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Sunday Spam!! Sation (Miss Pro Nail) Swatchies!

Hi loves!!!

  Yesterday was a HUGE success!! Our #FLBeautyBlogger was a blast and the Two hours were not nearly enough time!! Hanging out with these girls is just the best time evah!! We are extremely excited for the direction our group is heading in and it can only get better from here! Today I will be showing polishes from one of our sponsors.

   I have another installment of Sunday Spam. I know it has been a while since I last did a Sunday spam post but I actually had lots of swatches done in time to be able to do a swatchy post this Sunday. The brand in the spotlight today is the newly re-branded Sation. I had heard of the brand Sation very briefly but had never seen them in person. They just recently had kind of a re-launch of the brand with new bottles and logos. I was presented the opportunity to feature some of their new Limited Edition Summer releases, California Gleamin' Collection, as well as some of their core colors so today you guys get meet the new Sation :D!
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep on readin :D!

Sation Oh my Oceania!
 Oh my Oceania! Indeed! OH MY GAWB!!! Seriously? Seriously? This is too beautiful for words. I don't own ANY other shades of Turquoise like this one. Just look at those flashes of icy Blue shimmer. The formula on this color is absolutely stunning and could have almost been one perfect coat. For the pics I did Two coats and this is w/o top coat. I don't think this is a dupe of RBL Aqua Lilly but damn close enough to kill the (almost) lemming for me. This is part of their California Gleamin' Collection.

Sation Periwinkle Princess
 Periwinkle Princess is a mix of Blue and Purple glitter with sparse Silver Holo bar glitters in a clear base. For these pictures I did one coat of glitter over Oh My Oceania. I really like this combo. I do not think that Periwinkle Princess will achieve opacity on its own. This is definitely a layering glitter. Periwinkle Princess the is part of their Cali Gleamin' collection.

Sation Fan the Flames Fuchsia
 And here we have another huge winner for me. Fan the Flames Fuchsia is a bright NEON Fuchsia creme with strong Pink undertones. We all know that neons are not great when it comes to photographs but you get the idea right? This is really an awesome Summer shade. I predict it shall be on my toes most of Summer. AMAZING Two coat formula.

Sation Love at first Lavender
 GAAAAHHH!! Too much cuteness! Love at First Lavender is a very vivid shade of Lavender with what looks to me to be White tones. I love this and that is all there to it lool! It actually photographed quite accurate which surprised me since colors like this never seem to come out right in my pics. Two effortless coats.

Sation Holiday Pink
Holiday Pink is a squishy vivid Salmon Pink "crelly". I love the formula on this polish because I am a sucker for anything that is squishy looking. The nice thing about creamy jellies is that they do achieve a nice opacity with less coats than true jellies. This is two coats.

Sation Shock me Twice Pink
Shock me Twice Pink is the most amazing shade of bright NEON Barbie Pink. Sorry I'm looking a bit Orange bt I was trying to edit the pic to be a bit more color accurate. Sunlight pics soon.This is a true neon Pink. Very Victoria's Secret-ish. I am madly in love with the flashes of Pink shimmer. The shimmer effect in this is similar to the shimmer in Oh my Oceania! I wish I could find a way to mesh these Two colors together.... Hhhhmm... Oh.. AMAZING formula on this color, Two coats.

Sation One and Only Orange
YES, YES a million times YES! I am going through a serious neon thing right now.... Anywho.. This is a delicious Tangerine neon orange creme. In these pictures I have layered One and Only Orange over Bump in  Beige. I don't think that One and Only Orange needs "underwear" but it did not hurt to add it. This was so blinding and awesome!

Sation Bump in Beige
Bump in Beige is my perfect mannequin hands color. This is a classic color and the formula is fantastic. I actually really do like this quite a lot even though it is crazy matchy matchy with my skin. There is something so clean and effortless about this shade. This is a nude "crelly". Fantastic formula, 2 coats.

Sation Midnight Blue
 Midnight Blue is just that :D! Hahaha This is a pretty standard shimmery Navy Blue. Don't get me wrong it is beautiful but colors like this one no longer feel new to me. This color has a great Two coat formula and practically applies itself.. Then again.. All these colors had great formulas and they were all SO easy to work with.
 I am so very pleased with these colors. I'm really loving all their new Summer releases but I am a little bummed that they are Limited Edition. These colors realy do scream Summer don't they? In this post the following colors came from their California Gleamin' collection: One and Only Orange, Oh my Oceania!, Shock Me Twice Pink, Love at First Lavender and Periwinkle Princess. The following are part of their core line: Midnight Blue, Bump in Beige and Holiday PInk. The formula on these polishes is great and they dry fairly quick. Overall I have no complaints about the polish or the color range.
  The only issue I have with these is that the bottle feels a little bulky and big to me. I do like that it feels sturdy since I get the "droppies" a lot but I like my bottles to be a little more... Streamlined? The brush on these is absolutely AMAZING, it is flat and it fans out beautifully. The new and improved Sation gets a big thumbs up from this gal!

California Gleamin' Collection Available Here.

For more infor head to Miss Profesional Nail's Facebook or Miss Pro Nai's Website!


  (**Sation products provided for review**)


  1. Oh my goodness!! Loving the Love at First Lavender and Fan the Flames Fuchsia! You always have such great swatches that make me want to buy everything hahaha. Mmmm I think those neons would make an incredible water-marble... Inspired!

  2. Very nice! Wide range of colours there. I really like that lavender colour, that has to be my fave out of the lot, real pretty.

  3. Of course I love them all, but Oceania is my fav!

  4. I really like reading your blog! I live in Ft Myers FL and I was wondering where I can buy the Sation polish? I really love the California Gleamin' collection! :)


  5. I really like reading your blog! I live in Ft Myers FL and I was wondering where I can buy the Sation polish? I really love the California Gleamin' collection! :)


  6. I really like reading your blog! I live in Ft Myers FL and I was wondering where I can buy the Sation polish? I really love the California Gleamin' collection! :)


    1. Hey, me too! :) I ordered mine on eBay! Couldn't find any stores that carry it.

  7. Gah!! That first one! Oh my Oceania - oh my yes I wanna!! Lol Just gawwwwwgeous!!

  8. I love every single one of those colors! SO impressed :D

  9. NOt sure if these is pretty orrrrrr you made them look super pretty! :P

  10. I'm not familiar with this brand but I love about 5 of these colors! Gorgeous!

  11. Oh My Oceania and Love at first lavender are amazing!!

  12. I love those colors! they're amazingly beautiful!

  13. I love Oh my Oceania! So beautiful!

  14. These colours are amazing!! Where can I buy them online?

  15. So jealous that I haven't found any meetups in SoCal like you ladies do in Florida! I've gotta say, that orange is really making me envious of you. IT'S AMAZING! I'm sure it'd look great over that nude in a trendy neon and neutrals design!

  16. Beautiful swatches, as always. I want Holiday Pink!

  17. these are all mad gorgeous!!! thanks for adding to my lemmings list, ha (:

  18. I hope you are happy, you made me buy polish! Just received the fushia, oceana and lavender. Can't wait to wear them. I plan on purchasing more! Hope you will have some more swatches of Sation, the colors are amazing.

  19. Ok, I went ahead and ordered Oh My Oceania from eBay! I just have to have it! :)

  20. My bottle of Oh My Oceania arrived today, yay!! I bought it because of your swatch. So beautiful! :)

  21. Hmm, thinking maybe I got a weird bottle... My formula is rather thick and the finish looks much more matte than your pics... Strange.

  22. love at first lavender is perfect <3


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