Friday, April 13, 2012

Black and White Challenge! Day Five- Black on Color #FishEggFriday

Good morning!!

**EDIT** Today is Fish Egg Mani Friday :DD!!! hahah I found out from Sammy, my challenge buddy, that I guess sometime last nite it was deicded that today would be Fish Egg Mani Friday as a way to stick it to Ciate(LOOOOOOL). The fact that I did a kaviar mani today was actually nothing more than a coincidence but of course I wanted to be added to the list of lovelies participating in this most epic movement. I should have another edit later on with the list of Fish Egged nail Bloggers :).

  Today I have for you guys Day Five of the Black and White Challenge. The task for today is to use Black over a color base. I decided to incorporate the color Blue into the rest of the Black and White Challenge where color is allowed. I'm trying to feature as much Blue as possible throughout April for Autism Awareness.
 I started with Two coats of Zoya Robyn. Such an epic shade of Blue... Then I wanted to do a full caviar texture mani so I went to town with my Black micro beads from Michaels. This is totally unrelated, but just in case you guys did not know about this...  I'm sure by now ya'll have heard about the Ciate fiasco, them sending C&D letters to bloggers using the term "caviar nails" when they dont even own the trademark yet, apparently. I found this quite funny actually, how they choose to waste their money trying to trademark a concept they did not even spawn... And then bully people with letters about using a term they don't even own.... STooooooPID! See [THIS] post for more info.
So yeah.. Ciate can kiss my microballs.. What? Are they gonna get Michael's and every craft store in the land to stop selling these? Hahahah.... I wonder who the brilliant mind behind their marketing is... Don't they realize how dumb they look right now? I guess not, if they did they wouldn't be moving forward with that nonsense. Why not put that money towards actually developing a new and innovative trend? Or even better, just make your colors more interesting so you don't have to trademark other's concepts as your own....

**EDIT** Bloggers Participating in Fish Egg Friday**

Sammy from The Nailasaurus
Salla  from  OMG! Polish 'Em!
Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie
Jeanette from The Swatchaholic
Emily from  The Lacquerologist
Anna from  Pretty Digits
Susan from  The Subtle Shimmer
Ivana from  Ivana Thinks Pink
A Lacquered Affair from   A Lacquered Affair
Cristina (who as part of the B&W challenge has done a fish egg manicure!) from Let Them Have Polish
Tiffany from 2thelastdrop  
Jen from The Polishaholic

Thank you for this hillarity Kayla!
Don't forget to stop by  Sam The Nailasaurus, Rie Nails and Noms, Esther at Fab Fingertips, Stephanie at Sincerely Stephanie and Emily from The Laquerologist to see what they have in store for us today!

What are your thoughts on either my mani or Ciate's behavior?


  1. DEAD at "Ciate can kiss my microballs"

    Cris I love you, lol!

  2. i love the mani, ciate can go suck microballs. The whole thing is ridiculous and you summed it up very nicely in your post :) I am guessing they have lost potential customers and supporters through their behaviour - I sure will be certain to never purchase any Ciate ever out of principle.

  3. OMG I saw that thing with Ciate! What a joke, just ridiculous lol!

  4. I love the look of the caviar manis (can I even say that), but I don't think I'd ever wear one. It doesn't seem practical or like I'd be able to pull it off!

  5. I've been following the Ciate ridiculousness (is that a word?) on twitter and yes I agree they are making a lot of unnecessary enemies! I love that you guys are all doing it even more now! I saw someone say they'd never wanted to try this until the emails. I feel exactly the same way :)

  6. So, is down this morning. Coincidence?

  7. I just can't get into the "caviar" look haha but I agree, Ciate is being ridiculous, espcially since they weren't the first with the idea AND it's not trademarked yet! I do agree that Zoya Robyn is the most epic of blues though!

  8. "microballs" LOL this is a beautiful mani, I love how the blue is peeking thru !!!

  9. So glad bloggers are doing this mani and ignoring Ciate!

  10. haha! thanks for doing this. mine is up now too.

  11. I'm doing a fish egg video! Take THAT!

  12. I totally lmao'd at "spawned". Ciate is being ridiculous.

  13. Stupid Ciate and their attitude. Only worse for a company to be acting like that! Also love this version of the manicure. have to get me some beads tomorrow to try myself.

  14. Looks great Cris! =) I love the contrast of the blue polish and black beads! Wahoo for FISH EGG FRIDAY! =)

  15. The black beads on Robyn looks fantastic!

  16. I love the idea of Fish Egg Mani Friday! I can't believe Ciate didn't realize that telling us all to stop would just make us want to do it even more!

    Your Shiate Fish Egg Mani looks super hot, and you didn't have to fork out $25 for it! Yay!

  17. I love this! And how you guys are sticking it to them. :D

    Ciate is being really unprofessional about this whole thing. It's not like they were the first and only ones to come up with this. They have no basis to trademark the concept.

  18. "Ciate can kiss my microballs." Hee hee hee! Excellent!

    I have removed the Ciate polishes I was planning to buy when they became available at Sephora from my wishlist and I will spend my polish money on other brands. They have lost my business.

  19. I love this idea! It's too late to have a post for this Friday, but I'll try to get some microbeads at Michael's to do a post for next Friday :)

  20. Brilliant, 'kiss my microballs!!!' love the colours of this Cris and you are too funny!!!

  21. Kiss my microballs!!! The most amazing quote of the week!

  22. I love the black on blue. So many bases covered in this post haha!
    #FishEggFriday FTW!

  23. Love the contrast of the black and blue! And your puns made me laugh! I wasn't even planning to try this look, but when I learnt Sammy was organising this mass posting, I wanted to be part of it. Blogger solidarity!

  24. Like the Original caviar, always black! LOL
    This combo with blue base is perfect!!
    Congrats ;)


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