Monday, May 7, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Pretty & Polished Swatches

Hi and freaking Monday.....

   But at least I have some more pretty indies to show you... I am in a particularly shit mood today... I know normally this is a happy place and all that jazz but my "real life" is getting to be quite annoying... I just wanna live in my blog. Is that too much to ask? I just wanna be surrounded by color and great people all day long and talk about art, nails and trends and write and take pictures.. That is all I want out of life... But f*ck*n life has other plans for me it seems.... 

  Enough depressing shit... Onto some AWESOME polishes by one of my favorite Etsy shops: Pretty and Polished. I own SO many of Chels' pretties and I am always excited when I see that she has come up with new colors. 
 Sorry for these crappy collages.... I shall never get over the tragedy that is Picnik's closing... Tried PicMonkey and it's great and all but the whole-  Upload, edit, download, upload, edit, download.... Yeah... Just not working for me.... Too time consuming :( Anywho... Keep on reading to see some pretty swatches. 

 Pretty and Polished Valentino over Butter London Snog
 Valentino is an awesome mix of Black, White and Silvery White hexes in all different sized suspended in a clear base. I love this polish to bits and I love that it stands out from all the other Black and White glitter combinations out there. There is no fishing with this glitter, it applies very easily and you get lots of glitter on the brush. I think I did Two coats of Valentino for this one because I wanted it to be extra speckled.

Pretty and Polished Hello Dolly over Zoya Lara
 Hello Dolly is a super dense and fun mix of glitters. There are White hexes, Silver Hexes and these cool "see throught" large Magenta hexes that seem to float on the base of little, light Purple, glitter. This particular glitter is so dense that I only needed one coat for the pics above :D!

Pretty and Polishd Jawbreaker
 Jawbreaker is a very playful mix of different colored, shaped and sized glitters suspended in a White base. This polish looks SO tasty! The name is absolute perfection and so is the effect it creates. I seriously kept wanting to lick my nails when I was wearing this. This polish is crazy opaque and could almost be a one coater but I did Two to give the glitters a sandwiched effect.

Pretty and Polished Forgery over Color Club Sky High
 Forgery is a super neat-o micro glitter matte top coat. Yeah, you read right.. Multichromatic, matte glitter top coat. This is not the best combination to showcase this awesome glitter in pictures but in real life this looked amazing as the colors kept shifting on the surface of my nail.
 This is what the glitter in Forgery looks like.

Pretty and Polished The Amazing Technicolor Top Coat over Color Club Metamorphosis
 Quite the name on this one :D. The Amazing Technicolor Top Coat is a genius idea by Chels from Pretty and Polished. No Two TATTC are the same. Each bottle of this glitter is different and that is why I needed at least one mini bottle of this concoction. Basically whenever Chels is done making pretties, experimenting or whatever.. She gathers her left over glitter mess and bottles it up. How cool is that?!!! They are all random and all different.

Pretty and Polished Candy Coated 
 Candy Coated is the most precious thing ever! This pretty is a yummy blend of Purple and Pink hexes and small Purple glitters in a soft, jelly- like Pink base. This baby goes on flawlessly and is fully opaque in Two coats. Another perfect name for a perfect polish.


  1. I love Pretty and Polished too, Chel makes some amazing colours.

  2. I love all of these! It think these will definitely be my next indie purchase! Thanks for the nice swatches!


  3. I love Pretty and Polished's polishes. I have Swing and a bottle of TATTC, and I need more! I want Bubble Tea, Party On My Yacht, and Jawbreaker especially. Also, your swatches are really excellent :)

  4. I like Jawbreaker and Candy Coated the best. They are so pretty.

  5. oh Cris, i totally hear you. I want to live in my blog all day long too. xxxx

  6. Jawbreaker and Candy Coated are my faves! So pretty.

  7. I love Valentino and Jawbreaker. I love Indie Polishes, they are so unique and fun!

  8. Oh My. I don't think my stash will ever be complete without Jawbreaker.

  9. I love Candy Coated. So awesome. And hugs for you!

  10. I'm sorry you had a crummy Monday! I usually don't comment on anyone's blog posts ever, but wanted to let you know that your blog posts brighten my day every single time. You are always so sunny and cheerful! It's a pleasure to read your blog.

    We can't always be sunny and cheerful, but I thought you might feel a little bit better knowing that your posts always put a smile on my face--and often several polishes into my collection! I hope your week gets better from here!

  11. Candy Coated is by far my favorite on you!

  12. I am such a fan of Pretty & Polished. I stalk her like there is no tomorrow :P Jaw breaker and Candy Coated are two of my favs. Pure Bliss.

  13. Ohh my, they're all awesome but I love the iridescent blue dots in Candy Coated!

  14. awesome swatches! i ordered a couple of these from her last sale as well, can't wait to try them out! :D

  15. These are incredible! Gosh I want them all!

  16. I love "Jawbreaker", it's so fun and different!

  17. Particularly in love with candy coated!


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