Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Behind the Scenes Look at CND and The Blonds- Premiere Orlando 2012

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have something very different from the norm. As many of you know I had the opportunity to attend Premiere Orlando 2012. This was my first year attending and the bar was set extremely high for next year's show. One of the most amazing things I got to experience while there was an exclusive behind the scenes look at CND and The Blonds. I've decided to split the coverage of the show into two parts so as not not overwhelm you guys with too much awesomeness. Today's feature will be of the backstage and make up room coverage. 
   I was pretty much having the biggest fangirl moment of my life being in the presence of some of my favorite designers and being able to see and touch pieces of clothing that have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry among others. I still cannot believe I got to do this!
To see my adventures just keep on reading.

  Here you can see all of the nail looks that were created for the show. These were all winning designs by artists around the country. All of these looks were inspired by the very iconinc looks of The Blonds. Of course the nail looks were chosen by CND and The Blonds. I will be posting a scan of the shopping guide that accompanied these looks. There were some seriously fierce nails on this display and I can't wait to re-create some myself! 

 The cute blond all in black with the awesome pixie cut is Jan Arnold. She is the co-founder of CND. Yes, I got to shake hands with Jan Arnold, then I stood there like an idiot being all starstruck. I introduced myself and then she gave me some details about the plans for the fahsion/ nail show (which I will be covering in a separate post). Jan is so full of energy and seems like such a sweet and creative person.

  Here you can see David Blond(In the shades) working on the helmet pieces for their Dye Blond looks. I felt like a fly on the wall.

 Being surrounded by beautiful models in beautiful make up really does very little for my confidence lool! They were all SO nice too! They all kept complimenting my plain $20 Urban Outfitters sandals which I found kinda funny. These girls get to wear the most extravagant clothing and shoes, and here they were loving on my little girl sandals.

 Here is the makeup all the girls were rockin'. How stunning is that lip?! I wish I could pull a red lip like this off. I was also loving their blinged out lashes. This girl was a sweetheart.

 Here you can see some of the chaos that was going on in this room. The music was pumping and so was the adrenaline.

 I seriously love these headpieces from their Dye Blond Collection.

Does that feathery Pink thing look familiar? Remember Katy Perry's "Waking up in Vegas" vid?

 Here is Jan chatting with some other media reps. I just LOVED her outfit. She also had matching Black nails with little white stitch details painted on. LOVED her shoes as well! I just wanna sit down and talk style and nails with Jan someday. I'm sure she has some interesting things to say!
This was a very fast paced weekend full of amazing experiences. I learned SO much from this show. I can't wait to post the show coverage for you guys soon. I took entirely TOO many pictures and I have to pick the really good ones to show you lovelies! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. See, LTHP is not only a nail polish lover, she also loves all things fashion and this was something I definitely wanted to share with my awesome readers! 


  1. like like like like wow girl, this was an awsome event to attend

  2. Sounds like such an amazing weekend! And wow, that nail display--I think my favourites are the painted scales. ;)

  3. This post is amazing
    Thank you for sharing your awesome weekend with us


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