Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Spam!! Glittergate Edition

Hi loves!!

  For some time now I've been teasin you guys with the promise of some glitter spam... The day has finally come!!! Pop some corn, get comfy and relax because there is going to be A LOT of sparkly stuff in this post. Also, you might wanna get a bib or something to catch all the drool! hahaha
To see swatches of A LOT of glitter just keep on reading! I promise it's so worth it...
I will let the pictures do the majority of the talking here since I have so much to get through. I will point some things out through the post as I see necessary and hopefully cover all the basics without spending Three hours on this post haha. On with it!! Some of these I've already shared with you and some are brand new!

Milani Red Jewel FX over Nicole by O.P.I The Gold Shoulder.

Jordana Celebration over Nicole by O.P.I Vio-let's Talk about Red
This glitter is a dupe of Milani Lavender Fizz.

Milani Teal Jewel FX over Barielle Platinum Ring
This glitter is a dupe of Jordana Cosmic. HOWEVER, my Teal seems to have a little more Silver Hexes than my Cosmic so I kept both.

Jordana Fairy Dust over Barielle Cosmic Kiss
This glitter is a dupe of Milani Pink Flare.

Milani Hot Pink Jewel FX over Nicole by O.P.I Back to Reality...TV.

Jordana Funky Gold Town over Nicole by O.P.I Strike a Pose
This glitter is a dupe of Milani Gold Jewel FX.

Milani Lavender Jewel FX over A England Ascalon
No dupes on this one just yet. I hope they don't keep duping each other.

Jordana Cosmic over Nicole by O.P.I Ladies in the Limelight
This glitter is a dupe of Milani Teal Jewel FX. I freaking LOVE this combo!

Jordana Green Glitz over Color Club Lavendarling

Jordana Blue Bash over Color Club Sweetpea

Jordana Bronze Fest over Nicole by O.P.I Paparazzi don't Preach

Jordana Celestial over Color Club Blushing Rose

Jordana Sequins over Color Club Blue-Ming

Jordana Magenta Magic over Milani Signature Gold
This glitter is a dupe of Milani's Fuchsia Jewel FX.

Jordana LA City Nights over Milani Silver Stilettos
This glitter is a dupe of Milani Twinkle.

Jordana Gemstones over Barielle Snapdragon

Jordana Pixie Pink over Sinful Colors Cinderella

Jordana My Superstar over Milani Key West

Jordana Copper Blaze sponged over MaxFactor Fantasy Fire/Revlon Royal.
Congratulations if you have made it this far. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed wearing all these beautiful, and so fun glitters! 

Happy Sunday all!

(**All glitters and some bases provided for review**)


  1. wow! what a great post, Cristina!!
    You made some amazing combos! I love Jordana Sequins over Color Club Blue-Ming because it's quite unexpceted. The base color just pop and I love it!!

  2. Squeeeeee! I do <3 me some glitter. Great post. Thanks so much! Now I have the urge to roll in glitter. I like the color combos - not what I would have thought to use but I see what I'm missing now!

  3. I liked them all, but the "Jordana Copper Blaze sponged over MaxFactor Fantasy Fire/Revlon Royal." was my favorite.

  4. Holy awesome glitterbombs! I really need to get my hand on some of those Jordana glitters, they are so fab!

  5. Such awesome combinations! I don’t usually like glitters all that much but these picture makes me want to get a hole load of them :D

  6. Jordana Sequins over Color Club Blue-Ming is my favorite combo! its gorgeous! so jealous haha!

  7. oooh i really love what you did with the jordana copper blaze. it's gorgeous over that purple.

  8. :O :O :O :O Those Jordana glitters... holy guacamole, do I want those!

  9. This is such an amazing post! I love all of your photos!!! :)

  10. I need to find the Jordana glitters!

  11. Because of you I want most of the jordana glitters lol :)
    You made some really amazing combos !

  12. Bless your heart! This had to have taken days to do! Your combinations are to die for. Thanks so much for doing this post and for sharing. :D

  13. OMG! Sooooooooo much glitter! Great combo's!

  14. Great post! I LOVE rage comics! My favorite of these is Jordana Copper Blaze sponged over MaxFactor Fantasy Fire/Revlon Royal. It's just so awesome! It looks like something a Persian queen would wear!

  15. Holy Moly! I love all the glitter polishes and what you paired them with especially: Jordana Sequins over Color Club Blue-Ming. great post!

  16. Milani Lavender over Ascalon was soo pretty!

  17. Really impressed with Jordana and their glitter collection.

  18. Really impressed with Jordana and their glitter collection.

  19. Haha I love the mother of glitter pic!

  20. You came up with so many amazing combinations! I love them all! :)

  21. I LOVE bottle spam and way better when it comes with swatches as well - great that you took the time to put this together telling us what was on the base too.

  22. Talk about creating lemmings!!

  23. I have a question. The Jordana Celebration looks like it's layered over Nicole by OPI Best Pink Ever, or maybe I'm seeing things? Your swatch of Vio-let's Talk About Red looks deeper and more magenta, which is why I'm wondering. I'd like to know which one exactly because I love the combo and want to try it for myself! Thanks!

  24. im confused , was the milani red put in on purpose? or is it because its the same as the jordana one?

  25. omg..I LOVE the Jordana Glitters!! I have cosmic on now over Zoya Wednesday..LOVE it!! I have to get some more of those glitters for summer!:))


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