Sunday, April 29, 2012

Color Club Take Wing Collection Swatches

Happy Sunday!!

  Today I have swatches of an amazing Summer collection that Color Club has put together for us. I've been looking forward to this collection since the very first Press Releases started making their way onto the interwebs. This is redemption at it's finest for Color Club after a Spring collection that left me a little sad. Now THIS is what I am talking about!! Six amazing, vibrant and super sparkly glassflecky shimmers that will make you wish you were on a cruise ship sipping on Margaritas!

Color Club Daisy Does It
 This is amazing and you need it... End of story... Nah hahah, just kidding. Daisy Does It is like Sunshine in a bottle. It is a very vibrant shade of Yellow glassfleck shimmer. I love that it is not really a Golden Yellow but a True Yellow shimmer. This is my favorite from the collection, shockingly enough. This pretty did best in Three thin coats.

Color Club Sparkle and Soar
 Sparkle and Soar is a juicy shade of Tangerine glassfleck shimmer with a slight Golden duocrhome. I do love that when on the nail it leans FAR more orange than Gold though. It is a very vibrant glassfleck and also packed very densely so you get really good color payoff and sparkle. This shade did great in Two coats.
 To see the rest of the collection just continue reading after the jump :D!

Color Club Sky High
 Sky High is a lovely shade of Pool water Blue glassfleck shimmer. In the bottle there is a slight Violet duochrome that does not really come through on the nail. I could care less though because I am absolutely smitten with this shade of Blue. This color did great in Two easy coats.

Color Club Wing Fling 
 Wing Fling is one of those pretty Magenta glassflecks with the Violet duocrhome. While the color is stunning it just simply does not feel "fresh" anymore. I kinda wish they would have made this into a darker Pink or maybe even a Purple glassfleck. This one did great in two easy coats.

Color Club Metamorphosis
 Stunning? Amazing? Beautiful? Drool-worthy? What can I say about this to even come close to express how much I love this? LWIDXGQPKDB!!!!! ??? I have a HUGE thing for jewel toned Teal shimmers and this one takes the glassflecked cake! Once again there seems to be a slight Violet duochrome going on in the bottle that does not really come out on the nail. I'll just shut up now and let you enjoy the pictures... Oh.. Two coats!

Color Club Fly with Me
 Fly with Me is a very happy shade of Lime Green glassfleck shimmer. This shade has a little bit of a Golden duochrome but for the most part it remains as a bright Yellow- Toned Green on the nail. I love this shade, it reminds me of Midori (YUM!). This color did best in Three thin coats.
  Overall, I am super pleased and happy with this collection. There is just so much sparkle and vibrancy in these shades- perfect for Summer! My only "complaint" is that I wish they had not done the Pink and gone for something else instead. But, that being said, this is a fantastic collection with great formulas. I also have a feeling that these will do well layered over Black. I want to try layering one coat of each of these over a Black creme. I think all those duochromes we cannot really see when the colors are worn alone will come out strong over Black. So yeah.. I LOVE these to bits... What can I say? I'm a sucker for SPARKLE!

 What are your toughts on these?

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  1. Those are so beautiful! I has no idea they would be that pretty just looking at the bottles!

  2. This collection so vibrant! I want to put them on my finger nails and toesies, then hit the pool!

  3. Holy moly! These are spectacular. Loving them all, except for the pink. The yellow and green are beyond gorgeous.

  4. these are gorgeous, I'm in love with the yellow shade! :)

  5. They remind me of Jolly Rancher candies! I love them, especially the teal and the yellow, omg love.

  6. I have Daisy Does It and Metamorphosis. So far I have tried Daisy Does It and it was truly amazing! OMG, how I love that polish!

  7. love a glassflecked collection! metamporphosis is insanityyy, must join my teal horde

  8. I freaking love this collection. I have daisy does it and metamorphosis, love em both and wish I had the rest XD

  9. This collecyion is so beautiful! i love it!

  10. I bought the entire collection about 2 months ago from for $3 each and I love them all!

  11. Gorgeous colours and great swatches, thanks for sharing

  12. I like Metamorphosis the best! Thanks for swatching!

  13. these are all amazing! i lvoe how vibrant all the colors are.. makes my eyes wanna spazzzzz


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