Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zoya Beach Collection Swactches

Good Morning!!

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  Today I have swatches of one of Zoya's new Summer Collections. Zoya usually does Two complementing collections for Summer, one creamy and one flashy. Today I will be showing the Beach collection which is made up of Six beautifully vibrant cremes for the Summer season. This is my first set of Summer Colors and so far I have to say that Zoya has set the bar very high for Summer color with the release of the Beach and Surf collections. 
 You should totally continue reading because these colors are drool-worthy!

 So let's get this out of the way. All of these colors were Two coats. The formula on all of these colors were very pigmented and just a little thick but very easy to work with. None of these colors are streaky or runny. Overall, I am very impressed with the formula but I don't expect any less from the faeries at Zoya. 
Zoya Wednesday
 Wednesday is China Glaze's For Audrey and Zoya Bevin's love child. Wednesday is my new favorite shade of Turquoise creme. It has a bit more Green than other shades we've been seeing in this family and it is also more vibrant and clean. I love this. No two ways about it.

Zoya Shelby
 Shelby is a very Blue toned bubblegum Pink. This is very Barbie and girly. At first I was like "Oh great... Another Pink", but when I wore it I actually fell in love with it. It's an unusual shade of Pink to me and that makes me love it even more. I wore this while wearing Milani Orchidia on my toes and the combination was too cute for words.

Zoya Arizona
 Hello brightness! Now this is what I'm talking about. One of my all time Zoya lemmings was Jancyn I never made it around to actually getting it but I think Arizona just squashed that craving. This is a super bright shade of Sunny Orange. There is quite a bit of Yellow in this color but somehow it remains wearable even on my pale hands. This color makes me hungry. It's just so yummy looking!

Zoya Reagan
 Reagan is a very deep shade of Fuchsia creme. This is almost Plummy with a lot of Blue in the base. This reminds me a little of Nicole by O.P.I Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright. This color feels a bit more Fall than Summer to me but I really like it. This could have almost been a one coater.

Zoya Tracie
 This color is just not doing anything for me. This shade of light Sage frosty Green makes me look a little bit sick. I'm not a fan of frosty shades so by default this color is not really something I would go for.

Zoya Lara
 This is the more "standard" Pink in the collection. This shade of Pink seems to be a bit warmer than the other Two shades in the collection. It's a pretty color but not the most unique.
Overall, I really like this collection. My tops picks are Wednesday, Arizona and Shelby. I can see quite a few nail art ideas surging from these colors...


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  1. Looks like I'll be getting more of these than I thought I was going to thanks to your swatches. Wow. Loving them.

    Already following you on instagram
    I go by kreepshow over there :)

  2. Ugh so pretty. I wish Zoya was easier to get in Canada!
    I'm following you on IG, my username is juwie_ :D

  3. Oh they're gorgeous!

    We're eagerly awaiting their arrival in Ireland - I did hope I could choose one or two. No hope now x

  4. Lovely collection! I love Zoya for so so many reasons, and this and the other half of beach and surf highlight almost all the reasons. Your picks are the same as mine, plus one Carly (I think) from the next half.
    Thanks for your swatches :)

  5. I've already worn Wednesday and Arizona from this collection! I love both this and the surf collection!

    Also I'm lacqueredlover on Instagram! I'm obsessed lately, it's just so much fun! See you on there! :)

  6. Loooove all of them!!! My instagram is mrsm0rris. I looooove your bloooog!!! Thanks for sharing all these delicious colors!

  7. I LOVE Shelby, Arizona, and Reagan. I want them all for summer - perfect colors for the season!!

  8. I did not think I would want all of these but now that I see your swatches I totally need them all! I really love them, so clean, fresh & bright for summer!

  9. Omgoodness I totally loooove these colors.

    Hugs from Lilli =)

  10. Oh man I want this collection SO SO bad now. :(

  11. I really want them all, but mostly Wednesday & Lara!

  12. I just added you on instagram! I'm rainbowrevolt c:

    Also Zoya is KILLING ME with this collection, I love them all so much.

  13. I feel like I need more cremes in my life, but I'm just not sure about these. My favorite is Reagan, though.

  14. Ah I love these I would want Wednesday, Shelby and Arizona even though I don't do oranges. It's so pretty on you!

    & i'm 2manychoices on instagram! So happy you have one now.

  15. I still wish they had made Tracie a creme-- but that said, yours are the first pictures to make me actually want to try her! But still, an avocado green creme would have been great. But seriously, I freaking love all these creme polishes. You can't go wrong! I love how juicy and bright they are.

    My instagram name is catray and I'm already following you! =)

  16. Loving the collection!

    My instagram name is Tareee :)

  17. I am loving this collection! And I'm right there with you on not loving Tracie; the finish is definitely not my favorite.

    I just signed up for Instagram as tenderheartR.

  18. Yay! I've been seeing swatches of this collection, but I usually don't make a decision about buying it until I see yours =]

    I'm also already following you on IG and I'm heartnat24

  19. OMH Have to get this collection!! xoxo

  20. I'm tempted by Shelby because Iove pink and I have a dog names Shelby. :) But, how close is it to OPI Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj)? I don't want to get a dupe...

  21. I LOVE Arizona! Every time a new post comes up, I love it even more! I wish we could get Zoya more easily in New Zealand. Time to get the old credit card out me thinks...
    Also I've been seeing all your instagram pics on twitter so I figured maybe I ought to give it a try. I think my instagram name is pinpointpolish :)


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