, even the one that might not actually be part of the collection. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Dutch Ya Just Love OPI is the polish that has really sold me on shimmer. I'm a creme girl for the most part, and do still prefer polishes with a "hidden" shimmer, but it might be fun to have Purple Yourself Together as an extra shimmery sister to DYJL! Heh, the color name makes me think of a running joke about the color blue on Arrested Development.

    I also like Red-dical a lot. I even love its name! I'd love to see sunlit swatches if you do have a chance, because I'm not sure it will flatter my skin tone, but I definitely love the idea of a neon red, and barely there (secret?) shimmer is just my taste!

    If only I wasn't so turned off by the Nicole bottles.

  7. Goodness! Both Purple Yourself Together and Great Minds Pink Alike are peeeeerfect. I've been after shades just like those for ages now.

  8. after work today, I went straight to target and picked up Purple Yourself Together. I absolutely love it! thanks for showing it :)

  9. That purple is wonderful!!! I was *just* at Target and didn't see any of these...maybe they're not in my store yet? But, I'm definitely going to have to get this! And maybe Great Minds Pink Alike. I love pink...can't resist... :)

  10. Nicole by O.P.I needs to say a huge thank you to you! Because of your last two posts & the beautiful swatches I'll be picking up quite a few on Monday!

  11. Oh man, I need the Purple yoursefl together & Great Minds Pink alike!! :-) Look perfect on your nails.

  12. I like the first 3 - but would do fine with the first 2. Purple Yourself Together is a great cousin to Dutch ya...only much more sheer so you can see the goodies in it which I like. And ya know me - anything in the fuchsia/magenta range, I am there. This one is lovely. Does remind me also of Plugged in Plum and Jewel of India. I think it has some blue fleck in it as well as that magenta/blue flash thing going on. It's really cool - even if it's not part of this collection!!

  13. I'm in love with purple your self together. It remembers me of Danii from Zoya from the Intimate Collection, although they're much different. =D


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