Friday, May 18, 2012

KAYS Swatchy Spam!!

Happy Friday!!!!

  Today I have some swatchy spam brought to you by the indie brand KAYS. I was contacted by Sharon some weeks ago to review some of her pretties. Because I love me some indie brands with the passion I jumped at the chance to get to know another talented lady and her beautiful polishes. She sent me some amazing creations and I could not wait to wear them which is why it took me a while to work my way through these. How am I supposed to just swatch these and move on lol? No, no... these needed to be WORN!
You wanna see close-ups of these, trust me :D!
KAYS Achene Lime
When I unwrapped this pretty I was left a little speechless. See all that shimmer? All that beautiful Green- Golden shimmer? Yeah.. That's the stuff right there lool. Achene Lime is a Rosey- Red shimmer with an interesting Green-ish duochrome. I have never seen a combination quite like this and while the shimmer looks quite Golden in my pictures it actually flashes more Green in person. This is a truly unique color. The formula on this polish is absolutely incredible and could have almost gotten away with One coat. I did Two because that's how I roll.

KAYS Sunstorm
Sunstorm is a deeply saturated burnt Orange smooth metallic polish. This color is so vivid it just glows. I know that is such an over-used description for shades like this one but I cannot think of a better way to put it. This is one of those colors that just jumps off your hands but something about it remains classy. Fantastic Two coat formula, could have been one.

KAYS Masquerade
Masquerade is an unique kind of glitter. The glitter particles in this polish seems to shift from Gold to Green to Orange and it is just spectacular. The glitter is packed very densely in the clear base so I'm sure it will go opaque on its own but I layered it over O.P.I Call me Gwen-ever for this manicure. Love the texture this polish adds.

KAYS Twinkle
LOVE this! This is really hard to describe for me.. Let's see.. It is a shimmery, light Gunmetal base packed full of Violet micro shimmer that gives it the appearance of being a duochrome except it is not? Does that make any sense? It is a very interesting take on the Grey- Violets that I love so much. This is absolutely stunning and my pictures do it very little justice. Two effortless coats.

KAYS Moon Beams
Moon Beams is a surprise in a bottle. At first I thought this would just be another Silver holo glitter but I was wrong. There is so much more going on in this polish than what the eye sees in the bottle. The small holo particles are floating in a base that is packed full of Violet-Blue micro shimmer. This glitter could be worn alone but I think the layered look really showcases the glitter so much better. For this mani I layered Moon Beams over Sation Midnight Blue.

KAYS Catching Fire
  The bad news: The bottle you see in this shot is the very last bottle of Catching Fire that was made. Sadly, the Gold flecks that make this polish a standout were discontinued so Sharon had to make an executive decision to discontinue this amazing shade. A darn shame if you ask me because this is so absolutely stunning. The formula on this color is amazing and for this one I'll let the pictures do the talking :D. Two coats.

KAYS Wicked Lovely
Wicked Lovely has such depth to it! This is one of those polishes that look layered. Wicked Lovely is a deep Plummy shimmer with a Golden- Copper- Green duochrome. This is one of those "lit" colors and the shimmer in it reminds me a bit of the shimmer in Clarins 230. The formula on this color is outstanding and could have been one coat. I did Two.

KAYS Ecstatica
At first I didn't know how to feel about this shade. And then I wore it and was all.. "Hey there gorgeous!" This is a really interesting shade. The shimmer in this has a very texture look. I still don't even know quite the right way to describe this. Let's go with metallic greige with these flashes of Violet-Blue? I don't even know but it is really beautiful. Just look at these pics! Two easy coats.

KAYS Cosmic Love
Cosmic Love is a "peacock" multichrome. For the most part it looks like a Blackened Emerald- Teal but at certain angles you do see an oil slick type of multichrome. This is a beautiful and sophisticated shade. Once again this has a wonderful formula and could have done with one coat. I did Two.
I am really impressed with this indie brand. I love the use of micro shimmer in her polishes. I absolutely LOVE the glitters and I am really bummed that Catching Fire is no longer available. I am blown away by the formula on all of these polishes, they all applied like buttah! KAYS gets a big thumbs up from me!

KAYS are available on

My faves: Catching Fire, Twinkle, Achene Lime, Wicked Lovely. Yours?

(**KAYS products provided for review**)


  1. Sunstorm looks like China Glaze's Riveting but without glitter. Still, teh all look fantastic!

  2. Wow, those are some pretty colors. I'm gonna have to check out this brand!

  3. They are all SO pretty! Achene Lime is my utter fave, and of course the red you can't get anymore :D

  4. (taking deep breaths!) Sunstorm is insanely beautiful, but I think the rest of these polishes all take second place... they're so amazing! WOW!

  5. Unbelievable swatches! I love Sunstorm and Wicked Lovely!

  6. TWINKLE is AMAZING! omg fab! Great reviews too <3

  7. I think I love them all except for the glitters (I hate removing them)


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