Saturday, April 28, 2012

O.P.I The Amazing Spiderman Collection Swatches

Happy Caturday!!!

  Today I have swatches of O.P.I's The Amazing Spiderman Collection. This collection is an interesting mix of colors and finishes. I'm not feeling super chatty today so I'll get straight to the swatches :D.

O.P.I Just Spotted the Lizzard
  Just Spotted the Lizzard is an Olive Green metallic with a slight Blue duchrome. We all know what this looks like so I won't bother to point it out... I actually do not own anything to compare this to, so it is unique in my collection. This color has a nice formula and seems to do best in Three thin coats. It is interesting, but I still don't know how I feel about it honestly. I wish that duochrome you see in the bottle really translated to the nail. Apply carefully to avoid brushstrokes.

O.P.I Shatter the Scales over Just Spotted the Lizard
 Shatter the Scales is a deep Forest Green shimmery shatter. Am I over shatter? Yes, BUT.... This one is pretty bad ass. Putting this Shatter the Scales over Just Spotted the Lizard was what made me really appreciate Just Spotted the Lizard a little more. This shatter is very easy to work with and as you can see it shatters really nicely.
 To see the rest of the collection just continue reading :D.

O.P.I My Boyfriend Scales Walls
 I. LOVE. This. Color. So I am having a hard time deciding if this is a Greyed out White or a very light, clean Grey creme.... You be the judge. Either ways the color is amazing and the formula on it could not be better. This color is perfect in Two coats. I'm a huge fan of White nails. Couldn't tell you why lol... Just love the look!

O.P.I Into the Night
 Into the Night is a Blackened metallic Blue shimmer. The formula on this one is a little sheer and does best in Three coats. This color does have beautiful depth and the shimmer seems to float on the surface.

O.P.I Call me Gwen-ever
 LOVE this shade as well. Call me Gwen-Ever is a beautiful shade of muted Tangerine Orange creme. Right on trend for Summer but I love that this is not a blinding Orange creme. This is more soft and wearable than some of the other Orange shades that have come out recently. I really like this a lot! Great Two coat formula.

O.P.I Number One Nemesis
 This is a super interesting Gunmetal based shimmer with tons of Green, Gold and Silvery sparkle. Once again this color is unique in my collection. For these pictures I did Two coats but I realize now it probably would have looked better at Three. I'm a fan!

O.P.I Your Web- Or mine?
 GAHHHH!!! NOOOO!! Just no! I'm sorry but I have some irrational anger at this color. It seems dated and I'm not enjoying that frosty shimmer... I don't even know what to say... I was really actually enjoying  "unwrapping" this collection until I came to this shade. I just cannot get into it. Two coats.
Sorry to leave you with this last shade lool! I actually really like the mix of colors and finishes and I even really like the shatter. I am not loving the frosty Pink but everything else is nice. Maybe all not the most unique shades to some girls but to me they are new and I am happy to have them!


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  1. haha for the last color but I actually think it looks GOOD on you! :D
    I think I'll buy My Boyfriend Scales Walls because I also love "white" nails!
    and gorgeous swatches, as usual <3

  2. I really like all of them except for that frosty pink. Gross. I even like the white and I'm not a 'white nail polish' kind of girl! Dammit! :-p

  3. I like the orange. But i think i may have something similar in my collection already. The shatter would probably look cute over the orange.

  4. I love Just Spotted The Lizard and Number One Nemesis :) I don't have the original Chanel versions, so I think I'll be picking these up when they come out! :)

  5. I'm in love with Just Spotted the Lizard and My Boyfriend Scales Walls. They are so gorgeous and I can't wait to get my hands on at least those two!

  6. I'm DYING to buy Just Spotted The Lizard, even though I'm not normally such a fan of yellows. This is fascinating to look at though, like an oil slick. (Also maybe becuase I have a weakness for multichromes?)

    It's weird to me though that there's no proper red in this collection- I mean come on, it's Spiderman! They do have the right kind of blue, but I'd think that an equivalent red would be obvious for this kind of collection.

  7. Love and would like them all except that horrible pink, it's rotten?! It's like something Jane Fonda would've worn back in the day! Something a bit Chanel-esque about the metallics, love them all. Love "My Boyfriend Scales Walls", haven't seen a polish like that. Great swatches as usual, thank you :)

  8. I love that combo you did, looks so perfect!

  9. Finally, someone else who hates 'Your Web- Or mine?' I've been horrified by it from the first swatch, yet people can't stop raving. Definitely agree on how dated this looks.

    Okay, my complaints aside, this is a great review, I don't think any of the others I've seen have shown 'Number One Nemesis' that closely. I just assumed it was shimmery gunmetal, not goldy-green, now it's back on the to-buy list, yay!

  10. Thanks for such great close-ups on these. Seeing the goldy-green sparkles in Number One Nemesis has really changed my mind about it.

    But ohhhhh boyyy, I can't agree more with 'Your Web or Mine'. What were they thinking? This is the most out-dated shade I've seen from a collection in...well I actually haven't seen anything quite this strange. I don't even understand why they would include a pink, and not a red, but that's another whine entirely.

  11. I absolutely LOVE "Into the Night"!!! It's such a beautiful blue!!!

  12. I'm not into shatters at ALL, but Scales looks pretty freakin' cool over Lizard.

  13. Lovely swatches, the spotted the lizard looks awesome on you!

  14. Lovely swatches!! I have Your Web or Mine? Coming I actually really like it.. I love my pinks though. Although I find it completly strange its in the Spiderman collection... "/.
    Gorgeous Nails too :)


  15. Shatter the Scales and My bf Scales Walls look so amazing!

  16. Just spotted the Lizard and Into the Night would be my pics. Great swatches, thanks:)

  17. Great swatches! I need to get these!

  18. oh i can never get over crackle, and that green is gorg! ♥

  19. Oh man, I was never interested in this till I saw your swatches, now I need all of them! Shatter one reminds me of a-england St Geroge in crackle form, no?

  20. I thought I might not be picking up any of these, but after your swatches I think I might get My Boyfriend Scales Wall!!

  21. Hi,

    If can just choose one which one uou suggest to have it, number one nemesis or on her majesty? Thanks

  22. Oooh that's a toughie!! If you like a lighter shade of Green, then go with No. One Nemesis. IF youw ant a more Blue leaning tone, then go with Her Majestys. They are both FAAABB


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