Thursday, April 26, 2012

Milani CVS Exclusives for Spring 2012

Hi loves! Happy Thursday!

  Today I have a TON of swatches of Milani's new Spring Collection expansion. These colors will be available at CVS. There is a good mix if shimmers, cremes shades with these releases and something for everyone. 

Milani Chocolate Sprinkles
 This one is by far and wide my favorite out of all the colors I will be showing you today. Chocolate Sprinkles is an amazing shade of Brown shimmer. I'm not much for Brown tones but the glowing Golden shimmer in this color did me in very quickly. Browns are actually really flattering on my skin, I should really wear it more often.... This color has a great,Two coat, formula.

Milani Hipster Plum
 Hipster Plum is a great shade of Deep and dusty Plummy Purple. Freakin love this shade! I am a sucker for a good Plum creme. The formula on this color is great and perfect in Two coats.
 There are a ton more swatches so keep on reading :D!

Milani Pink and Proper
 Pink and Proper is a very creamy shimmer. The tone on this one is leaning toward a Salmon Pink and it has a pretty, vivid Pink, shimmer floating in the creamy base. I did not like this one bit when I first applied it but it grew on me very quickly. I think the soft Coral-y tones in it won me over. It is actually a nice and girly Spring shade. Great formula, Two coats.

Milani Fuchsia Fierce
 Ok... The photos are totally pointless. This color is not really very Fuchsia to me in person. This looks more like a Hot Pink-Red creme to me. Now, my camera has a bad habit of turning hot Pinks into Orangey Reds so this picture is just plain wrong.. Don't even really know why I'm showing it loool! Anywho, the color is BRIGHT and hot and it has a great Two coat formula.

Milani Pink Slippers
 Pink Slippers is a very soft Peachy Pink with a hint of light Violet shimmer. The formula on this one is a little sheer and runny but the effect it achieves is pretty and soft. Like blush for your nails. For this one I did Three thin coats.

Milani U Pinky Swear
 U Pinky Swear is a nice, warm Bubblegum Pink. This is not a dupe of any of the other Bubblegummy Pinks we have seen recently. This has a warmer feel to it than other recent Pinks. It's more of a saturated light Pink, not much White in the base. GREAT Two coat formula.

Milani Morning Coffee
 Morning Coffee is a nice Red toned Brown creme. Colors like these are SO not my thing but they always look so nice on my skin. Shades like this one give a nice healthy look to my hands which I like. I wish I could get more into Brown tones. This color has a great Two coat formula.

Milani A Rose Mylady
 A Rose Mylady is an interesting shade. It is a nice warm Peachy- Rosey Pink with some subtle Silver veining throughout. It reminds me of a, more Pink Zoya Pandora. Super flattering shade and nice for Spring. Amazing Two coat formula.

Milani Natural Touch
 So this is not a great color on me lol.... Natural Touch is a dirty Brown- Peach. I think girls with a darker skin-tone will be able to pull this off so well. The formula on this shade is great as well, Two coats.

Milani Just Grayt
 Just Grayt is an awesome shade of light Putty Gray. I remember when I first started blogging I was totally and utterly obsessed with Gray cremes. Still kinda am.... So this shade is just right up my alley. This color has a great Two coat formula.
Many great shades in this expansion! Like I said there is a little bit for everyone. I love Milani! Like, I seriously LOVE this brand. They're polishes make me a happy gal! They have great price points, great products and lots of new releases every year.


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  1. Hipster Plum and Pink and Proper are my favourites! ♥

  2. I really like Pink Slippers. Too bad there are no CVS's where I live....

  3. They're all awesome! Thanks for swatching!

  4. Chocolate Sprinkles is my favorite! You don't see that many shimmery browns.

  5. Someone NEEDS to swatch Lynnderella Chocolotta Love over Chocolate Sprinkles! They're practically meant for eachother!

  6. Oooh I am loving Chocolate Sprinkles and Just Grayt!!!!! Thankfully I found one sole CVS here in town! I hope to find them there!

  7. Most of those colors are gorgeous!

  8. I love Milani polishes! Thanks for the swatches!

  9. Love Pinky Swear and Just Grayt! I love Hipster Plum but I seldom wear purples. They do look beautiful on you though.

  10. Chocolate Sprinkles looks awesome! Haven't seen it here yet, hope I will soon!

  11. great swatches! i love these!! I need these! haha thank you!

  12. Chocolate Sprinkles looks great! I'm not a fan of browns, my skin tone pulls all the red out, making it look bleah. But Chocolate Sprinkles makes me want to try a brown again!

  13. No CVS near me either, but I can always find Milani polishes online, I ordered a lot of their glitters and the shipping was reasonable as well. Hopefully these will show up online as well :) I MUST have that grey and Pink Slippers!

  14. I love Chocolate Sprinkles and Hipster Plum! Those have definitely made my wish list!

  15. I cannot wait until I find these! I don't think there is one in the whole collection that I don't really like; they are all so pretty. Your pics are amazing too. :)

  16. Great swatches, morning coffee is calling my name, must get!✿

  17. WHY hasn't anyone brought up the fact this lady polishes her nails to perfection?! Every stroke is completely flawless in each pic!


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