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Holo-Day-Caturday!!!! Enchanted Polish Holo Spam!

Well hello there and happy Caturday!!!

  Quite a few things going on today! Today I get to attend another fabulous #FLBeautyBloggers Meet- up in Orlando, FL. So very excited to see this amazing group of inspiring and beautiful women and talk blogs, make-up and hair. So yeah.. super excited and I can't wait to get there and have a blasty-blast....

  So! Today is HOLO DAY!!! I belong to quite a few polish-centric Facebook groups. One of the groups I belong to decided to claim today to be HOLO DAY lol. I thought it was a neat idea to have massive holo swatch- spam in the form of many bloggers posting their most favorite holos so I decided to join in the fun. I've been working my way through a mini mountain of Enchanted Polishes and I finally got a full "set" swatched so I figured I get my HOLO DAY on by showing you guys some swatches of Enchanted Polish's Linear Holos.
 You know you totally wanna see swatches of these! Just continue readin after the jump :D!

  Ok so here's the deal... Some of these swatches were done in Sunlight and some were done in my lightbox. The Sun has been playing games with me and I really wanted to hold off and do ALL these swatches in the Sun but I just could not keep putting it off. I have people asking me for these swatches and I was under self- inflicted pressure to get these done. So consider this post as a "reference". You get to see how amazing Enchanted Polish holos are in Two different ways: indoors and in Sun.

  So I don't find myself saying this over and over: All of these swatches were Two, absolutely effortless, coats of color. Some of these colors could have been one coat but you guys know me and my obsession with Two coats. The formula on Enchanted Polishes is really nothing short of fantastic!

Sunlight Swatches
Enchanted Polish Fun Dip
 Yeah... I still eat Fun Dip. My favorite part is the sugary stick they come with that you're supposed to use to pick up the Fun Dip. Anywho, Fun Dip is a light Lilac, extremely linear, holo with some hints of Pink sparkle.
 As usual the holo effect is about a million times better in person.

Enchanted Polish Gummy Worm
 Gummy Worm is a delicious Lime Green with what looks to me like a slight Golden duochrome and a ton of Holo Sparkle. The holo effect in this is more of a Holo shimmer that is slightly linear. This shade is just yummy and Summer perfection!

Enchanted Polish Cranberry Cosmo
 Cranberry Cosmo is an amazing shade of Berry linear holo. This polish I actually did leave at One coat. This is ONE COAT guys!
 Such a flattering shade!

Lightbox Swatches- Now, don't get me wrong. Personally I LOVE how these pictures came out, you just don't get as much of the holo effect. BUT in my defense, have you noticed how holos kinda suck indoors? That is SO not the case with Enchanted Polish holos and these pics will prove that lol. They are so saturated with color that even indoors they manage to be completely mind blowing. These are just as much of a linear holo as the shades that I showed you guys in the Sun.

Enchanted Polish Vampire's Dessert
 Vampire's Dessert is a deep Brown holo. This particular shade has a very saturated formula and the holo effect is a bit more scattered but beautiful. How do you get LTHP to like a Brown? Make it a linear holo! Absolutely love this.

Enchanted Polish Ocean Potion
 Ocean Potion walks a fine line of being a Blue linear holo foil. This particular pretty is in my top picks for this group. I mean.. Look at it... Just look at it.... Because it is slightly foil- like it differs greatly from other linear light Blue holos out there.  Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm....

Enchanted Polish Dragon Spit
 Dragon Spit is a beautiful deep Coral linear holo. It borders between Red and Orange so I went with calling it Coral lol. Once again this color is so fitting for the Summer months. I love me a good fiery holo.

Enchanted Polish Sour Patch Kid
A true Tangerine linear holo. I am madly in love with this one! I love Orange shades but make it a juicy linear holo and you've made putty out of me. Another case of the "speechless".. Just stare at the pics looool!

Enchanted Polish Jitterbug
 Jitterbug is a light Pink linear holor. This is very soft, pretty and girly. This is a nice shade to wear if you are not big into holos or are trying to ease into wearing holos.
So that is all for today's holo spam. I have quite a few more Enchated Polishes to show you and i will get around to that hopefully sometime this coming week. I decided to break them down into smaller groups that way I could really take my time with the pictures and putting together a post for you guys. I received a total of 17 or so Enchanted Polishes and I didn't want to do them all in one post to avoid it becoming too overwhelming on you guys as well as myself.

Check out all these other ladies participating in HOLO DAY!

I hope you enjoyed today's holoness!! Happy HOLO DAY!

(**Enchanted Polish provided for review**)


  1. Great swatches (as always!). I think Gummy Worm is my favourite.

  2. I loved them all, especially Cranberry Cosmo and Sourpatch Kid! You took some great photos!

  3. holy jamoly, these are all gorgeous! I've only bought 2 so far cos they are a bit expensive but your swatches make me want to save up and buy them all!!!!
    can't wait for the next instalment. have fun at your bloggers meet up!

  4. Holo Spam you just can't go wrong!!! These are all so lovely!

  5. Love, love, looooove:-). I live in Norway, so these will be a bit expensive when shipping is added:-(. I'm actually going to florida in july...any good tips on where i can go nailpolish-shopping?

  6. *Picks jaw off of floor and wipes drool*

    OMG Cristina.....they were all gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous! Those first two made me want some candy! I love the Fun Dips too and the dip stick is my favorite part. LOL. Now I have to buy some Enchanteds!

  8. Beautiful...its hard to choose which I loved the best.

  9. These are alllll beautiful! I got Dragon Spit in the other day and cannot wait to try it out! :D

  10. All of these are gorgeous holo's, I love them!

  11. OMG!!! I need these.....
    Thanks so much for these swatches!! I added almost all of them to my wish list :-D

  12. These are so yummy! I can't pick a favorite.

  13. They're all gorgeous! I like Gummy Worm and Dragon Spit the most!!

  14. i really love the lime green one! i just wish it were more of a linear holo, then it'd be perfect! :D

  15. Holo porn! :D
    My fav of the group is Jitterbug. :)

  16. holy gorgeous! I have Jitterbug and love it

  17. OMG - a true Tangerine linear holo!! LOVE THIS

  18. So much gorgeousness all in one place! I must get Gummy Worm!

  19. I am definitely going to need most of these. They are absolutely stunning.

  20. Oooh Cranberry Cosmo! I was just thinking how I would love a hot pink holo!

  21. I love Vampire's Dessert! Such a sexy dark holo!

  22. While all of these are beautiful, I'll admit - Fun Dip is my favorite. I like the really strong linear holo and the colors closer to "silver" tend to be the strongest...Every collection I see I always want the most "silver" color...but great swatches and beautiful colors!

  23. I juuuust took one of her new polishes off today, Green Goblin... and now I want ALL of these. Crap. These are expensive lol. thanks for the wonderful holo spam :)

  24. These are all crazy beautiful! I love Ocean Potion the most.

  25. OMG so many lemmings here! They are all absolutely beautiful! Gummy Worm is one of my favorites! Wonderful swatches!

  26. I might have just passed out. SERIOUSLY AMAZING~~~~~~~~!!!!


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