Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Nail Polish Jewelry by LTHP!

Happy Saturday!!

  Today I will be showing you some more rings I made. Nail polish jewelry making has kind of become a little hobby on the side for me. I have absolutely no intentions on selling these since it seems everyone and their mom has a nail polish jewelry shop on Etsy but they are just so fun to make. I usually make these as gifts or for myself.
  Last weekend I gave away Seven rings while at our #FLBeautyBloggers Meetup. The girsl loved them and I totally forgot to take pics of the pretty rings I made for them. Ladies! If you are reading and you were one of the lucky winners pretty please send me a pic of your ring!!
 To see close-ups just continue reading :D!

25mm Cult Nails in Princess and Happy Ending

Oval Close Enough( My Unicorn Puke franken-dupe) with Revlon Royal

18mm L: Kays Masquerade w/ Bettina Starfish. R: Enchanted Polish Dizzy Miss Lizzy and Zoya Myrta

Small Oval: Lac Attack Jewel of the Nile and China Glaze Dance Baby

18mm All that Glitters Cha Cha Twist and China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Small Oval: Sweetfairy Boutique Sea Nymph and Zoya Meg

This one I made for my mom. She loved it :D!
18mm Fantasy Fire and Revlon Royal

Here is one of the rings I made for the girls at the meet up. This one was claimed by Leandra <3!
And there you have some pretty NP jewelry mini spam :D!

Happy Holiday Weekend!


  1. Lovely! A UK friend sent me some pieces she made, in a swap we had. Made me want to try it. ;-) Where do you get your findings?

  2. How do you make these?? They are gorgeous! I've never heard of nailpolish jewelry before :]

  3. So pretty! I've started making earrings and it's so much fun! I may start a little Etsy shop; I know everyone has one but everyone also knows different people so I'm sure you could get your own little following. I gave a pair to each of my girls at work and now I'm getting a lot of requests for more. I love your rings though; they are beautiful.

  4. Theses are so gorgeous! I especially love the Lac Attack Jewel of the Nile and China Glaze Dance Baby. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I got one of your jewels when we had our get-together. And I love it!!! I'll send you photo of me wearing my treasure. :)

  6. I LOVE LOVE the coral ones! So jealous I didn't win one!! ;)

  7. Love the JotN ring! Makes me wish I had one. Thanks for making Jewel look so delicious, Cristina. :)

  8. The are beautiful. The darker ones are like looking into a tiny Universe. Never saw these b4. How are they done.? Why not sell if someone would like to buy? (me?) So unique. Call the goddess rings. Cheers.

  9. I should make my own, these are SO pretty!

  10. Omg you have an amazing blog ! ( sorry for the 1864645 stupid comments I left, by the way ) Your swatches are always perfect <3 and're funny :) I'm following you ! Have a perfect day.

  11. I have one, I will send you a pic :)

  12. I have totally started making my own since I love the ones I see on etsy everyday! My wonerful friend owns her own clothing store and so she has added some of my pieces to her inventory!! So excited that I will be making some more just so I can have more! I love your color combos!

  13. Really awesome blog, the pictures of stone you have shared are looking too good and precious. A pretty ring is looking very stunning and royal. Last year i purchased a ring from Madison jewelers with same design and different color. If anyone looking for a affordable and reliable shop, I'll suggest there name.


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