Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection Swatches

Good morning lovelies and happy Thursday!

  Today I have swatches of Cult Nails' upcoming and newest collection, Fairy Tale. I have to take a second to thank Maria at Cult Nails for providing all of the girls involved in our last #FLBeautyBlogger meet with this lovely collection. Can you say generous?!!! I mean seriously! Thank you soo much to the amazing minds behind Cult Nails. 
 To see swatches of these pretties just continue reading.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! Zoya Shelby Summer Nail Art

OMG It's a Pink Wednesday!!

  I can't even remember the last time I participated in Pink Wednesday. I wonder if I'm still allowed at the cool table... Not long ago I had been bitchin about how much I miss doing nail art. Well, I was finally able to get caught up in my swatching and I was finally able to art it up in here! For this look I went back to my Bikini inspiration.
 So for this cute look I started with two easy coats of Zoya Shelby. I was feeling extra "involved" yesterday so once my base was dry I did a gradient using Zoya Shelby, Zuza and Carly (my gradient-ing needs so much work lol). For the stamp I used Cheeky Plate CH(I forget but will edit later) and Konad White Special Polish. For the dotted accents I used Zoya Zuza and Kimber. I topped the whole thing off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 To see a swatch of Shelby just continue reading.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day in a Patriotic Blue- Nicole by O.P.I Listen to your Mom-ager

Good evening!

  Today I have a swatch of one of my top Blues that come out last year. This also happens to be a very Patriotic feeling Blue so it only seemed fitting that I shared it with you all today.
 Nicole by O.P.I Listen to your Mom-ager is the most amazing shade of Royal Blue shimmery foil. This is a stunning color and I can't get enough of Blues like this one. The formula is a dream to work with. This color looks perfect in Two coats. Double up on the base coat to prevent staining.
Have a safe Memorial Day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Nail Polish Jewelry by LTHP!

Happy Saturday!!

  Today I will be showing you some more rings I made. Nail polish jewelry making has kind of become a little hobby on the side for me. I have absolutely no intentions on selling these since it seems everyone and their mom has a nail polish jewelry shop on Etsy but they are just so fun to make. I usually make these as gifts or for myself.
  Last weekend I gave away Seven rings while at our #FLBeautyBloggers Meetup. The girsl loved them and I totally forgot to take pics of the pretty rings I made for them. Ladies! If you are reading and you were one of the lucky winners pretty please send me a pic of your ring!!
 To see close-ups just continue reading :D!

Friday, May 25, 2012

butter LONDON Primrose Hill Picnic Lippy and Nail Color Set

Hi loves and happy Friday!!

  Today I have a pretty butter LONDON polish and LIPPY set to show you. I've already shown you one of their other recent set releases in Snog. Today I will be showing you their Primrose Hill Picnic Lippy and Nail Color set.
 Primrose Hill Picnic is a standard Pink jelly-creme. This color is the epitome of girly. I love that the formula on this color has a slight hint of jelly to it so the finish is very shiny and squishy. Needless to say that the formula on this pretty shade of Pink is absolutely perfect and does great in Two effortless coats.
I love the shine on butter LONDON polishes and the fact that their formula never disappoints.

  Sorry this is an instagram pic lool (are you following me yet? letthemhavepolish). I'm still not 100% comfy with taking pics of my make-up so this is te best I could do. In the pic below I am wearing LIPPY in Primrose Hill Picnic and LOVIN IT. I wore it very opaque for a "Barbie" look. I seriously LOVE butter LONDON's Lippy but I wish they were not quite so fragrant. Everything else about this lip color is absolute perfection.
What are your thoughts on the trend of matching lips and tips? I think it's pretty cute. I don't think I'd do it very often but I like it better than matching toes and fingernails. 

Thanks for stopping by loves!

(**BL products provided for review**)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upcoming Releases from Sation

Hi lovelies!

 Please enjoy the following press release from Miss Pro Nail- Sation.

Miss is back, and Living on a Prairie

 Miss Professional Nail will be unveiling its first collection since the re branding of its signature Sation nail lacquer line. “Little Horse on the Prairie” is set to leave the stable in Fall 2012. The collection is a modern celebration of nature and the pure beauty of its surroundings. Little Horse features six shades with a clever mix of hot-to-trot names, developing pigments that radiate the sun’s vital energy and the sky’s fade-to-black process:
 -“Sun Worship-Her” rises and shines with a red-orange scorcher that is front and center this season.
-“Rock-a-Guy-Blue” is a tough-tinted shade that offers a raw replication of a midnight sky.
 -Cut to daybreak with “Blue Sky’s the Limit,” a uniquely uplifting blue reminiscent of a clear summer day.
 -“Weed out the Wimps” offers a whimsical, woodsy green, and a tribute to frolicking barefoot on miles of grassland.
 -The barn door bursts open with “Ring Around the Horsie” a rich, roughed-up rose tone that transitions seamlessly into Fall.
- Little Horse rounds out the collection with “Prairie Fairy” a flesh-flattering peaches-and- cream that adds a touch of femininity, inspired by earth goddesses everywhere.

  The Little Horse theme was developed by emulating “the elements within our environment and mother nature… It’s like capturing part of that landscape and applying it to your nails,” says Creative Director Staci Dao. Miss’ rebranded Sation nail lacquer line was inspired by commitment to the fingernail professional. Through an improved formula, ergonomic bottle design and flat stem brush with 520 nylon count, Miss maximizes professional results.
  Little Horse’s willowy prairie girl and panoramic images whisk you away to the wonder of balmy meadows and big skies; the perfect place to run, ride and become dreamy nature-dwellers. Little Horse is set to ride in August 2012, and is available, along with all Miss products, in local beauty supplies,
professional salons and online at The Sation nail lacquer line is formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free.

  And already available on their online shop is the California Gleamin' Line- up. A limited run of vibrant Summer-ready shades.
Sation Polishes are available on the Miss Pro Nail website. They retail at $5.00.

 I'm excited to see them add more Greens and Blues into their line-up. I love what they are doing in terms of re-branding. They have made a fan out of me very quickly! It is interesting watching a brand go through a re- invention of themselves because they always seem to come back with new and fresh ideas so I'm excited to see their up and coming collections. 

From the Vault: Sinful Colors Unicorn

Hi loves and happy Thursday!!

  Today I have a simple swatch for my lovelies. I am running low on postable material so I am having to dip into my "vault" of emergency swatches. I hate when that happens. I just can't really bring myself to post partial collections... So basically I have about Three partially swatches collections and none actually ready to be posted lol.... That's how I roll. Today's color came to me from the Central FL Beauty Blogger meet-up we held in march. I came home with quite a few polishes from the "pickins" boxes that the girls had brought and this was one of them.
 Unicorn is a soft "Chick Fuzz" Yellow creme. This is one of those colors that- every time I went to the store- I'd pick up and put it back down. I was worried about the formula sucking TOO much since I had been reading on other blogs that this could be a difficult color to work with. Well when the opportunity presented itself to try it for free I jumped on it. While the formula was not great by any means, it was not nearly as terrible as I was expecting. It is a tad streaky and patchy but at Three thin coats it looked ADORABLE! I was never one to like Yellow on my nails. Once my "hand" got better I actually started appreciating Yellow on my tips. Yellow is such a happy color and this particular Yellow, I think, looks great on my skin tone. I love that while it is a muted pastel Yellow tone it remains "clean".
I'm so glad to have this as part of my arsenal. I think every girl should have at least One Yellow shade that flatters them. Yellow is such a misunderstood nail shade lol. It's just a matter of finding the right tone of Yellow to work with your skin and then have some patience with the formula :D. Once I found my Yellow I fell in love with the look.

Thoughts on Unicorn?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lit up in Zoya Blues

Happy Hump day (even though it is actually my Monday:-/)!!

  Today I have swatches of Two of my all time favorite Blues. Surprise, surprise- They are by Zoya. Ok, so that's not really a surprise but more of a well known fact lol. When it comes to making a beautiful Blue or Green, Zoya has it down to a Science. Here are Two of such epic shades.

Zoya Tallulah
 Tallulah is one of my most used polishes ever. Whenever something calls for Blue I have to force myself to look past Tallulah or none of my other Blue shades would ever get worn. I seriously LOVE this polish. This shade of shimmery Cerulean Blue will put you in Summer mode even its -10 degrees outside. It goes without saying that the formula on this beauty is absolutely perfect in Two coats.

Zoya Robyn
 Robyn, Robyn.... Robyn! It's mo' fudging Robyn! This is one of the most amazing creme polishes in my collection. Out of ALL the creme shades I have this one holds a special place in my heart. Why? Well let's see... It's the loveliest shade of vivid Sky Blue. It is creamy. It is very saturated with color. The formula is perfect.... Once again- Summer perfection in Two easy coats of color.
  Now I'm ready for a Pina Colada, a hammock and some Sun. This gets me to thinking.... I should do some Zoya Greens soon. Zoya Greens take the Green cake by far and wide in my book.

Thoughts on Tallulah and Robyn?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chick Nail Polish Hen House #FLBeautyBloggers Swag!

Hi loves!!

  Sorry for this super late post today. I had a lousy morning and better part of my day and I am just starting to feel better now. I hate days like this. Luckily I have some awesome polish on my nail and another awesome polish to show you guys today. Chick Nail Polish was kind enough to sponsor our Beauty Bloggers of Central Fl meet-up we just held this past Saturday. So a HUGE thank you to Julie and Chick Nail Polish for sponsoring our event :D! I managed to get my hands on a Chick shade I had been really debating for whatever reason.. I'm so glad I have it now! I love me some Vampy Nubbies :D.
 This is Chick Nail Polish in Hen House. This is a delicious vampy Plum. This color is deep and sexy and perfect for a night out. The formula on this color is SO easy to work with, it practically applies itself. This is not a super dense creme so it gives this Plummy shade a touch of squishiness and I love that in my deep shades.
I cant wait to see more shades from Chick Nail Polish. I seriously LOVE their chickie logo and I'd love to see more of them lined up on my racks haha.

Thoughts on Hen House?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Enchanted Polish Beatles Inspired Collection

Here is something to brighten up your Monday a little!

  The mastermind behind Enchanted Polish busted out Three absolutely AMAZING Beatles inspired multichromatic polishes that left me just a tad speechless... So.. I'll just leave these right here...
 You know you wanna keep readin....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Spam!! Sation (Miss Pro Nail) Swatchies!

Hi loves!!!

  Yesterday was a HUGE success!! Our #FLBeautyBlogger was a blast and the Two hours were not nearly enough time!! Hanging out with these girls is just the best time evah!! We are extremely excited for the direction our group is heading in and it can only get better from here! Today I will be showing polishes from one of our sponsors.

   I have another installment of Sunday Spam. I know it has been a while since I last did a Sunday spam post but I actually had lots of swatches done in time to be able to do a swatchy post this Sunday. The brand in the spotlight today is the newly re-branded Sation. I had heard of the brand Sation very briefly but had never seen them in person. They just recently had kind of a re-launch of the brand with new bottles and logos. I was presented the opportunity to feature some of their new Limited Edition Summer releases, California Gleamin' Collection, as well as some of their core colors so today you guys get meet the new Sation :D!
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep on readin :D!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holo-Day-Caturday!!!! Enchanted Polish Holo Spam!

Well hello there and happy Caturday!!!

  Quite a few things going on today! Today I get to attend another fabulous #FLBeautyBloggers Meet- up in Orlando, FL. So very excited to see this amazing group of inspiring and beautiful women and talk blogs, make-up and hair. So yeah.. super excited and I can't wait to get there and have a blasty-blast....

  So! Today is HOLO DAY!!! I belong to quite a few polish-centric Facebook groups. One of the groups I belong to decided to claim today to be HOLO DAY lol. I thought it was a neat idea to have massive holo swatch- spam in the form of many bloggers posting their most favorite holos so I decided to join in the fun. I've been working my way through a mini mountain of Enchanted Polishes and I finally got a full "set" swatched so I figured I get my HOLO DAY on by showing you guys some swatches of Enchanted Polish's Linear Holos.
 You know you totally wanna see swatches of these! Just continue readin after the jump :D!

Friday, May 18, 2012

KAYS Swatchy Spam!!

Happy Friday!!!!

  Today I have some swatchy spam brought to you by the indie brand KAYS. I was contacted by Sharon some weeks ago to review some of her pretties. Because I love me some indie brands with the passion I jumped at the chance to get to know another talented lady and her beautiful polishes. She sent me some amazing creations and I could not wait to wear them which is why it took me a while to work my way through these. How am I supposed to just swatch these and move on lol? No, no... these needed to be WORN!
You wanna see close-ups of these, trust me :D!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Pretties from Barielle

Hi lovely readers!!

  Today I have Three swatches of some lovely Barielle polishes. Barielle is one of my favorite brands when it comes to their interaction with their customers. They have a very active Facebook page and I absolutely LOVE that in my cosmetics companies. Anywho, a few weeks back they held a little contest and I entered (they hold contests all the time, with awesome prizes). The theme of the contest was glitter. I submitted a picture of my Barielle Sky's the Limit with Starchild mani and I was voted the winner by Barielle Facebook fans. My prize was my pick of Three Barielle polishes and these are them :D!
 To see swatches of these beauties just keep on reading :D!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons Splatered Skittles!

Good morning and happy humpday!

BEHOLD! Super nubs! :(:( 

  Today I have an awesome and very colorful mani I did using 10 of the new China Glaze Summer Neons for 2012. I will have swatches of this collection soon. I could not resist playing around with them first. This collection is full of win and I cannot wait to show you guys! 
   For this mani I started with a skittles base. I think it is easier to say which colors from the Summer Neons I didn't use. I skipped on using Pink Plumeria and Flirty Tankini. Used all of the other colors in the Summer Neons in one way or another. I skipped on the more muted shades because I wanted this to be super bright and just a little obnoxious..... Mission accomplished. I added some splatters of White and Black to give some contrast to the splatters. Needless to say I love this look and of course topped the whole thing off with INM Northern Lights.
I have to say.. I am beyond blown away by the formula on these neons. Seriously AMAZING! I cannot wait to show you guys swatches of these beautful Summer colors.

Thanks for stopping by!

(**China Glaze products provided for review**)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Work Party #NOTD #FishEggMani

Hi loves and happy Tuesday!

  Today I have the nails I wore to this work party I had on Saturday.... Sadly these didn't even make it to the party. They were ruined by the time I had to get dressed. What can I say? I totally brain- farted and forgot that I had to rock some *couchspanxcough*. Let me tell you... These and said garments do not mesh well....
 The employees had to dress in White and Navy and such so I kept the theme down to my nails. I wore the cutest white BCBG dress and I totally forgot to take pics of he full outfit.. My shoes were too adorable for words. Maybe I'll have to find a reason to get all dressed up again and take some pics for you guys! On my nails I was rocking Two coats of Barielle in Berry Blue with some Fish Egg accents in Silver and Light Blue beads. I was so bummed that these didn't last. They really looked so cool!
  I'm kinda liking this new trend of the Index and Middle finger accent nails. While a the party I managed to break one of my already short nails, my middle nail on my picture hand to be precise, so I am back to some SUPER nubs... I know my nails are short, but now they are even shorter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Windestine Carbon Copy

Good morning!

  Words later.. For now please enjoy these pics of Windestine Carbon Copy over Pretty and Polished Candy Coated
 Don't feel well.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Etsy Mania!! The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze

Happy Mother's Day and happy Sunday!!

  First off: Happy Mother's day to all of the wondeful ladies with babies out there! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Te quiero muchichichisiiisimo!! Saluuuud! Hahaha!

  Today I have one of my first Etsy purchases! This pretty comes from Etsy Shop: The Hungry Asian. This awesome creation by Kae jumped out at me immediately. It's ridiculously eye- catching and has a really interesting finish/ effect. If you have not been to her shop you should seriously change that. She has beautiful creations and great swatches of her products.
 So, Sneeze Breeze is an awesome mix of non- reflective Blue Glitter and Black Glitter in a clear base. This is a very dense mix. Even though it is worn with a base here this glitter could be easily opaque on its own in Three coats. My base color is KAYS Ecstatica (I will be having a KAYS swatch spam post soon.) I did Two coats of Sneeze Breeze over my base color. I could not stop staring at my nails. I did a really nice thick coat of Seche Vite to give the glitter that encapsulated look. I seriously love this polish!

 My new favorite thing.. Macros of awesome polishes!!! My camera didn't know what to make of the bright neon Blue bits...
Have a wonderful day loves!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sation and Windestine Summery Nail Art

Hi loves!

    Today I have a mani that totally came out of nowhere. When I sat down to paint my nails last nite my intentions were just to do Two quick coats of Sation's Bump in Beige and be done for the night.. BUT theeen...
 I started with a base of Two effortless coats of Sation's Bump in Beige, which is my perfect mannequin hands "crelly"(jelly-creme). Then I applied Two easy coats of One and only Orange by Sation. This is a NEON Tangerine Orange. I've been craving neons lately so this color could not have come in at a better time. My camera was all "DO NOT WANT!" lool I'm sure you guys get the picture. This is BRIGHT! On my ring finger nail I did a gradient using Sammy's tutorial using OAOO and Sation's Fan the Flames Fuchsia. Don't worry, I will have swatches of all these Sation colors soon. I topped my ring fingers off with a coat of INM Northern Lights. On the rest of my nails I did a topper of Windestine's Asbestos which is a White micro glitter in a clear base.
I love this look. These nails make me happy! Also, I am seriously loving the gradient technique! I've done sponged gradients before but not using this technique and I really like the look of this method. I need to practice it but overall I am happy.

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Sation products provided for review**)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bettina Disco and Color Club Glassfleck Comparisons

Hi and happy hump day!

  This post is really quick! I've had a lot of requests to do some comparisons of the Bettina Disco Collection and the Color Club Take Wing Collection over Black. So here ya go loves!
And there you have it :D. Sorry I messed up when I was painting the wheel lool but you guyes get what is going on right? They are pretty much the same over Black. The trick to the Color Club polishes is to keep a light hand and do a thinner coat (just one) over Black to get the duochrome to come out and play.

Final verdict: You need the Color Club Take Wing Collection whether you were lemming the Bettina Disco Collection or not. The Disco Collection was very LE anyways.... So get your hands on these Color Clubs while they last because they are spectacular!

  Be back later!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Pretty & Polished Swatches

Hi and freaking Monday.....

   But at least I have some more pretty indies to show you... I am in a particularly shit mood today... I know normally this is a happy place and all that jazz but my "real life" is getting to be quite annoying... I just wanna live in my blog. Is that too much to ask? I just wanna be surrounded by color and great people all day long and talk about art, nails and trends and write and take pictures.. That is all I want out of life... But f*ck*n life has other plans for me it seems.... 

  Enough depressing shit... Onto some AWESOME polishes by one of my favorite Etsy shops: Pretty and Polished. I own SO many of Chels' pretties and I am always excited when I see that she has come up with new colors. 
 Sorry for these crappy collages.... I shall never get over the tragedy that is Picnik's closing... Tried PicMonkey and it's great and all but the whole-  Upload, edit, download, upload, edit, download.... Yeah... Just not working for me.... Too time consuming :( Anywho... Keep on reading to see some pretty swatches. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Etsy Mania!! All That Glitters Spottie Dottie Light and Dark

Happy Sunday lovely readers!

 Are ya'll sick of my Etsy posts yet? I sure as shiz hope not because I have so much indie coming your way still loool! What can I say? I went on a huge Etsy binge a couple of weeks back and I am still working through all the stuff I purchased. On top of that I also have the never- ending stream of samples that I have to swatch and such.
  So basically, over the past few weeks I've had a huge surge of indies come in from my purchases that I am STILL trying to get to because I can't bring myself to "just swatch" my indies. I actually want to wear them and enjoy them. So.. enough ranting now.... Onto the shop of the day: All that Glitters. This girl is talented and I mean TALENTED! I own Four of her creations and I love them all to BITS! If you have not been to her shop you should seriously head on over and take a peek!

All that Glitter Spottie Dottie- Dark
 Black.Glitter! Spottie Dottie Dark is pretty self explanatory. It is different sized Black hexes and bars suspended in a clear base. The Spottie Dottie series are not SUPER packed with glitter so you do have to do a little bit of fishing and careful application to get a cool effect. This does not bother me one bit because it gives the polish versatility. For this look I layered Spottie Dottie Dark over Color Club Daisy Does It.

All that Glitters Spottie Dottie- Light
 Spottie Dottie Light is the same concept as SD Dark except with White glitters. My version of this polish is a little special due to those awesome big Square glitters. In its regular form SD Light is the same as SD Dark, different sized Hexes and bars. Shop owner Kirsten had actually made an announcement about how this batch would be a little different because her supplier had sent her Large White Squares instead of Hexes and I got a little excited at the prospect of having a "special" Square-y Dottie Light hahahaha! Here it is layered over Color Club Wing Fling.
 How cute are these polishes? I also love that I can layer over each other to make up my own mix of Black and White glitter. Head on over to All that Glitters on Etsy to see more of K's goodies!

Happy Sunday!