Sunday, April 29, 2012

Color Club Take Wing and Bettina Disco Collection Comparisons

Hello (again)!

  This will be a QUICK second post with some promised comps between the Bettina Disco Collection and Color Club's Take Wing Collection.
  I won't go into full detail about where they differ (because they don't much) but if you were lemming the Bettina Disco Collection- Color Club's Take Wing will cure that right up! I could not compare Groovie to Wing Fling because I swapped out my Groovie but it is pretty safe to say they would have been dupes or "close enough". The biggest difference is that Take Wing has a Sunny Yellow in place of Bettina's Purple glassfleck, Boogie. Another difference is that the sparkle in the Disco Collection is more fine that that in Take Wing. The colors in Take Wing are slightly sparklier than those in Disco. I compared Daisy Does It to China Glaze Lighthouse. Lighthouse is far more "Golden". The Color Club polishes are slightly more saturated with color.

SOOO! Long story short: If you were lemming Bettina's Disco Collection RUN out and get yourself Color Club's Take Wing Collection, you will not regret it!


  1. Whoo! *stalks all the Ross stores*

  2. I am/was lemming the bettinas. I wonder what the Color Clubs looks like over black polish.
    YOu have captcha word verification in case you didn't know...

  3. Wow, that's uncanny. The CC collection looks much more saturated and sparkly though.

  4. wow, kind of sad they released such a rip off collection! 5 out of 6 colours, really?!!! I prefer the fuller coverage of the CCs though

  5. Thik the CC ones look much nicer!

  6. I like the Color Club colors better! Great comparison!


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