Thursday, April 19, 2012

LTHP Dabbles! Nail Polish Jewelry Fun!

Hi lovely readers!

  I know today is a challenge day and I had fully intended to have that post up later today but my body had other plans. I still might do it later on depending on how I feel. If I do not post it today I will still be doing day Seven whenever we post our next challenge day. 

  Instead, today I will be showing you some nail polish rings and earrings I made over the past few weeks. After I saw [THIS TUTORIAL] by Rebecca I was bit by the crafty bug and just had to place an Etsy order for some cabochons and bases :D. These are fun to make for friends and the gals in my family. I made my bestie a ring out of butterLONDON Snog and Pretty and Polished Valentino but I forgot to snap a pic before I sent it her way. It was awesome!
 To see close up shots of these just continue reading.

I dont plan on selling. There are soo many talented ladies out there that can do this so much better than I. And I just plain don't have the time lool! They are so much fun to make though!
 These are all 18x25mm Oval rings with painted clear glass cabchons. From L to R: Candeo Colors Orchid, China Glaze Luxe & Lush, Midtown Magic, Candeo Colors Dolce, O.P.I Pink Friday.

The ring below is the same size as the ones above and it is done in Daring Digits Master Shake with a backing of CG White Cap.

The rings below are 25mm Round clear glass painted cabochons.
Above from L to R: The Hungry Asian Sea Creature, CG Emerald Sparkle, Bettina Peace, Boogie, Hot Pants, Hustle swirl with a Black Backing.

The rings below are the same size as the ones above.
This ring is made out of All That Glitters Very Peacock-Ish and O.P.I Catch me in your Net.

The earrings below are all 10mm painted clear glass cabochons.
From L to R: Candeo Orchid, Revlon Whimsical with a Chick NP All A Twitter backing, DL Boom Boom Pow with a CG Midnight Kiss backing.

Back to the rings!
 The one on my left I made for my M-I-L and it is Zoya Chloe and Jem. The ring on the right is for the lovely Brittany at Clumps of Mascara and it is Cult Nails Seduction and Revlon Royal.

The ring below is made out of a franken- fail. Your truly is not very good at the art of creating polishes from raw materials. This looks amazing in the ring but over night the bottle managed to settle into a disgusting mess :(. I'm glad at least it gets to live on through this pretty ring.
These are so fun to work on!!!

**EDIT** Here is a pic of the ring that I made for the Bestie. She sent a pic over :D**


  1. Oh my goodness I love all of them so much! I keep meaning to try my hand at it - I know how to make magnet though. These would go so nicely in a swap box <3

  2. Beautiful! Where did you buy your empty jewellery? I was going to check Micheals out. Maybe Walmart too? (I'm in Canada)

  3. I love these. You made some really beautiful ones.
    I would not be able to do these at all haha. I'll just have to enjoy looking at your ones and pretend that I could do it :P

  4. You make some pretty stuff. I love your colour combos and creative use of shade and tone. I need to get some findings and cabs and make some polish jewelry of my own. Heaven only knows I have plenty of polish to work with! lol

  5. Stunning - I feel inspired to try making a few myself! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. My first try at a glitter franken failed just like that. Then I realized that it's because the clear polish I was using as a base didn't have the right consistency to hold up glitter, so I tried one with a glitter polish as a base and it's worked just fine.

  7. pretty! It's so much fun if your ring or earrings match your manicure! <3

  8. These are so pretty!! Maybe someday I'll try. They're so unique and they look like they were really difficult to make.

  9. Lovely! all of them are gorgeous! I love mine ^_^

  10. these are lovely! I am awaiting my supplies so I can make my own too! I love the 4th picture, the right ring, how did you make all different colours like that! It looks increadible!!

  11. Dude, I want to make polish jewelry!! :) These are so cool! You did such a nice job.

  12. These are gorgeous! I love them all but I LOVE the Luxe and Lush ring! Once the credit card has recovered from all the polish buying of late I might have to try my hand at this jewelry making. Looks like fun. :)

  13. These are gorgeous! I love them all but I LOVE the Luxe and Lush ring! Once the credit card has recovered from all the polish buying of late I might have to try my hand at this jewelry making. Looks like fun. :)

  14. oooooh lovely Cris! i'm glad my tutorial led you to making these :)
    i especially love the green franken one, too bad the franken failed but like you said, it lives on in the ring! hahahaha.

    i think i need to make rings from all my HTFs just so i always have a little piece of them! lol!

  15. My favorite is Chloe and Jem, Sea Creature, and the swirl next to Sea Creature. Love these! I really need to make more. I only made one pair of earrings and some bobby pins.

  16. They look awesome :) I saw that post and have been having fun making some jewellery too :)


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