Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields for Autism Awareness Month!

Hi loves!

  Check these out!!! I was sent these by a lovely reader, Teena,  who sells Jamberry Nail Shields. So as I was browsing through Jamberry's AMAZING selection of designs I stumbled upon this amazing Autism Awareness set that I could NOT pass up.
So, I am not gonna go into an explanation of how to apply these because the process is the same pretty much no matter what brand of decal you are using. The Jamberry decals are very sturdy feeling and nice and long. They come in Nine different sizes and they even fit my teeny nails pretty well. I love that the ends of the decals are nice and rounded so that you can get at least Two uses out of a single strip. I will be honest and say that these don't work very well if you have nubs like I do. The amount of filing you have to do do really trim the decal close to your nail is no conducive to a clean edge with nubbies. If you really want to rock these decals you might want a little bit of a free edge on your tips. 
This is definitelly NOT a "slap-on-and-go" type of thing. You should really take your time to make sure the decals are staight on your nail. Press down firmly and when you are done with all Ten nails it might be a good idea to blast them(from a good distance) with your blowdryer for some heat. This will make them bond extra stong.

 This is what the decal sheet looks like. Here you can see what I mean about the rounded ends.
Jamberry has an incredible selection of designs and I cannot wait to check out some more of them. Next time I wear these I will grow my nails out a little more to be able to get more wear out of them. I think that girls with longer nails might have an even easier time applying these. There is no bubbling or creasing with these with is nice. They are slightly thicker than your average decal so it is a good idea to really press down on the edges around your nail to make sure that they are as flush with your nails as possible.


(**Product provided for review**)


  1. So pretty! They last really long on toe nails (3 weeks for me!) but it took a lot of time, especially because my little toes on my feet are SO SMALL!! haha :)

  2. Woah, this is really lovely!!!

  3. I tried a sample of the Jamberry's and I just didn't like them. Just felt and looked to me like I had stickers on my nails. I love thier designs..... maybe if they were a bit thinner. But then again that may make them more difficult to apply.

  4. I've tried similar nail shields/stickers/stamps before (whatever you want to call them), & was not a big fan - but you make them look flawless!

  5. They are sooooo cool and I'm mad I missed Su's Jamberry party. :( I wonder if they'd work for my extra wide nail beds. Many of those nail stickers don't. Boo.

  6. So cool! Love these water decals =)

  7. These are awesome! Glad to see they make these for good causes. :)

  8. The designs are awesome no doubt. But the cons for me outweigh the pros for my type of nail. Wide and curvy nail beds do not do as well with these nail shields. You need to have flat nails with medium to small nail beds that are at least a little more than nubs.

  9. can i buy them online??? i want them so bad

  10. can i buy them online??? i want them so bad

  11. This is awesome!! Im so buying these to support my little girl! Support Autism!! :) Love your blog..Im your new follower, would love if you checked out mine..

    Lets follow eachother!!

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